Earworms 19 October 2015


 A very varied selection for you today, what a wonderful, cultured lot you are. Thanks as always for the contributions; don’t forget if you want to send in some Halloween worms, please do so by Sunday 25 October. The address for contributions is earworm@tincanland.com.

Delroy Wilson – Better Must Come – goneforeign: Delroy Wilson was popular in Jamaica during the Ska era, he had an ongoing series of Studio One hits throughout his career ’til booze did him in at age 46. In 1972 Michael Manley’s People’s National Party chose Wilson’s “Better Must Come” as their election campaign song, and of course they won. That was the year that there was also an attack on Bob’s life, also politics related.

Yellowman – Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt – tincanman: American youth lock arms and chant “Hell no, we won’t go” but Yellowman chose a slyer method of protest in Jamaica.

Jason Isbell – Something More Than Free – DsD: Lordy, but I’m knackered! I seem to be doing nothing more than driving from [day]job to [sports]job to [taxi-the-kids]job to [day]job to … ad infinitum. This is my current theme tune:”And I don’t think on why I’m here or where it hurts, / I’m just lucky to have the work. / Sunday morning I’m too tired to go to church, / But I thank God for the work. / My back is numb, my hands are freezin’, / But the day will come when I’ll find a reason. / What I’m working for is something more than free”.

Orchestra Marrabenta Star De Moçambique – A Va Safy Va Lomo – goneforeign: This song has haunted me for years, it keeps recurring, it comes out of the blue – a real ear worm. I have it on two CD’s and neither has any information about it plus neither does Wiki or Google. All I can say is that it’s by Orchestra Marrabenta Star De Mocambique, a group we’ve played here before. One thing intrigues me, it’s unlike any other African music, it’s unique, just like the music of Cape Verde; the one thing that they share is their language, Portuguese, I wonder if that’s the key?

Chinnaponnu, Kailash Kher – Vethalai – Ravi Raman: This is a very old Tamil folk song where a village belle is acting coy telling her friends, I won’t go out of home, I won’t chew betel leaf (or vethalai) coz everyone will gossip about my love. In this modernised version Kailash Kher adds a Punjabi twist, saying if you won’t come out I’ll come to your home. From Coke Studio India – Season One.

Jon Gomm – The Weather Machine – AliM: One from the (many) new music promos received. Jon Gomm is an English singer-songwriter and gifted guitarist. This song is about the way Western politicians use crises in the Middle East as an excuse to sell weapons. It’s from his recent album “Live In The Acoustic Asylum”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kph8r0Rh6M8

Image courtesy of 123rf.com

38 thoughts on “Earworms 19 October 2015

    • A second listen and nothing I didn’t like. The only one I knew was Better Must Come. Great song, of course.
      Liked Yellowman a lot more than I expected to. Not sure why I didn’t think I was going to like him to be honest. Must have heard something negative or disliked an individual song in the distant past maybe.
      Jason Isbell sounds like he knows whet he’s singing about. DsD sounds like he does too. Hope you get a chance for some rest and relaxation.
      Vethalai was great. Nice way to end I thought. Didn’t spot that I’d missed the Jon Gomm link the first time. Pretty much with everyone else on that song. Great guitar. Didn’t quite get the lyrics but didn’t honestly mind.

  1. Sure sounds like an apt choice for all that racing around DsD! Karma; before long your kids will be driving you around, helping you get dressed, spoonfeeding you breakfast, etc.

    For those who missed my post (https://goo.gl/2PDc2e) on Isbell’s album, 24 Frames, he’s using Mindfulness (aka ‘bare attention’ to Buddhists) to rediscover himself after getting sober.

    goneforeign you’ll recognize the moviemaking significance of the album title, I’m sure.

  2. A Va Safy Va Lomo my favourite as well. And goneforeign maybe Shazam should throw some light. I found something on AllMusic and now am planning to pick up the album African Blues in which it features.

  3. Vethalai is absolutely wonderful! As is John Gomm’s guitar (although I’m not sure it’s a cohesive song).
    And nothing to complain about with the others (I just find reggae a little boring musically).

    I once played in a band that did that Toots & The Maytals song Yellowman uses. ‘Give it to me one time….’ ‘Twas fun.

  4. Tinny: You just gotta do what you gotta do.
    Glad you enjoyed Delroy, I’m currently reading Marlon James, “A Brief History of Seven Killings,” it just won the Man Booker prize. If you have a grasp of Jamaican patois it’s wonderful! There are chapters written totally in patois and if you get the rhythm and the flow it’s a wonderful read. The reason I mention it is because I just read the street version of Manley choosing Delroy’s song, great reading.

    Re. Yellowman, a favorite this week, I have huge respect for him the the way that he overcame enormous negative bias when he started out plus when he started over after cancer surgery on his face, amazing bloke.

    And speaking of amazing blokes DsD, take it easy loading those boxes onto trucks, that’s what kids are for, have a sit down. Perfect song.

    Ali, I totally subscribe to Jon G’s thoughts, but I wish he’d lower the guitar mic and raise the voice mic, I couldn’t understand a word. Read the comments.

    Chris: as a deadhead you find reggae musically boring? I have that Toots version, another good one.

  5. Ali: Thanks, that helps a lot but I might take issue with him. It’s not so much what we take there as what we take FROM there.

  6. With the exception of the first voice on Ravi‘s worm, there was nothing here I didn’t like.

    BIG winners – AGAIN! – were the Orchestra Marrabenta Star De Moçambique; I seem to like everything I hear from them, but have yet to do anything about it*.

    * Added to the To-Do pile, which is now looking dangerously high! *

  7. That’s gotta be the second time that Marrabenta track has been an earworm – if not, I’ve no idea how it made its way into my iTunes and thence onto my RR 10 Years Social CD. Great tune of course.

      • I wondered about that, I had a hunch that I’d played it before so I checked all my records and asked Ali if it showed on her records and it didn’t so I took a chance.
        Don’t know how long ago it was but we can afford to hear it twice and there may be newcomers who enjoy it.

    • Yikes. I did take a copy of your CD and it’s on my iTunes. But I’m afraid I’ve only played the discs picked up at the social once each (so far!) so I didn’t spot the duplication.

  8. We had Orchestra Marrabenta etc. and “Nwahulwana” as an earworm in November 2013. Perhaps “A Va Safy Va Lomo” was a worm when Bish was doing earworms, or perhaps someone included it in a ‘Spill post earlier on. Anyway, who cares, it’s good!

    • I know, it really doesn’t matter – must try and curb my pedantry! I wonder if maybe Nwahulwana went down so well that gf shared the other one too? That rings a slight bell for me but I may be making it up!

      • Yes, could have been that. GF sends lots of wonderful music to earworms and posts quite often, too. (I was going to say posts himself, but that doesn’t sound right!)

    • What do you mean by ‘distressed’, Ravi? It’s been well scraped to make percussion effects but the construction looks normal. It’s well-made, staying in apparently perfect tune after lowering the bottom E to C, so probably custom-built.

      • Scraping off the gloss & poly finish and aging the wood opens up an acoustic guitar. Strangely, electric guitars do not sound better after being “distressed”. Just gives a shabby chic effect, which was I though this kid was going for.

  9. Well he is wired and is using a couple of foot pedals so presumably this is more than just a mic’d acoustic. Not sure how this differs from an ‘electric’ guitar.

    • I suspect that the guitar has both a pick-up – which acts exactly as one on an ‘electric’ (i.e. solid body) guitar – and a small mic that collects the waves swirling around inside the body, including any hitting & scraping of the soundboard. That’s pretty standard these days.
      Those ‘acoustic’ sounds don’t get picked up by a solid electric.

  10. I’ve finally got round to listening to this week’s ‘worms. All good stuff, absolutely brilliant playlist. I think that my two faves were A Va Safy Va Lomo and Vethalai, but it was a close call.

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