Earworms 26 October 2015

14250271_s A small but perfectly formed selection of spooky tracks for you, save them up for Halloween next Saturday. Many thanks to everybody as usual and don’t forget to keep those earworms coming to earworm@tincanland.com (normal service will resume next week).

Bohren & Der Club of Gore- Skeletal Remains – abahachi: Given that their chosen genre is Doom Jazz, you might expect this lot to have some suitable songs for Halloween, and so it proves: their Black Earth album is full of cheery numbers like ‘Maximum Black, ‘Constant Fear’ and ‘The Art of Coffins’. This, I think, is the spookiest, with some nice atonal stuff that reminds me faintly of Krzysztof Komeda…

Blue Oyster Cult – (1) Godzilla and (2) Lips in the Hills – Ravi Raman: I’m sending two numbers for your Halloween playlist. Both hard rock and both kinda creepy. I really don’t know much about this tradition apart from what I’ve read. The first is obviously about Godzilla and the other is about vampiric love.

Jason Steel – Lycanthrope Stomp – AliM: I know very little about this folkie singer- songwriter but he apparently grew up in a northern ex-pit village, and somehow got into banjos, Nirvana, Leadbelly, Ann Briggs and other folkie influences. Here’s a song about werewolves. Kind of.

Michael Bloomfield – Blue Ghost Blues – glasshalfempty: Here’s my one for the pot (hubble, bubble).

Bridie Jackson and the Arbour – Scarecrow – AliM: Haunting song of a bride who died on the night before her wedding. Bummer.

Image courtesy of 123rf.com

24 thoughts on “Earworms 26 October 2015

  1. Well, that was fun. I think that Bohren & Der Club of Gore was my favourite with their Skeletal Remains but there were no duds.

    I knew the Blue Öyster Cult tracks, but I’ve not heard them in years.

    All good stuff, though.

  2. I liked that Bohren & Der Club Of Gore track very much. That makes two of theirs. From two different albums I see.
    I’m not a massive BOC fan although I remember being regaled with their “On Your Feet..” live album by a school-friend way back in 1976. Liked both the tracks here.
    Never heard of Jason Steel but I like his style. Obviously know Mike Bloomfield although less for solo work. Great stuff.
    Love that Bridie Jackson tune. My joint favourite (with the doom jazzers) this week.
    Yup – all winners I reckon.

    (memo to self – do not apply for job as music critic as “great” and “liked it” may not be enough – try saying things like “sinuous” and “eclectic” and “intoxicating” – and “plangent” once you’ve looked it up)

      • It’s going to take something extraordinary to drag me back to the guru’s chair though I’m perfectly happy to play Devil’s Advocate in promoting RR Creepy Songs.

      • Well, there are a few reasons, but the main one for me is the horrible format of the below the line on The Guardian these days. You have to wade through pages and pages of posts and you can’t search to see whether the song you want to nom is there already. There are just too many posts to make it enjoyable to read. I just think that it has become an exercise in click harvesting.

        Also, I have a very strong feeling that the kind of music I like has almost zero chance of ever getting picked, so it makes the experience of being there pretty pointless, for me at least,

      • I can’t argue with your reservations about the BTL formatting and the Graun’s rampant click addiction, Carole, but should you really stop trying to get the music you like into the Marconium? Remember the days of GTDITL? There have now been 11 of those little victories.

    • It is quite dispiriting to see some songs that I’ve suggested being left out. But I have been making my own play lists at least for most of the topics. And as you would have noticed I’m a big fan of classic rock. Upshot is I’ve been introduced to a whole lot of new music in the past few months. Drive By Truckers, Van De Graff etc. Even music like Fairport and Linda Thompson. Fuel’s mixtape is a big hit with my nephew and his friends and Ali has sent me some wonderful folk music. So I guess for me there are more plus points.

      • As usual I’m in total agreement with Carole. I spent a couple of years at RR several years ago, and then I also quit. It was never about trying to get anything into the Marconium, but rather getting some recognition for my obscure tastes. Never even got a mention.

  3. I still like RR for the camaraderie and the music but I share Carole’s feelings about the blog format, it’s awful and it makes it tedious to participate as it’s difficult (or at least slow) to check things. I admire anyone who gurus, it’s a labour of love.

    • After my rant about RR, I actually cracked and posted something this week. Seeing as it is a 19 minute piece by Soft Machine, I cannot see it getting zedded..

  4. From day one over here I was never a fan of nor did I understand all this Halloween nonsense, good for toddlers. Nor have I ever understood how an heretofore intelligent and sensible country like UK could swallow it along with all the rest of the American nonsense, wish it hadn’t happened. Bloody NFL playing at Wembley! Wish we didn’t have to devote Earworm playlists to it. Definitely not the best ever Earworms. Next thing you’ll you’ll be wanting Christmas Earworms.

    • Wonder what you’d say about halloween being celebrated here in India? Themed parties at 10-20K a pop. Complete with snowmen, and we don’t even have snow in most parts!
      And regarding the RR: the one thing that bugs me is the absence of debate after the playlist has been put up. The regulars say something nice and we’re off to the next frenzy.
      Most playlists are not even viewed in triple digits. How much time and energy the volunteer puts in! Only a couple in the past few months cracked the four figure viewership mark while quite a few are still in 40s to 80s.

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