McAlmont & Butler (with The Magic Numbers) – Manchester The Ritz 3/11/15

I have new entries in my (i) Top Ten Charismatic performers, and (ii) Top Ten Guitarists To Watch Live.

Why? Because I hadn’t seen either David McAlmont or Bernard Butler live before, and on Tuesday night, they both impressed the hell out of me and Gordon.

David McAlmont – looking more and more these days like a cross between Lenny “PremierInn” Henry & the late, great Errol Brown – is a frontman who just has that knack of making you want to love him. It’s that old phrase about indefinable attraction… “Whatever ‘It’ is, he’s got ‘it’! Don’t get me wrong: it’s not a man-crush [I don’t think], and I don’t want to party with David. But he’d be very near the top of the list for a fantasy dinner party guestlist … HMMM?! There’s a Spill thread to be had . . .

Bernard Butler, on the other hand, I just love to watch/listen to him go about his job. Songs like Stay from People Move On, or Has Your Mind Got Away from Friends And Lovers are, unsurprisingly, DsD faves. His playing has always seemed to me to be that of a rock-god secret agent trying to infiltrate behind the cool-indie enemy lines. On Tuesday, he immaculately maintained the look of the latter, even whilst wigging-out on some wild soloing.

Someone with a much crappier phone than mine has uploaded a fanvid of both You Do and Yes from that night – also interesting for Bernard teasing David by launching into This Charming Man’s intro – which will sorta back up my point, but I really only wanted to try to capture the quieter moments on my own phone. I was really pleased with myself for spotting that You’ll Lose A Good Thing was coming, and starting to record, until around 30seconds in I discovered I’d DOUBLE-touched my screen and had stopped after one second’s recording. So whilst the vid at top of thread has most of the song, it ain’t perfect, I’m afraid.

But on similar sonic lines, I have now also uploaded my other filming from that night:

Neither of my recordings, by the way, caught the rest of the band. Three quarters of The Magic Numbers played first as the support act, then on bass and backing vocals for McA&B. What a pleasant BONUS!!

Anyway, a great gig. Definite 8/10.

4 thoughts on “McAlmont & Butler (with The Magic Numbers) – Manchester The Ritz 3/11/15

    • Yes! (See what I d…oh please yourself.)
      I have both The Sound Of… and Bring It Back. From the latter, Beat – which sadly didn’t get played on Tues – is a typical fave DsD guitar wigout.

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