Earworms 16 November 2015


In a weekend of bad news and bad weather, here are six reasons to be cheerful. “It’s Monday / Slither down the greasy pipe / So far, so good no one saw you /Hobble over any freeway / You will be like your dreams tonight …” Thanks to all for the contributions, and please keep those worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com. BTW, we’ve used up 86% of our 13.0GB free upload limit; if there’s anyone out there who feels like deleting some of their elderly uploaded .mp3 files, that might make a bit of space (but don’t delete the pictures as it makes the blog look weird).

Albert Collins – Frosty – Ravi Raman: Albert Collins, one of the great electric blues guitarists, used to have a long lead cable to help him wander around and interact with his audience. One story goes he went playing to a store next door and bought candy, playing all the time! He’s even supposed to have ordered pizza midway through a song! I’ve included a YT link showcasing his outrageous skills. Even genius should have some limits right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr5-9UImcTE

Gun Club – Ghost on the Highway – CaroleBristol: I was listening to BBC 6Music a week or so ago and this popped up on one of the Sunday afternoon programmes. It is “Ghost On The Highway” by the Gun Club, the late Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s band. I knew that I had it somewhere, but it nagged around in my head until I realised where. It was on one of the NME’s compilation tapes from the early 1980s. Luckily I found a website a few years back from where you could “acquire” them. So, here it is.

David Bowie – Joe The Lion – Albahooky: Here’s another one that came after watching Lynn Barber’s Artsnight on BBC2 about risk, which had a sample of the intro of this tune as background music and had me listening to ‘Heroes’ for the following week.

Thunderbitch – Closer – glasshalfempty: Not content with an Alabama Shakes album released earlier this year, Brittany Howard has a solo side project, Thunderbitch, that has spawned an album with this dark pounding track ‘Closer’. One of the band members is ThunderMitch. Wonder if he’s the bassist?

Otis Williams – Unchain My Heart – tincanman: Bobby Sharp wrote this in a desperate plea for release from drug addiction, not about puppy love. It was sanitized by Otis in 1960 and even further by Ray Charles in 1961, but no one loves a woman as much as an addict loves his drug. Listening again knowing it’s origins, God bless the Mad Englishman Joe Cocker for binning the doo wop 26 years later.

Johnny Hartman – Dedicated to You – goneforeign: Here’s one from another era, remember Sinatra and all that jazz? This is a guy who very few listened to back then but those that did thought he put Sinatra in the shade; his name is Johnny Hartman. And if I quizzed you and asked ‘who do you think the pianist is?’ Would you ever guess McCoy Tyner? How many would guess Coltrane as the tenor player? ‘Tis true, Coltrane and his quartet held Johnny Hartman in such esteem as a fellow artist that they volunteered to perform with him as did many other jazz artists. This is from the 1963 Impulse album ‘John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman’.

Image courtesy of http://www.123rf

18 thoughts on “Earworms 16 November 2015

  1. I have tried Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox but the player keeps sticking and stopping on all of them. Not sure if this is something to do with the upload limit Ali mentioned or the player itself (or my computer).

    • Happened to me also. Could listen to only Bowie and Thunderbitch. One of the reasons I keep my visits to the Spill is the WP cookie policy. We in India are particularly vulnerable to worms and Trojans. Also why I avoid BoomBox. And there’s a nasty Java Script Trojan that entered my system two weeks back. Had to scrub my system clear.

  2. How do we delete our files Ali?

    lol GHE: I was going to send the thunderbitch in and was halfway through your post when I hit a word I don’t usually use and began to wonder when I had written it. The ThunderMitch reference finally clued me in. I thought, cool idea but I REALLY don’t remember writing that.

    • Hi tinny. If you go into “media” and “library” you can see the files you’ve added and if you click on them individually it should give the option to delete them (individually). You can only delete the ones that you’ve uploaded (e.g. you couldn’t delete mine, and I couldn’t delete yours).

      • Bit of a snag – most of mine were uploaded by the earworm mod so I can’t delete them. You can delete some and spottedrichard can delete a bunch (or could if she was still around).

        There were a few mp3’s I could delete, so I did. That slashed our memory usage from 11.1% of our limit to 11.0% 🙂

  3. Ali: Funny you should mention logging in to delete some tracks, I spent at least half an hour yesterday and similar just now trying to log in to WordPress to play with a post I was planning, I couldn’t get in! Bloody passwords! Everything I tried it shakes it’s head at me, I’ve given up, I’ll limit my participation to ‘comments’ from now on. Haven’t listened to the list yet, later.

  4. First off, the playlist worked fine for me. Good old Linux!

    A pretty good set of ‘worms once more.

    I love a bit of Albert Collins. He used to be called “The Master of the Telecaster” and he made a big play about his icy cool, even releasing an album called Iceman.

    Skipping over my nom, what’s next. Ah, Joe The Lion. I played “Heroes” the other day. No matter how much I think I know it, it is still a staggeringly good album.

    I really liked the Thunderbitch track. Brittany Howard has a great voice. This was terrific.

    I also enjoyed the Otis Williams version of Unchain My Heart but not as much as I like Ray Charles or Joe Cocker doing it.

    Johnny Hartman was rather nice too, in a Jazz Club sort of way. Mmmmmmm. Nice! No, I wouldn’t have known it was ‘Trane on the sax. It sounded more like someone moonlighting from Duke Ellington’s band.

    Anyway, all things considered, Brittany Howard and Thunderbitch get my vote this week. Incandescent stuff.

  5. Sorry folks, I don’t know what’s wrong with the player, it sticks on “Gun Club” for me but the others play OK. I’ve tried reloading it (no pun intended) but it doesn’t make any difference. I’ve dropped the tracks in the box though, so you should be able to listen to them there.

  6. Thanks, Ali, I took them from the dropbox. I like the selection this week, already love Bowie and know the Gun Club, but don’t love them like some people do. I enjoyed the others too.

  7. @glassarfemptee I’ve been really appreciating the Bill MacKay & Ryley Walker track you shared with us last week, searching online there seems to be very little about either artist on youtube or anywhere else I’ve looked, do you have any suggestions for other work of theirs? Ryley’s voice reminds me of Tim Buckley which is a good thing. Thanks!

    • @bethnoir – sorry for the delay in responding. I got the track Land of Plenty off a free Rounder records sampler (recommended – just go to Rounder.com). I liked it and bought the CD from Whistler records, the label for the club in Chicago where they have a residency. It is a download on Bandcamp too. I know no more about them than the details on their label website – http://whistlerchicago.com/records/wslr-022

      • Thank you! I found that searching via facebook and bandcamp worked and Ryley is playing in Bristol with Danny Thompson in February! Am considering going at the moment. Thanks for the Rounder records suggestion, I’ll check out.

  8. First time I played every track apart form the first one stuck. Now just Gun Club still doing so. Anyway….

    Albert Collins – great guitaring, of course. Cool but hot innit.

    Gun Club – Vaguely recall the name from the eighties I think. There were lots of “clubs” around at the time. Bought lots of NME compilations too so maybe I’ve got this somewhere. Good stuff. Bet it sounded great live. Who does the voice remind me of?

    Joe the Lion – I don’t play the Heroes album often enough. It’s too easy to imagine that it’s all as epic and as radio-friendly as the title track. The music here is so spiky and odd I ended up listening to the whole thing for the first time in ages. Fantastic.

    Thunderbitch – Wasn’t sure at first. As I have now heard everything about three times it’s had time to grow on me and has, obligingly, done so.

    Otis Williams was great. I think I (just) prefer the Ray Charles version but it’s a close thing.

    Johnny Hartman with Coltrane was probably my pick of the week. Class act.

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