Have a good time in Muscat, Ravi!

treefrogdemon at the Taj

treefrogdemon at the Taj

You’ll have to imagine I’m waving to you, instead of sitting there smugly in front of the Taj Mahal. Keep in touch!

5 thoughts on “Have a good time in Muscat, Ravi!

  1. Will do both, imagine you waving and keep in touch. I’m off on what I hope is a mission to quell a conspiracy to stop me pottering around and be content with vegtating here in Madras. Rest assured I’ll keep trying to subvert Guardian readers. Hope you enjoyed your India visit. Thanks and cheers.

  2. Hey Ravi, not sure why you think you may not be contributing from Muscat. I live in Al Ain in the UAE and it’s no problem at all. Unless, of course, you’re going to be swamped with work. If you haven’t been to Muscat, I think you should enjoy it. Getting around can be a bit of a hassle if you don’t have your own transport, but it’s a nice city, not too big, and the climate will be fine over the coming months.

    • Really not too sure of my schedule or workload. The brief is pretty vague, we are kicking off a Tamil mag there, print and online and it may take a little time before I train my pacheck pusher to my ways. Hopefully it may not. First time to Muscat though.

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