Earworms 30 November 2015


Dark days, dark days my friends. We need something to dispel the gloom – I hope these worms do the trick. The wormbank is a bit low at the moment so I’ve supplemented today’s picks with a Soundcloud link to some of the new music promos we’ve received – it’s a mixed selection, so I hope you find something to enjoy. More worms welcome at earworm@tincanland.com, and please start thinking about Christmas or winter worms for the 21st December slot. Thanks everyone.

Alice Coltrane, with Pharaoh Sanders – Journey in Satchidananda – goneforeign: Alice was John’s wife, a musician in her own right. She played piano and harp. The piece’s inspiration comes from her spiritual preceptor, Swami Satchidananda. Pharaoh Sanders plays the soprano saxophone. I bought it when it was first released in 1970 and have enjoyed it ever since.

Martin Simpson, Nancy Kerr & Andy Cutting – Plains of Waterloo – tincanman: A touching and sensitive virtuoso version of this traditional folk song about a soldier in the Battle of Waterloo (Belgium) and the girl he left behind. Timely, too – 2015 is the 200th anniversary of the decisive end to Napoleon’s hold over Europe.

Deep Dark Woods – Make Me A Pallet on your Floor – Ravi Raman: Make a pallet on the floor: I don’t know when I got this or from whom. I only know for sure that it is via RR. I’d only heard the Louis Armstrong version before and now actually prefer this.


Image courtesy of 123rf.com

14 thoughts on “Earworms 30 November 2015

  1. So, what did I enjoy this week?

    Let’s start with the Soundcloud promos.

    Seafret was OK but didn’t really set the world on fire.

    Max Pope I liked a lot, definitely the best of the promos.

    In Dynamics wasn’t really my thing. I suppose I wouldn’t mind them as a support act to fuill the time at a gig, but overall it was a bit meh.

    Passport To Stockholm was OK, but nothing special.

    Some Skeletons was pretty identkit pop metal. Pass.

    Animal House Gosh, is it 1979 again and the return of Power Pop? I’ll admit that I skipped it.

    Sun Machine started off a bit like Hawkwind but then turned a bit Madchester baggy. I liked it.

    Roxanne Tataei has been listening to a lot of trip-hop, hasn’t she? I thought it was OK, but not exactly ground-breaking. Even so, she was definitely one of the better tunes.

    Del Water Gap Inoffensive enough, not really that exciting. Paddy McAloon did this sort of thing a lot better a long time ago.

    VasaI wasn’t sure at first, but it sort of grew on me. Even so, it was a lot of riffs looking for some decent songs and I got bored by the end.

    Maybug The first one was OK, but I’d have liked a bit more, I dunno, oomph when the guitar break came. It was all a bit polite and lacking. Winter Sun was more of the same, but even more meandering and listless. the instrumental bits were basically just scales. Boring and I gave up after about two and a half minutes.

    The Offenders It’s all gone a bit Two-Tone, but not as good as the first time around. Not sure why they bothered.

    Now to the actual ‘worms.

    I absolutely loved the Alice Coltrane and Martin Simpson tracks. I loved the way the second flowed from the first. Deep Dark Woods was always going to suffer by comparison but I enjoyed that too.

    Top pick? Tough, but it has to be Alice Coltrane.

    • Thanks Ali. I don’t have my media files here and don’t plan to install Dropbox on a temporary machine so the player here is my best option.

  2. We have a situation at the GF ranch that doesn’t permit soundcloud anywhere on the property, so I’ll pass on those and accept and endorse Carole’s comments, we seem to generally share some similar musical tastes. Of the other three I’ll also pick Alice:
    Waterloo was an interesting tale very reminiscent of many from the 50’s folk era and Pallet was also an interesting version. Check Wiki to see just how many recorded versions there, amazing.
    Re. DDW I have to disagree with Ravi, Louis plays W C Handy where it’s listed as Atlanta Blues is one of my desert island discs. I saw Louis perform it twice in the mid 50’s at the Empress hall, the 6pm show and the 9 pm show, front row center for both.

    • We have a situation at the GF ranch that doesn’t permit soundcloud anywhere on the property

      ooo, intrigue! Mystery! Sounds like the start of a good action adventure. OK, who we going to send in? Bruce Willis? Arnie? Hard-boiled on the outside cons with bad attitudes? An annoying teen and his keyboard?

      • Tinny: I used to be the ultimate Apple advocate, but no longer. Chronologically it seems to date to about the time of Steve’s death but I’m not sure that’s related. About that time I needed to replace my iMac and Apple had just come out with the perfect new model, except it wouldn’t run the Photoshop that I’d paid over $400 for plus if I weakened and bought the new iMac I’d have to ‘rent’ a new version of Photoshop from Apple for a decent monthly fee plus I’d have to have an iCloud account for another monthly fee. My alternative was to buy a reconditioned iMac from Apple that ran on a two hear old system – 10.8.5. Which is what I did and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  3. Have listened to all the promos once through and feel unable to comment much until I’ve had a second go at them. Nothing I disliked. Certainly enjoyed Maybug more than Carole did and liked Roxanne Tataei a lot.

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