67 thoughts on “Spillyear 1960

  1. I thought it was going to be Spillyear 2015 – enigmatically leaving the comment blank (but sending them off to shoey!)….
    1960: my iTunes has one track from Morocco and one from Algeria and the Hokey Wolf theme tune from The Best Of Hanna-Barbera… I’ll ponder.

  2. I was one year old so I don’t think I had really developed any musical preferences. But three songs I remember from that time are:

    Johnny Tillotson – Poetry in Motion
    Sam Cooke – Chain Gang
    Brian Hyland – Itsy Bitsy Tenny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

  3. I think these two were first released in 1960 but happy to be corrected on that.

    Edith Piaf – Non, Je ne Regrette Rien
    (Wiki says 1959 but I think that might just be in France)

    Etta James – At Last
    (that’s when the album of that name came out and I think it was the first appearance of the song)

    I was two for almost all of 1960 and these were, of course, my favourite songs at the time.

  4. Awhile ago I remember Adam Lambert said their assignment for American Idol was to choose a song from the year they were born, so he chose Mad World (and killed it). I got myself bored in 1960, so I thought I’d have a gander at the charts to see what I might have poked for that year. Only song I liked was

    Muddy Waters – Hoochie Coochie Man

    So I’ll baggie that one for now, and see if I can dig up 2 more.

  5. 1960! I was six at the end of 1960.

    My musical tastes were pretty much nonexistent and whatever music I heard was whatever my parents listened to or what was on the telly and radio.

    I am looking back at lists of the music of 1960 and trying to remember what I actually liked. Unfortunately, Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini is one of them. To balance that, I know that I liked Apache by The Shadows and their stage moves used to impress me too.

    There were some great songs released in 1960, though. For example, Goffin and King wrote Will You Love Me Tomorrow, which was a hit for The Shirelles in the USA, but not in the UK until 1961. Theme from A Summer Place was a hit for the Percy Faith Orchestra. Lieber and Stoller’s Spanish Harlem was a hit for Ben E. King but I don’t remember ever hearing it. I don’t think that the BBC Light Programme played that sort of thing.

    This is tricky.

    So, I’ll have to have

    The Shadows – Apache
    Percy Faith – Theme from A Summer Place
    Roy Orbison – Only the Lonely

    The first is mine and I know that my mum liked the other two.

    • If I had to name two songs that really bring back memories of 1960, it’s Summer Place and Only the Lonely. I can even remember the place where I was staying when I mostly listened to them, but it’s a long and not very interesting story. Donds for all three of your noms, anyway, Erm, I was a bit older than 6 but I’m still younger than Mick Jagger….although not as much as I’d like. Still, I’m not so wrinkly, though admittedly less agile. πŸ™‚

  6. Was 13 in1960 and more into sport -(and just discovering girls)- than music, but these 3 are pieces that I can quite clearly remember. And I can’t recall what I had for dinner yesterday………………….

    1) Johnny Preston…………………………”Running Bear”.
    2) The Shadows…………………………….”Apache”.
    3) Roy Orbison………………………………”Running Bear”.

  7. oh no…..really stuffed up this time. somehow I’ve projected Bellowhead 50 plus years into the past…and can’t eradicate those New York Girls. I think Barbryn has beaten me to Cathy’s Clown, which was what was supposed to be there at no. 11 I couldn’t have copied the URL properly – sorry about that – and someone else got in before me with Only the Lonely so that’s now there twice. I’d made so many mistakes re release year I’d been double checking and wasted time. For the record (pun intended) Cathy’s Clown was among the first few records I bought…. now, time for a rethink

      • No, scrap So Sad, I’m going with Love Hurts, released on the album A Date With The Everly Bros in 1960

        I was actually hoping it was going to be 1960 and did a little research but still wasn’t prepared properly.

        1960? Still at school, my first records, bought 3 at once, one of them was Cathy’s Clown, which still sounds good today.

      • Remember travelling home on the school bus discussing Adam Faith’s Someone Else’s Baby which possibly I should have listed, only too embarrassed. Handsome fellow, good actor, possibly not quite so good a singer, nevertheless we spent some time considering which of the times that he said ‘Baby’ (or rather, ‘Boiby’) was the best. Cockney accents mostly new to us out in the wild west country, exciting and well, sexy. I might have included one of the other records I bought, Marty Robbins’ El Paso, but it seems to have been released the year before.

      • Ah no, Amy’s beaten me to it with Stay. How come I overlooked it? Very well then. I’ve never really been The King’s biggest fan, another schoolfriend dragged me to see some of his films, she was obsessed. But, well, I do kind of like this one –

        Stuck On You – Elvis Presley

  8. 1) Elvis Presley – Wooden HeartElvis movies were constantly airing on independent TV stations as weekend filler when I was growing up. None of them rate more than two-and-a-half star films, but they were always great fun. Elvis singing in phonetic German still just brings a big ol’ smile.

    2) Bert Kaempfert – Wonderland By NightOne of the first records I ever had – in reality, one that no one else wanted and stuck me with it – was a Kaempfert soundalike record: have a bunch of anonymous studio hacks play knack bass, put a non sequitur photo of a sexy girl on the cover, and sell it for a dollar at S.H. Kress and Woolworth’s. Hearing the Kaempfert originals showed me how much I was missing.

    3) Bo Diddley – Road RunnerMeep meep! So many classic spoken asides and wisecracks in this song.

  9. Etta James – I Just Want To Make Love To You
    Johnny Kidd & The Pirates – Shakin’ All Over
    The Miracles – Shop Around

    I play these pretty regularly on my DJ nights. I hope the dates are correct.

  10. I’ll join the Everly Brothers’ lovefest with When Will I Be Loved though in 1960 I was already starting to realise that I preferred their earlier stuff…luckily a frind of mine had an older brother who was an Everlys fan and he lent them to me. Bye Bye Johnny I don’t think I remember but I’ll bag it anyway. And Pete Seeger had an album called Songs From The Civil War (theirs, not ours) and I definitely remember hearing Goober Peas on the radio. Probably got me into folk music, and history, and archive materials too!

  11. Pretty much the only music I’ve got from 1960 is all jazz – there’s some crackers though. Not sure these dates are all correct, seem to get conflicting info – happy to be corrected!

    Will go for:

    John Coltrane – Giant Steps
    Ornette Coleman – Free Jazz Part One
    Charles Mingus – Original Faubus Fablesb (just bought a couple of weeks ago – love it!)

    • Nice selection. Free Jazz was technically 1961 I think, if release date counts. To Giant Steps I’d have added Nat Adderley’s classic Work Song and Wes Montgomery’s West coast blues- considered by some to be the best ever jazz guitar solo. (Both more on the restrained side; in my opinion 1960 was a bit of a breather year for jazz, sandwiched between two stellar ones.)

  12. I was 7 going on 8 in 1960, so more into dinosaurs than music. But I do remember these, novelty-ish tunes with affection:

    Lonnie Donegan – My Old Man’s A Dustman
    Adam Faith – What Do You Want?
    Tommy Steele – Little White Bull

    • Little White Bull was released in 1959, I now see, so I’ll have this instead:

      Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren – Goodness Gracious Me

  13. I haven’t read the comments so I might well be posting already existing songs but this is only my memories of what was on the radio in LA back then plus some albums that I bought, I’ll pick three of ’em.

    Chubby Checker
    The Twist
    Roy Orbison – Only The Lonely
    Drifters Save The Last Dance For Me, This magic Moment
    Platters – Harbor Lights
    Bobby Rydell – Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu)
    Fats Domino – Walking To New Orleans
    Ray Charles – Georgia On My Mind, Sticks & Stones
    Sam Cooke – Wonderful World
    El Paso – Marty Robbin
    Ella Fitzgerald – September Song
    Edith Piaf – Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
    Miriam Makeba – The Click Son
    B. B. King Sweet 16
    Nat “King” Cole – My Love

    Gil Evans: Out of the Cool
    Max Roach: Freedom Now Suite
    Joan Baez releases her first album of traditional songs
    Nina Simone at Newport “Trouble in Mind” Β 
    Ella in Berlin: Mack the Knife (Live) –
    Louis Armstrong and The All Stars – Paris Blues

    1. Nina – Trouble in Mind
    2. Ray Charles – Georgia on my mind.
    3. Sam Cooke – Wonderful World.

  14. Just read the comments and realized how many good ones I’d missed [Etta James would have made my list] but also saw that Sam Cooke was taken so I’ll substitute Miriam Makeba.

    • Donds for Ray Charles. Please add your choices to the list!

      Listening to the list and reading through lists of songs has certainly brought back memories. I can’t add it now but will mention Jimmy Jones’s Handy Man.

      If others hadn’t got there before me, my top three would’ve been Cathy’s Clown, Wonderful World and Only the Lonely. As so often happens, a year with some great songs and some that were pretty terrible. Oh yes, I had a Dansette record player. I used to love the smell of it, I suppose it was a kind of plasticy smell, but it seemed unique and exciting. If I ever see one on a market stall somewhere I’ll be very tempted to give it a sniff….although the smell will have probably faded by now! And I had a transistor radio and listened to radio Luxembourg under the bedsheets as I’m sure everybody used to do in those days.

      Hope the Spill will venture into the late 50s at some point. At least to 1959, anyway.

      • I had a Dansette too, and a radio to listen to Luxembourg under the bedclothes – mine was a crystal set that I’d made from a kit, and my mother used to come in when I was asleep and take the headphones off. So I wasn’t really fooling her at all

  15. It’s a jazz trio for me :

    ‘Soul Station’ – Hank Mobley
    ‘Una Muy Bonita’ – Ornette Coleman
    Jeannine’ – Donald Byrd

  16. All of these I recall from the radio ,too young to buy:

    Percy Faith & his Orchestra – Theme from a Summer Place
    Mantovani – Theme from Exodus
    Anita Bryant – Paper Roses (I better remember The Kaye Sisters doing this, but there’s no Youtube version)

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