65 thoughts on “‘Spillyear 1982

  1. Apologies, bit late this week.

    3 from me:

    REM – Gardening At Night
    Because obviously I rushed out to buy the Chronic Town EP aged 4.

    The Clash – Straight To Hell
    Excellent cover of the Lily Allen classic, with its cheeky MIA sample

    Paul McCartney – Wanderlust
    One I do actually remember from the time. I thought it was a thing of wondrous beauty. I hadn’t listened to it for years until just now, but you know, it kind of is.

    Would have liked to have added Futility by The Ravishing Beauties, but the Peel Session version.(which I prefer) isn’t on YouTube as a single track. Here it is on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/treetopclub/the-ravishing-beauties

    Several more obvious ones too, but will leave them to you…

  2. Threadjack:

    Going to be a perfectly formed, but short, festive ‘spill unless some of you get off your bottoms.

    Have some files from Vanwolf & Beth in my inbox to sort, but that’s about it.

    You know who you are.

    You know what to do.

    [Threadjack ends]

    • Been passed out ill all week – maybe more – not really sure where I am still – music and art on it’s way as soon as I crawl to my proper computer.

      all together now:
      🎶hit the thread jack – and don’t come back no more no more no more🎶

      • I’ve got 1 and 3 sorted, but tradition dictates that my number 2 pick should be a long and tortuous drawn out drone, but which one, which one….??!

      • cheers tinny – bit like this:

        the bug

        in the old days I could have shoved the duvet over me head and wallowed in self pity – but when I did wake/recover from the delirium I’d stupidly switch my phone on and catch up with the world – trouble is, when people you know are updating their chemo results or heart attack status – you feel even more pants for fevering and snotting up the world… (the fever was quite dangerous!- honest).
        Out of bed now, so I’ll be all fixed up and looking sharpe, before anyone can plague me with an atishoo.

  3. It’s not widely accepted but Too-Rye-Ay is the best Dexys album. Likewise it’s not generally accepted but Combat Rock is the best Clash album. Joined by something a bit more offbeat from The Cravats.
    The funny thing about this is that none of these are straight punk records (or punk at all in the case of Dexys) but 1982 was the best year for punk – classics by Exploited, Violators, Chaos UK, Test Tubes, GBH, Varukers, Discharge, Adicts, One Way System, Abrasive Wheels, Blitzkrieg, Mayhem, Blitz, Special Duties, Attak, Dead Wretched, Drongos For Europe, Court Martial, The Dark, The Fits, Riot Squad, Action Pact, Cult Maniax, Dead Man’s Shadow, Crass, The System, The Disrupters, Subhumans, The Mob, A-Heads, Red Alert, Infa Riot, Cock Sparrer, The Samples, The Defects, Anti Nowhere League, Chelsea, UK Subs……etc, etc
    Not to mention early goth stuff such as Sisters, Bauhaus, UK Decay, Play Dead..
    A good year!

    • I have loads of play dead records though was never sure how much I liked them. I think the record artwork on them was always good. break, shine, sacrosanct were probably my favourites.

      • Goth you say? I am late, but my three are
        Bauhaus – Spirit
        goth, about ghosts and uplifting!

        The Birthday Party – Deep In The Woods
        about a murdered girl, spooky and deep, lovely

        Soft Cell – Torch
        Here is a video from TOTP’s with added John Peel and lashings of eyeliner.
        added to boombox too

        Donds to many of those punk bands, Sisters did release Alice and Body and Soul which I have on vinyl still, but my favourites by them are in different years 🙂

      • Spirit and Torch are two of my favourites as well.
        I heard Deep In The Woods years ago played on a mate’s ghetto blaster in a park at night. Creepy enough already. Then he suddenly grabbed my arm and pointed up a reddish triangular shape in the sky. A few of the scariest seconds of my life …until the clouds cleared and we realised it was just the partially obscured moon!

        A pedant writes: it was Body Electric, not Body And Soul. Alice is another favourite.

      • Same here really. I agree with you about Shine and particularly Sacrosanct.
        I’ve known a couple of people who saw them supporting Killing Joke in around 82. One thought they were great and started following them. The other said he couldn’t understand the point of having a crap version of Killing Joke as support band to the real thing. I think the truth is probably in the middle.

    • Apologies, @wyngatecarpenter, I did get the wrong sisters body and I don’t have the single, I lose 5 goth points and will wear a bright colour as penance ;-P Your Deep In The Woods experience sounds very spooky!

    • ok so I had to make some mistake somewhere. thanks to an impossibly slow connection where I am, and my own impatience, I seem to have added Our House 3 times. Apologies. Had a choice of Madness singles to go for, but Our House is just such a perfect picture of family life, nostalgic and even poetic. Also my first nom to be listed on RR, after several months of trying. A Town Called Malice seemed to sum up the zeitgeist and Only You is simply a beautiful song. Yes, I did quite like the Flying Pickets’ cover version too, guilty pleasure!

      Not buying any records at the time I don’t think, no spare cash, busy with small children, living in the country and thinking about moving house – which we did the following year. Of course watching TOTP and Old Grey Whistle Test. Not going to any gigs – not possible at the time.

    • suspect everyone’s best year crops circa age 17/18…

      I haven’t really participated in this series but that certainly doesn’t hold true for me… my “best years” span the respective genres I’ve fallen in love with, 50’s-10’s for jazz/jazz-rock/jazz-funk, 80’s-90’s for NZ, Aussie, US and British Indie, 90’s Trip hop/acid jazz, 90’s-10’s for electronic/breakbeat/nu-jazz/hip hop etc. And the only really dead period in all that coincides with my later teen years… aside from The Smiths, The The, NZ/Aus Indie and the odd African or late Miles/Weather Report track I could quite happily exist without the entire recorded output of the 1982-88 period.

    • “suspect everyone’s best year crops circa age 17/18.”

      1987-88? You must be joking. 82 was the year I started buying records (Goody Two Shoes being the first. Red Scab on the b-side was an interesting contrast) and actively being interested in music, so there’s a lot of nostalgia, but most of the stuff I like from then I got into much later.

  4. Looks like quite a good year though I can’t say I remember it well. I was 23. I will go with:

    Steve Miller – Abracadabra
    J. Geils Band – Centrefold
    John Cougar Mellencamp – Jack and Diane

  5. Can’t see any albums I bought but I do remember these singles:

    Bow Wow Wow – Go Wild In The Country
    Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Annie I’m Not Your Daddy
    Marvin Gaye – (Sexual) Healing

  6. What a f***ing brilliant year for pop!

    The Look of Love – ABC
    State of Independence – Donna Summer. Oh glory, glory!
    The whole of Simple Mind’s New Gold Dream would be great, but if it’s one, I’ll pick Someone, Somewhere in the Summertime.

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, I just love the playlists this thread throws up. Last week was a real surprise with all of the jazz postings. As I often play this at work on a Thursday morning – a dead time for us – this week’s is going to be a dance-around-the-office jobbie, I can sense already. Great fun!

  7. A very bad year for me! My kids and I had been made homeless just before Christmas 1981 and we were rehoused by the council in an upstairs maisonette on a sink estate. I couldn’t get credit while we lived there. and it was the only place I’d ever lived where I couldn’t get a paper delivered – the shop said it was because the paperboys were scared to come on the estate because of the packs of dogs that roamed there. Packs of dogs there certainly were, but of course the real reason was they thought I wouldn’t pay the bill.

    I found consolation in Gary US Bonds’ Jole Blon (really 1981 but I’m cheating here) which I played incessantly and was convinced would be a huge hit. This proved not to be the case. Richard and Linda Thompson were having a bad year too – their marriage had broken down but they were contractually obliged to make one more album and tour the US, so they were Walking On A Wire as well as me.

    My teacher training course came to an end and I got a job at a progressive comprehensive school in Milton Keynes – the one we’d been shown videos of during our training! In those days, if you moved to MK to take up that kind of job the Development Corporation would give you a house, so I thought our troubles were over – but I was wrong there.

    By the end of the year, however, I was obsessed with another song, not at all my usual taste, and the kids bought me the 12″ single for Christmas – the Eurythmics’ Love Is A Stranger.

  8. I’ve got to this a bit late and many of the songs I might have picked are gone, so donds for A Town Called Malice, The Look Of Love, Genius Of Love, Sexual Healing, Go Wild In The Country, Straight To Hell, Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy and Love Is A Stranger.

    Anyway, I was buying quite a bit of music in 1982, particularly quite a few singles because the Charts were packed with good things. The problem is picking them.

    I bought The Clash‘s Combat Rock as soon as it was released, and I still think of it as one of the best albums of the decade. Others that I liked at the time haven’t worn so well, Tropical Gangsters by Kid Creole And The Coconuts, for example.

    King Crimson released Beat, but I didn’t get to hear it until the end of the year, when I had it as a Christmas present, so I cannot claim anything from it. I did buy H2O by Hall And Oates but it isn’t my favourite of theirs by any stretch of the imagination. Too commercial and glossy, and lacking in blue-eyed soul.

    One album I did buy and which I still play a lot is The Nightfly by Donald Fagen. I’ve got to have something from that.

    OK, let’s plunge in.

    Donald Fagen – New Frontier
    ABC – All Of My Heart
    Shalamar – A Night To Remember

  9. Donds for Sexual Healing and The Look of Love both of which I bought at the time and still have but I was solidly into soul at the time so

    You’re The Sweetest One – Luther Vandross
    Never Give Up on a Good Thing – George Benson
    Rising to the Top – Keni Burke (in my top 5 songs of all time)

  10. love my way – psychedelic furs
    zu jung zu alt – xmal deutschland
    the girl – southern death cult

    was really into 1983/4 for the last two (and Alice- Sisters) which I initially picked for ’83. Bauhaus’ Press the eject was out in ’82 as well with the great live versions of In the flatfield and rosegarden.

  11. I’m going country this week just to mess with people’s minds because there’s no horses, pick-up trucks, rifles, whiskey, cattle or girls done gone and left. There’s no overalls, no big hats, no rhinestones, and no spittin’, fightin’ or sittin’ in a deer blind with Pappy wishing he’d tell you he’s proud of you.

    Bela Fleck – Flexibility
    Bela starts wondering if you can play jazz with a banjo..

    Dolly Parton – Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?
    She’s written several classics that only sound country with her twang. She recorded it in 1976 to little notice but hit big with it in ’82. (Curiously, someone named Micheal Smotherman wrote a sorta copy of it in in ’82 that was recorded 22 years later by Ray Charles and Bonnie Raitt.)

    Willie Nelson – You Were Always On My Mind
    Not his song, but he shucked his country rube image and won himself a Grammy by taking it to No 1. The best Elvis could manage was No 16.

  12. 1982, like the preceding couple of years, was rather shit. I shared an office with a stupid Tory prick who was rejoicing as Thatcher got on with dismantling society (well, ffs, it didn’t exist anyway, remember?). And then she went all Boudicca on us and took us to war with the ‘Argies’, with Murdoch & co cheering her on. What a pair of cunts (I’m sorry, but that’s what I felt then and what I still feel now).
    Oh, and my marriage was not fun either….

    • Yes, the Falklands War. Something that should have been completely avoidable, except for the government’s desire to save a tiny amount of money, and ended up spending a whole load more, leaving aside the loss of lives.

    • Please refrain from comparing that woman and Boudicca – stripped of nobility and avenging the rape of her two daughter – the 3 women united disparate tribes against an army of Roman invaders… avenging themselves with two major battles and foiled in the third by the Romans burning their own food stores (as they fled) leaving the barbarian British tribes hungry for the third and final uphill battle… they fought from the front on a chariot commanding the tribes!
      Thatcher on the other hand ended up being voted back in after a jingoistic ‘war’ that she never went near, but is useful for claiming any oil rights found under the antarctic.

      thank you,
      from the Independent Republic of Iceni.

  13. A few more donds for ABC and Culture Club, both were on my shortlist. As we’re

    Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go
    Billy Idol – White Wedding
    Roxy Music – More Than This
    Go Go’s – Vacation
    Peter Gabriel – Shock the Monkey
    Fixx – Red Skies at Night, Stand or Fall
    Michael Jackson – Billing Jean
    Destroyers- Bad to the Bone

  14. Oooooh, Oooh, haven’t been around (so much so I can’t remember password!)

    Iron Maiden – Run To the Hills
    Jethro Tull – Beastie
    Dire Straits – Telegraph Road or Private Investigations

    With the following retrospective nod to the charts:

    Human League – Mirror Man
    Eddy Grant – I Don’t Wanna Dance
    The Jam – Town Called Malice and Beat Surrender
    Stranglers – Golden Brown


        • I’ve always thought that it was. The words are ambiguous, but what does the “You’re going to reap just what you sow” ending about if it isn’t about the pleasure of the here-and-now carrying a dire threat for the future?

      • That line is really the only hint though, isn’t it?
        It’s quite a busy day – drinking Sangria in the park, going to the zoo, going to a movie. Are Heroin users usually so active?
        Either way, it might just fit tonight’s topic…

  15. I was 12 and 1982 was a year of two halves emotionally really – Wot! and Come On Eileen are entirely entwined with my first love (she was the best looking girl in our year and decided I was going to be her boyfriend for the summer – who was I to argue!) and I will NEVER get tired of them.
    First year at senior school and too many games of football. Dubious attempts at pre contract agreements from professional clubs and a tour of the Netherlands awaiting, with trials for England schoolboys in the pipeline – I’d end the year on a physio’s table in Holland and the prospect of never playing football again.. and my parents moved house (so at least I never got dumped by my first love) so; hey ho, them’s the breaks.

    Captain Sensible’s – Wot ! (Maxi Extended Mix)
    The Cure – The hanging garden
    Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen

    Some of these I hadn’t heard yet – but were absolutely brilliant:
    Romeo Void – Never Say Never
    Colourbox – Breakdown (7″ Version One)
    Bauhaus – All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
    Sister Nancy – Bam Bam
    Michael Nyman – Chasing sheep is best left to shepherds
    Grandmaster Flash – The Message

    • oh and the other tracks that I heard two years later that would be in my top 9 would be:

      Tell Me When It’s Over
      Definitely Clean
      That’s What You Always Say
      Then She Remembers
      When You Smile
      Until Lately
      Too Little, Too Late
      The Days of Wine and Roses

      released in 1982 I purchased it in ’84 and I still played it in it’s entirety at least once a month.

      The Dream Syndicate – Days of Wine and Roses = pure perfection.

  16. Donds for the Jam and Dexy’s Clash and Eddie Grant…and more that I’ve forgotten while scrolling down.

    Will go for:

    Bad Brains – Sailin’ On
    Musical Youth – Pass the Dutchie
    Captain Sensible – Happy Talk ( a Panther household favourite!)

    … honourable mentions for Kraftwerk (The Model) and TFF (Mad World)

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