Panthersan’s Best Albums of 2015 – Numbers 12 -10

Well, folks, it looks like it’s that time of year again. I don’t know whether it was the change of job giving me more time and space for listening to music, or whether it was a particularly good year. Either way, for me, there were so many amazing records this year that it was difficult to get it down to ten, so I went for the traditional twelve instead!

Here we go:

12 Squarepusher – Damogen Furies


I read all the reviews (something I usually try to avoid) before I finally decided to get this. They ranged from the positive: ‘a work of genius’ to the very negative: ‘ a load of misdirected noise’. Which both sounded pretty good in my book! I’ve been listening since Big Loada in 1997 and have got quite a few Squarepusher LPs, but he hasn’t always hit the mark in recent years. This, though, is a very much a return to form. Deep bass, loads of squelchy repetitive stuff and as aggressive as he has sounded in years. A great record!


11 Cat’s Eyes – The Duke of Burgundy

Cat's Eyes

I loved Cat’s Eyes first album, the combination of Farris Badwan‘s (him out of the Horrors) deep baritone and Rachel Zeffira‘s lush arrangements (and voice) made for a perfect late night record. This album is the soundtrack for the art house S&M-themed lesbian love story film of the same name. Farris thought it would be out of place for him to have his male voice on the album as there are no male characters in the film. So instead we get Rachel’s clear soprano voice with Farris confined to lyrics (there aren’t too many) and guitars. I’m not usually a fan of soundtrack albums, but I like the way that the incidental motifs coalesce into a beautiful and coherent whole to give a perfect late night accompaniment to a glass of red wine and good (lesbian S&M) book.


10 Lightning Bolt – Fantasy Empire


This was promoted as the more accessible, family-friendly Lightning Bolt, which was very worrying for us long-time fans! Fear not, the Brians are as noisy and obtrusive as ever and ‘Fantasy Empire‘ slots easily alongside other LB classic albums as a brilliantly anarchic 50 minutes of noise. It also goes to show that a Panthersan Best Of… where LB only make number 10 means that 2015 was an amazing year for music!

5 thoughts on “Panthersan’s Best Albums of 2015 – Numbers 12 -10

  1. Duke of Burgundy had great music. I hadn’t thought much about who produced it after the film was over – even though I always stay for the credits. That track was great, may check out the album.
    The other two selections were pretty good too. Both the sort of thing I only listen to once in a while though. That Squarepusher one does sound astonishing but I wouldn’t (often) listen to a whole album of it at one sitting.
    Look forward to hearing more from the list.

    • Cheers Severin. I haven’t seen the film yet, but I’ve got it lined up on my laptop to watch over the holidays. I usually watch films on the train on my commute, but I thought the Duke of Burgundy might not be too appropriate…!

  2. Nice review of the The Duke of Burgundy soundtrack, panthersan. I’ve listened to it a lot this year and it never fails to captivate. Brilliantly imaginative, fluid, and in perfect harmony with the subtlety of the film, which just happens to occupy the no.1 slot on my best film list of 2015. I’d also recommend Timbuktu (Abderrahmane Sissako) and Inherent Vice (Paul Thomas Anderson) to you. littleriver.

    • Your other two choices are new to me. Liked them both.
      Baltang Arg’s busy bossy screechiness is engrossing and doesn’t leave much space for thinking, a welcome relief these days.
      Enjoyed the relentless confident grind of the Lightning Bolt track and the stuttering relief towards it’s end. Thanks! littleriver.

  3. Thanks lr!

    Thanks for the film recommendations too – I always end up watching all the ones I missed out on at the end of the year. I’d heard of (but not seen) Inherent Vice, but hadn’t heard of Timbuktu, it looks great – will definitely give it a watch.

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