Spill Awards 2015: Vote Vote Vote!

Nominations have been scrutinised and analysed, heads have been scratched, bribes have been quietly accepted, and so here we have the shortlists for the various Spill Awards 2015, as varied and eclectic as ever. Please vote for your favourites: one vote each for hero, villain, event, film and TV series, and three votes for album. Voting closes on 31st December at midnight, and the award ceremony will take place some time on the evening of Saturday 2nd January.

17 thoughts on “Spill Awards 2015: Vote Vote Vote!

  1. So my praise for the Rosellys’ album was too faint, was it?

    Also, I thought you said we weren’t having villains, so I didn’t nominate one. Never mind, though, because the one I would have nominated is there anyway.

    • It isn’t the eloquence of the recommendation that makes the difference, I’m afraid; it’s whether more than one person nominates any given album. No, I wasn’t going to have villains, but lots of people wrote in with them anyway.

  2. I think I may have nominated 24 films but the one I was really rooting for didn’t make the shortlist. Five of the others did though. Vote cast for all categories except hero as I don’t think I have any. Thoroughly unsurprised (but still miffed) that nobody else nominated Katzenjammer’s ten year anniversary as the event of the year….

    • Sorry; as I said to TFD, what makes the difference is whether more than one person nominates anything. Which doesn’t happen very often…

  3. It would appear that I have a second opportunity to vote. I voted yesterday from my laptop and now the voting is open again on my desktop PC, which is upstairs.

    I shall resist.

    • It’s supposed to restrict multiple voting by using cookies – which means of course that you can simply switch machine to get extra votes. But I’m hoping that everyone will show your restraint…

      • I have a horrible feeling I may have voted twice. I was lying in bed looking at the blog on my tablet and saw all the voting options still there. I thought I must have forgotten to actually cast my votes earlier on when I was using the PC. It’s been nagging at me since but I kept telling myself “you can’t have voted or it wouldn’t have still been there”. Will you be able to see the duplication? Otherwise I can email what they were so you can subtract one vote for each.

  4. I’ve probably let tincanman down here. Never found the time to nominate Jason Isbell’s LP.
    No votes from me AT ALL, I’m afraid, Prof.
    Heard none of the albums; seen none of the films; watched none of the TV; intrigued by, but not knowledgeable of a couple of the hero noms; no opinion on Event; and there’s no “All of the above” option on Villains.

  5. for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet i’d thoroughly recommend the Peanuts movie .. the tree is finally up and i voted. so cheers Aba for making the Spill one of the few bits of chistmas i’m not bah humbug about
    whomever suggest Strange & Norrel — thanks — i knew i’d watched something for weeks on end and couldn’t remember what it was.. denis p*s and a bowie impersonator ..

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