48 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill, 2015 – “Threes”

  1. My favourite ‘Spill/RR experience of the year! Thanks for organising this once again Shoey, and (I’m guessing) thanks to Saneshane for the artwork.

    Assuming they’ll be dropboxed sometime?

    • guilty – didn’t think I’d have time this year for art or nominating – but recovering from an illness got me some scribbling time.
      LP’s on earth and goodwill to all – I say.

  2. Ta Shoey. feels like Christmas now! A quick look and I know a couple. Crime! lol, what a treat. Looking forward to listening asap.

  3. The playlist has turned itself off for me after the Unthanks, which is probably just as well, as I am now on such a high… nice to savour it for a bit. I didn’t even know the Unthanks had any new music out this year until I saw abahachi’s Votes of the Year, so many thank you’s for chosing this track. As ever, I am surprised and delighted at how well the playlist mix works.
    Thank you, Shoey!

    I’m really looking forward to listening to the rest of the tracks this evening.
    Schönen 4. Advent allerseits!

    • I didn’t realize either until after I’d sent my tracks in. I had a ticket to see them live and noticed a few days before the concert that they’d released an album at the beginning of the year which I hadn’t even heard! I have now.

  4. Excellent listen through – particularly pleased that I had a spare half hour to listen to just 3 tracks in the middle there!
    Gotta add my delight in how a playlist in alphabetical order works so well – with my taste the ‘cheer up london’ into ‘crime’ work especially well and you couldn’t get a more perfect end to a playlist than ‘ghost of a tree’

    cheers all – roll on the twos.

  5. Some lovely tunes there. Looking forward to the twos. It’s curious that I didn’t like the first Sundfors track much but loved the second. Clearly, it pays to persevere with some artists.

  6. Nothing I haven’t liked so far, to some degree. Where am I up to? Looks like I’ll be quizzing Tinny about Mr Erelli, and is it just me, or is GHE‘s FS#3 selection making anybody else think of the theme tune to Cheers?

    As Toffee‘s Decemberists selection plays, I’ve given up on guessing who picked what. So far I’d only successfully identified tfd & bish.

    • Still here!
      I’d planned to go to bed before that time-taking triumvirate stole half-an-hour of sleep from me, but I’ve been entranced by absolutely everything since my last post above. I am going to leave the last half-dozen or so ’til tomorrow; gotta be up in less than six hours.
      G’night all.

  7. Gwenno made me drift off into a reverie of clouds, then I realsied it’s late and I should go to bed. Roll on the twos, and cheers Shoey!

  8. I think that the Festive ‘Spill is best described as “Lots of people I’ve never heard of making music that I’ve never listened to before”, which is an entirely good thing be cause we all need to hear things outside of our cosy familiar soundworld.

    I think that I’d only heard about four or five of these pieces before, including the one by The Decemberists, which is pretty much the first of their songs that I’ve ever liked. My lack of affection for most of their stuff is probably my fault and not theirs.

    As usual, I am not going to say which songs I didn’t like, but that doesn’t mean if I don’t mention something, I didn’t enjoy it.

    The ones that really stood out for me on a first hearing were the Susanne Sundfor pair, Inward Oceans (are you turning away from rocking Americana, DsD?), First Aid Kit (America is one of my favourite songs ever), Moonspell, Gwenno, Snarky Puppy and Birthmark.

  9. Right, managed to sneak a listen to the first 10 – the Wolf Alice particularly grabbed me but nothing so far has made me skip. Good work as ever, the ‘Spill massive.

  10. managed to get through them all now. favourites based on a first listen are the Gwenno, the tobias jesso (sounding like Elliott smith), the second Susanne sundfor track and the evangelist track. I like Slaves into Bad Guys too but I’ve heard them both a lot this year so not so much a surprise. I bought the Bad Guys album after hearing Crime though I’ve since passed the vinyl on to a more deserving home! (The Bad Guys track featuring nocturnal activites in the singer’s back garden is great too). I saw Nadine Shah on tour earlier in the year – really good and another song I heard a lot of in the year. I’ll have another listen to the list in full over Christmas. Thanks everyone.

    • It’s interesting to hear that Bad Guys were getting airplay (6 Music??). I only know it because I listen to (if not buy) pretty much every record that Riot Season records puts out. I had no idea it was a minor hit!

      • i didn’t hear it on 6 music! when i have time i look at album releases and if a review sounds interesting enough i’ll try to check one of the tracks out. i’m not sure where i found crime – but usually i’ll check you tube first. i was going to put prostitutes on my end of year cd for mates but i played it on a weekend away in the summer and they didn’t like it. heathens!

  11. I loved the Unthanks, Wolf Alice, Gwenno, Marina and the Diamonds, the long one by Susanne Sundfør and enjoyed the the majority of the others, thanks all.

  12. I do love the Festive ‘Spill.

    Only had time to give these one listen before racing onto the 2s, but the ones that grabbed me most at a first hearing included Gwenno (I was going to ask the same question as Panthersan), Bernadette, By Degrees, Crime (no SatanKidneyPie this year? Before I looked at the list I had this down as his pick) and the Unthanks. Richard Dawson was amazing – I’ve heard a couple of his tracks, which were equally startling, but not necessarily something I’d want to listen to very often. First Aid Kit’s America is already a firm favourite.

    I’d originally picked the same Susanne Sundfor song as Severin (try saying that ten times quickly after a few glasses of mulled wine), but I’m glad people are enjoying Memorial. The album really is brilliant, ranging as you can hear from smart electro-pop to miniature Philip Glass concertos.

  13. 3’s are now in an RR gift box near you. 2’s to follow when we/I get a chance to catch up.
    1’s scheduled to escape tomorrow, but can have the elves but the brakes on if we need more time? Let me know.

  14. Loved Moonspell, Poems for Jamiro, the second Susanne Sundfor track, Mark Erelli, Autobahn, D’Angelo, Gwenno. And the others aren’t bad, either.

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