19 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill, 2015 – “Twos”

  1. Unfortunately, I listened to the Twos in dribs and drabs so never really got the overall flow and I didn’t make any notes. There were some really good tracks, but I can’t for the life of me remember what they were.

    I shall have to listen through again.

  2. I’ve had a couple listens through while in the middle of other stuff. Need another go to absorb. one question – I didn’t see Fuel in the list and thought he’d commented about his selections in the original call to arms so just wondered if his selections had got through.

  3. Ah…I have to admit I went straight for the Desaparecidos track – amazing stuff!

    That was the one album that was at the top of my To Buy list that I just couldn’t find a copy of. When I have an album that I know I’m definitely going to buy I try to avoid hearing any of it or streaming it or whatever to make that first ‘proper’ listen all the sweeter.

  4. Can’t imagine there’ll be ANY love for mine – too straight-ahead Classic Rock for most Spillers – but Thunder have been a musical comfort blanket for me for a quarter of a century!!!

    Will listen when I can, and thanks to Shoey (and you all) for ‘Boxing them where I can get them.

  5. So much to like here…Ringo Deathstar, Guapo, Burial… Sexwitch was my pick of the pops though, immediate entry on my To Buy In 2016 list!

  6. I’m really enjoying these (had no opportunity to listen until today. Ringo Deathstar, Floating Points, Mynabirds, Chorusgirls and Guapo are faves so far, but I’m only halfway through! Great picks, is it possible that these will go in the ‘box at some point?

    • Epic indeed! The whole album (also called Scar Sighted) is great and was in my top 12 of the year until Sunn O))) came along…!

      • I’ve been listening to the album Scar Sighted on Spotify, it gets a bit too metal for me at times, but I love the quieter, atmospheric bits.

        • I’m gonna love this one as well, aren’t I?

          Got around four hours in the car today (work AND domestic; most of it with just me in the car). Off to load the FS picks onto an SD card …

  7. Mynabirds, Pretty Things, Sexwitch, Katzenjammer, Bill MacKay and Riley Walker, Steeldrivers El Huervo and Lianne Le Havas are my faves but someone called me in the middle so will have to listen again (good excuse). Thanks everyone.

  8. I have listened to these a couple of time, just haven’t had a chance to comment.

    One of the things I love about the Festive ‘Spill is listening to things I wouldn’t normally spend time with, filtered through our collective good taste. So I enjoyed it all. A few to mention: Ezra Furman (an omission I need to rectify), Mynabirds (Cowboy Junkies meets Cocteau Twins?), Desaparecidos (hadn’t heard about this but Conor’s voice is unmistakable) and “S.O.B.” Ringo Deathstarr, Froth and Lianne La Havas were fun too. Abahachi’s tune is exquisite.

    Going to give the #1s another listen now…

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