Film of the Year Take Two

At the risk of making it appear that there are no rules whatsoever to the Spill Awards, but merely my random whims crossed with the inability of the technology to hinder vote-rigging on a spectacular scale, I’ve decided to introduce an additional poll for Film of the Year 2015 With Added Star Wars, as it’s clear from comments that – while technically ineligible because it appeared after nominations closed – it would be a bit daft to leave it out. Feel free to vote all over again, and I’ll either ignore the previous film poll or use it to massage the results…


7 thoughts on “Film of the Year Take Two

  1. Well, if the Star WArs film is included, this now means that I have seen two new films in 2015. The first was the Hobbit Part III and the second was the new Star Wars, which I thought was OK but not exceptional, or particularly original. I won’t go into details because I don’t want to give the plot away, such as it is.

    Do I want to vote for it? Not really.

    I wish that I’d seen Bridge Of Spies because that sounds like the sort of film I’d really enjoy.

  2. I’m afraid, like the ‘new’ Adele album, I will do anything I can to avoid contact with the ‘new’ Star Wars film.

    Aba: I’ve voted for Selma here on the Spill front page and – as I was curious to see if it would let me – a second time within this page. Please ignore or halve my vote as appropriate.

  3. Not many of these available here. Will see Star Wars on Christmas day as we will be in transit on the way to Belgrade. Bridge of Spies was engaging – nice feel of authenticity, good acting and script. A bit Tinker, Tailorish, which is no bad thing. The Martian was entertaining. Birdman got my vote. Great directing and cinematography, script that made me think and a first class cast. A bit theatrical, which is no bad thing.

    Is Carol out yet? That looks a winner all the way judging by the reviews.

  4. I sent two others on Dec. 5th that are not showing,
    1. Hateful Eight
    2, The Revenant,
    Obviously I haven’t seen either yet but does that preclude me from nominating them since Star Wars hadn’t been released then either?

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