9 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill, 2015 – “Ones”

  1. Leisure Exposure seams to have lost it’s place in the alphabetical playlist – how did that happen?

    Had a harder time getting into this selection – but I usually do with the ones.
    In the end I though ally enjoyed in though – an excellent selection.

    • Might have got my Sanes & Artees mixed up; or, more likely, messed the drag, juggle & drop in the WP player.

      Not the only one out of “order” this year.

      Would the flow be better or worse?

      Really only adopted the alphabetical order out of convenience, as trying to design a playlist sequence could be a bit of a nightmare.

      • I think Leisure Exposure was Vanwolf’s – (those shoeys and gazers are getting confusing too heehee) – when I was listening late last night I felt it would be better placed after Leather Jacket – where it would normally be!
        But it makes no odds really – as it’s all personal taste – I like the system where it throws up interesting segments – that centre section would be brilliant for my taste with that in it’s rightful place – but I could cheery pick from all through. The great thing with festive still is hearing stuff I would not normally listen too.

        Great to meet you in the summer by the way – was excellent to get a break as I’ve had a very busy year – hope you are well and your hecticness is going to have a rest around christmas.

        cheers for doing this again – and I look forward to your albums of the year choices!

  2. And now the Ones.

    Once again, if I don’t mention something, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t like it.

    The first thing that strikes me is the amount of gentle and not-so-gentle Americana is at the beginning of the playlist. Nice to see DsD is back with the rockers, too.

    I love the James Taylor, absolutely wonderful. Mind you nothing is really bad or out of place, the opening sequence flows nicely.

    The next track that really makes me sit up and listen is Kauan, who I’ve never heard of before. Lovely atmospheric stuff, with an unexpected black metal bit at the end.

    Gosh, The Pop Group! When did they get back together? Nice song, though.

    I like the songs by The Staves and Courtney Barnett too, they both get a lot of airtime on 6Music so I know them well. I also know the Sufjan Stevens song too, because 6Music played it all the time a few months ago. He’s never been a favourite of mine, but this song is fragile and very touching. I liked the Katzenjammer song too, lovely soaring harmonies.

    Brooklyn Funk Essentials was a nice jazz-tinged thing, which reminded me of Gil Scott-Heron and The Last Poets.

    Zep was great, but it was Zep, so how could it be otherwise? What else can one say?

    The Rhythm Changes was sumptuous and the transition from that to the Miles Davis track was a great illustration of two massively different interpretations of jazz.

    I suppose I should admit to having never hearing Uptown Funk until this moment. For some reason I cannot explain sensibly I just decided that I didn’t want to hear it when it was everywhere. I think that it was basically me having an allergic reaction to something that was being massively hyped. The hype instinctively made me want no part of it. Having now heard it, I wonder what all the fuss was about? It is an inoffensive enough pastiche (polite word for rip-off) of a lot of 80s tracks, but I can’t say that I’ll hurry to hear it again. Sorry Magicman.

    Julia Holter‘s track is sublime, probably my stand-out choice from all three playlists.

    • Thanks, Carole.
      Know what you mean about Uptown Funk. It’s completely in thrall to the likes of hits-period Was (Not Was) or LivingInAmerica-era James Brown – both themselves 80s updatings of music from 10-15 years before that.

      No bad thing (and personally I will listen to it as often as it gets played), but the adulation it’s been getting as something vibrantly original is ridiculous.

      Just got home from a couple of days final pressie delivering (had my first full Christmas dinner already), so will most likely have to wait a few days to get to both Twos & Ones.
      Much appreciated, all.

  3. Treemendous thanks to Shoegazer for organising all this ! Sterling work.
    Lack of time has meant I’ve only been able to dip toes in so far. Great variety ( as one might expect) from the RR community, which can only be a good thing, so far.

    Cheers for Christmas / whatever to all.

  4. Excellent stuff all round. Usually I’m with Shane that the Ones are often too personal to have the universal appeal for other listeners, but I think that this year people have gone with their heart rather than their head for the Ones.

    Quite a few that I knew already – Mark Ronson (of course!), Ought (loved that whole album), Kamasi Washington (great!), Tropical Trash (love it – a good year for Riot Season records on the Spill!), Julia Holter (as already discussed).

    From those I didn’t know I liked pretty much everything – special shout outs for Never Young Beach, Goran Kaifes…. (incredible!), and my favourite of the lot – Kuan (tried Googling them, but couldn’t find much about them)

    Cheers all, especially Shoey and Shane for putting it all together and presenting it immaculately as always.

  5. Preliminary listen, my faves are Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra; Zac Brown Band & Chris Cornell; Led Zeppelin; Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars; (these I knew already), also Katzenjammer; The Staves; Dilly Dally and Courtney Barnett (which went very well with my Louis Berry pick). Many thanks to all, and especially Shoey and Shane.

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