Earworms 28 December 2015

Well we’re not quite there yet, but Happy New Year to all of you out in ‘Spill land, hope you are keeping dry and safe. Thank you to everyone who has topped up the worm bank; please keep those worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com. And lang may yer lum reek.

Jon Hopkins – Immunity – DsD: Hungover and all partied out? Here’s a ten-minute musical equivalent to a lie-down-in-a-darkened-room-with-a-damp-flannel-over-your-face. Rediscovered in the madness of “DsDember”; this – for me – is as therapeutic as music gets.

Dave Rawlings Machine – The Trip – tincanman: ALL ABOARD! We’re going to sit here and think on life for a spell. In about 11 minutes we’ll be pulling in to wherever we’re going.

Box and the Twins – Western Horizon – bethnoir: Sometimes I feel like all the best band names are gone and bands have to resort to a strange mix of words to be different. This band are current and from Cologne, they make dream/darkpop music which I enjoy.

Robert Randolph & The Family Band – Squeeze – Ravi Raman: Reverting to type here. Fast & skilled guitaring, a clever, thrumming bass line … what’s not to like. Saw them at a music festival here and was hugely impressed.

Eilen Jewell – Hallelujah Band – glasshalfempty: Eilen Jewell (a fave round these parts) had an album out this year, and so from Sundown over ghost town, here’s Hallelujah Band, with a lovely guitar hook.

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Clockface – severin: From their third album, the first one with Budgie on drums, Several different guitarists filling in, this one features Steve Jones. Wordless vocals, more a snippet than a song but it’s always been one of my favourites.

Image courtesy of 123rf.com

12 thoughts on “Earworms 28 December 2015

  1. This was a wonderful selection.

    I played Immunity endlessly when it came out. I love the ambient Eno-esque feel to the title track. Dave Rawlings reminded me very much of Desolation Row and I mean that as a compliment. I loved the Box And The Twins track, fabulous and probably my favourite of the lot.

    Robert Randolph is rocking out like the Allman Brothers and Al Perkins period Flying Burrito Brothers here. Great fun and I can imagine this at a festival on a hot summer’s afternoon.

    I’ve never heard of Eilen Jewell before, that was really rather nice and Siouxsie And The Banshees will always find favour with me.

    All nice stuff, but as I said Box And The Twins stood out for me.

  2. Cor, it’s a bit like the value-for-money jukebox selection to begin with (we used to try to choose the 3 longest songs we liked to dominate the pub noise for as long as possible, ‘Comfortably Numb’ and ‘When the Levee Breaks’ featured), a lot of music for your pound.

    Immunity is certainly very ambient, perfect when that kind of thing is needed. I feel I should be looking out over the sea whilst listening. Dave Rawlings follows it very well with its laid back vibe, the female vocalist countryfied it a little too much for me, but I realise that most people are more tolerant of that trope than I am.

    I’m glad you liked Box and the Twins, Carole, they feel a bit cold next to the first two, notably European and probably show my 80s roots, but I love to find a new band on a compilation, they came from a German gothic one.

    Robert Randolph and Eilen didn’t tickle my fancy I’m afraid, predictably I enjoyed the Siouxsie and the Banshees track, not an album of theirs I listen to as often as the others, so good to be reminded that it’s due another spin.

    Thank you, Ali for the worms, always enjoy the way you compile them.

    • I think that the Siouxsie album I listen to most is A Kiss In The Dreamhouse and then probably the live one, Nocturne after that.

      • I love those two, I think probably Hyaena and Tinderbox for me as complete albums, but the B sides compilation, Downside Up gets a lot of listens too. I think, similar to Nick Cave, there is a Siouxsie album for everyone, it’s just a question of finding it 🙂

    • In 1974 we went on a school-organised but not very supervised day-trip to Bristol. After a quick perusal of the Cathedral we were left to our own devices and the trip became more of a pub crawl.
      One of my friends decided that the first pub (which had a well-stocked juke box) should be regaled by the Genesis B-Side “Twilight Alehouse”. Nearly eight minutes of not-very-catchy prog it was.
      The poor ladies at the next table who had come there for their lunch-break were not impressed. “Thank God, that;s finished,”, “don’t put that rubbish on again”. etc etc.
      Actually, my own choice of Ian Hunter’s “Once Bitten Twice Shy” wasn’t much more popular. But shorter.

      • I remember “Twilight Alehouse”. I think it was on the juke box in Dick Turpin’s Tavern (Bristol), along with other proggy stuff. Juke boxes were good value in my day, in the Royal Oak in Clifton you got three songs for 5p, or something ridiculous. It was a cider pub, with a strange picture on the wall, of tombstones on a cliff-top. Always made me think of black teeth (probably like a Government health warning against drinking too much scrumpy).

      • I enjoyed your jukebox memories, I don’t frequent pubs as much now, but I don’t think I’ve put money into a jukebox for over 20 years!

  3. Immunity and Squeeze were joint favourites for me – in totally different ways of course. All good stuff. I think my Banshees track seemed even more like a mere snippet in such company.

  4. I enjoyed them all – thanks gang! I loved Diamond Mine, so Immunity was a treat – I didn’t realise Jon and Kenny had form before DM. I enjoyed the Allmans feel to Squeeze too. The highlight was Box and the Twins, though. Lovely twangy ethereal slow-burn stuff!

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