Readers Recommend is to close – so says Michael Hann

According to Michael, ten years is quite long enough and RR needs to quit while it’s ahead. If you disagree you can email Michael on but all you’ll get is an out-of-office reply saying he won’t be back till Jan 4. Ha!


On the offchance that he’ll look at Twitter, I’ve tweeted him with the hashtag #saveReadersRecommend – he’s @MichaelAHann


There are some very affecting tributes – especially the ones from the newer people – on the blog at the moment. Go and have a look, and add yours.

12 thoughts on “Readers Recommend is to close – so says Michael Hann

  1. Also left this on the main blog:

    Terrible decision.

    Coming on top of the disgraceful way they stitched up the Reader’s Poll for Album of the Year, does this reflect an increased desire to gatekeep what music gets to appear in the paper, and reduce the influence of ordinary music fans, who insust on liking the wrong tihngs?

    One great thing about Reader’s Recommend, especially since we’ve had rotating volunteer gurus is the way it’s routed around the tastenakes and gatekeepers with their biases, blind spots and narrow interpretation of what’s acceptable or relevant, and exposed the wder readership to a far more diverse variety of music.

    To give an example that means a lot to me, we’ve seen the likes of Mostly Autumn and Panic Room be celebrated on the A-list, bands The Guardian would never otherwise have covered.

    • Thanks, Tim (and thanks for the tweet dond!). I sort-of-know a band and a musician who’ve been A-listed recently and I was thinking of asking them to contact Michael Hann on RR’s behalf. Do you think Mostly Autumn might do that if you asked them?

      • Not sure if that’s a good idea or whether it would do more harm than good.

        Worth noting that both Panic Room and Mostly Autumn are linked to Karnataka, the band who got stiffed in the Readers’ Poll. Panic Room was formed by former members of an earlier lineup of Karnataka, and two of them have also played in Mostly Autumn. All part of the same rather incestuous scene.

    • Ha! John Peel would never have done that (I’m just reading the new book about him) though he did often complain that listeners had voted for the records they liked for the Festive 50 and not the records he liked.

  2. What a completely disastrous way to end the day & year. And I’ve just been posting about how RR and Spill were among the best things to happen this year for me. Feel like I’ve triggered the Commentator’s Curse.
    tfdL this guy Mike Hann isn’t on leave. His article on Lemmy was put up on Dec 29 (yesterday/today depending on where you are).

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