Reintroduction and a big pile of music

Hi all,

For those of you who have joined the RR community since my hiatus began, I’m angryirishpunk, usually known as aip or Punky. For those of you who remember me: hi guys, I’m back!

After an incredibly hectic year I was looking forward to getting more involved in RR again in January, but with that plan potentially scuppered I figured I’d move my schedule forward a bit and reintroduce myself here on the ‘Spill.

So, the basics:

I’m 25 years old, doing a history PhD on enlightenment British print culture, English but living in Ireland. As the username suggests, I like my alternative rock. I’m also something of a nerd.

And a quick catch-up for those of you who know me:

PhD is going well. I’ve quit debating. Run a history conference, got a couple of journal articles published and am co-editing a journal. I’m Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Faculty Rep on the Postgraduate Students’ Union Council and overall Faculties Rep on the PSU Executive. I’m on the committees of four societies (History – which I ran last year – ULFM – our college radio station where I also produce and present a music show and executive-produce a nerd culture show – Fan Forum – the nerd society – and the UL branch (which I co-founded) of the Social Democrats, Ireland’s newest political party). I’ve been heavily-involved in campaigning against the exploitation of postgraduate tutors and postdoctoral teaching assistants by the university. On December 10th, I hit the 6-month mark in a brilliant relationship with a wonderful girl (who, yes, lives in Galway, because that hasn’t happened before). I pumped long hours into playing Assassin’s Creed and Star Wars: The Old Republic. I’m working tutoring undergraduates and teaching primary school kids after-school, and have taken on several short-term jobs in the university too. I’m writing for a Bristol-based DIY music webzine, The Flux (an archive of my pieces is here). The family got a puppy. I formed a band with a couple of friends, turned 25 and really seriously started writing. I think that covers it.

Oh yeah, and the original three-man lineup of The King Blues reformed.

And now for some music that came out during my hiatus:

(The new band formed by former King Blues bassist Kat Marsh).

(One man wrote, performed, recorded and produced everything you hear in this one. His name’s Dan O’Dell and he’s fantastically talented).


Frank Turner released an album this year, so here’s a selection from that:

(bonus points for the history references in that one)

And finally…


So, how is everyone else? And do we still do the ‘Spill game?



5 thoughts on “Reintroduction and a big pile of music

  1. Hi son. Nice to see you and glad you’re doing (very) well. Looking forward to the Frank T., and all of the other tunes everyone else put up for the year, as soon as I finish moving house and getting New Years out of the way.

    Can’t wait until we can all say we knew you when.

  2. Welcome back AIP, happy new year and all that, looks like last year was a good one for you. The ‘Spill game seems to have fallen by the wayside but Barbryn has been keeping us entertained with asking for songs we remember from particular years – on hold at the moment to make way for the Festive 1s, 2s and 3s compiled by Shoey (artwork by Shane).

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