Earworms 4 January 2016


Well, not a great start to the year with the potential demise of Readers Recommend on hand. Let’s hope we can persuade The Graun to keep it going. In the meantime, Earworms continues to boldly go where no worms have gone before. Many thanks to all contributors and please keep those worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Osibisa – Who’s Got the Paper – Ravi Raman: Third album that I bought was this band’s and they were also the first live show (overseas band) that I went to. So when I saw a re-mastered offering I just had to pick it up.

Kass Kass – Mister Oh! – severin: Inspired by Carole I went back to my old NME cassette compilations and listened to this. It’s Congolese, the music style’s called Soukous, it’s from the 80s and that’s about the extent of my knowledge. Except that I like it and I used to sing “Mister O” to my parent’s dog as his name was Oliver.

Venice Trip – Said Too Much – bethnoir: Isn’t this a cute little pop ditty? Not sure if that’s how Venice Trip, a new London band intended it, but I love it.

Roy Orbison – Blue Bayou – goneforeign: I don’t know who originated this song but I discovered it by Linda Rondstadt, and then I bought this album.

Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman – 52 Hertz – tincanman: The recording of their song might have been a bit more lively, but it’s a clever tearjerker, about a lonely whale. S/he swims hither and fro trying to find other whales who can hear him.

Clive Gregson and Christine Collister – Home Is Where The Heart Is – tfd:  I’ve known this song for years and have it on a couple of Richard Thompson bootlegs from the ’80s when Clive and Christine were in his touring band. But the album it’s on (Home And Away) got re-released this year, along with two bonus live CDs, so I thought it was about time I bought it properly and this is my favourite song from it!


Image courtesy of 123rf.com

18 thoughts on “Earworms 4 January 2016

    • Mails to both Katherine Viner and Michael Hann are still generating automated “I am away on holiday” mails.
      tfd: why don’t you post a general call to arms on RR? So that newcomers, or those who missed the morning email, can get the addresses of The G’s powers that be.
      As for the Earworms: another week of super choices. Thanks Ali.

      • I’m a little freaked out at the moment, Ravi, because I did get a reply to my email from Michael Hann and I posted it on the RR and Save RR Facebook pages. Almost immediately I got another email from Michael complaining that I had posted a ‘private note’ on a ‘public forum’. So he is monitoring us, and I am finding that very disturbing.

      • tfd: I don’t think there’s any way we were not going to be monitored. Just for your personal peace tell him you are deleting the FB post. Anyway all recipients of the morning mail will have written or will be doing so, at least we know that the guy is aware of the roiling sea.

    • I’ve emailed everyone, the one to Caspar Llewellyn Smith bounced back. It’s a fine line between campaigning and p*ssing everyone off when they get back from the holiday period, so I’ve just tried to be polite and positive. Here’s hoping.

  1. I’ve had no replies bar an out-of-office one from Katharine Viner.

    Now about these here worms – Love the Osibisa and it leads really well into my contribution. Roy Orbison’s version of Blue Bayou is great, far better than Linda R’s I reckon. Need a bit of time to give the others a second spin but sounding good so far.

  2. So the shutting down is confirmed with the very weak argument about lack of resources. Sad, sad story folks. I am really sorry.

    • An argument so weak it wasn’t even put forward by Michael Hann…..

      Is that actually the tune they’re playing? If the RR community picked the topics – which it is eminently capable of doing – the only resource required from the Graun to keep it going would be an intern to publish two pre-defined posts. Look at the crap they use these people for nowadays (playlists no-one listens to and downloaded click-bait on Adele, Kanye, Taylor Swift, 1D etc) and RR is obviously a much better use of their time. Utterly ridiculous.

  3. Hann has been very specific about the resource factor Chris:
    * too much work from Peter
    * constraints on production resources

  4. So anyway, Venice Trip was, indeed, a cute pop ditty, at first – but it builds into something more. Enjoyed that very much.
    Roberts/Lakeman didn’t really grab me. It was a pleasant enough listen though. Liked her voice.
    Gregson/Collister – Good one. Liked the harmonies on the chorus particularly.

  5. Thank you for doing the earworms, Ali. They’re very bright on this cold wet day where it only got a bit light for a couple of hours here. I think I might book a holiday to a desert in the summer at this rate and I usually quite like rain.
    Osibisa are very cheery, reminds me of SKA music with the trumpets and chanting (but I expect that’s just me, I thought the death mask of Napoleon looked like Rufus Sewell, but I’m probably wrong).
    The Kass Kass track was also sunny and lively I enjoyed it.
    I can’t say I’ve ever sought out Roy Orbison (usually only to hear the original of a cover), but I admire his voice and this lilts along nicely, feel like I’m rocking on a little boat somewhere warm.
    The idea of 52 Herz is fun and the last one seems very heartfelt.

  6. Happy new year to all wormers, and Ali as worm charmer in chief.
    Yet another good batch. Liked the soukous, and the last two were very restful for those of us fevered by the death of RR. But I agree with Severin that Venice Trip was a standout by a short head.

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