GueRRilla Readers Recommend Songs About… Survival


Hello and welcome to this first memo from the (Soon-to-be Continuity) Provisional Council of the RR Community, I will be your guest guru for this week’s topic.

In the words of Andrew Scott’s Jim Moriarty in Sherlock the most pressing issue anyone can face is “…our problem, the final problem. Staying alive!” With the future of Readers Recommend hanging in the balance, and amid some wonderful suggestions from the community for this week’s topic, I couldn’t help but decide on survival after a quick check of the Marconium.

And this is a very rich seam of music, from songs about feeling bad and getting better, surviving natural disasters, getting through tough times and having near-misses with death, the history of music is filled with songs that fit this rubric, so have at it!

This is a backup copy of the writeup that has been posted in the RR Favourite Songs & Playlists. If the Graun closes comments on that thread, move to here.
If no solution to RR’s future has been found by next week, we will be continuing the game there or on the ‘Spill.
Results will be posted there at 8pm UK time next Thursday in anticipation of a new topic being posted at 10pm. If comments are closed here results will be posted on the ‘Spill. If anyone has any queries email me at angryirishpunkATgmaildotcom


65 thoughts on “GueRRilla Readers Recommend Songs About… Survival

  1. ‘Wooden Ships’ – Crosby Stills & Nash.

    Sorry, because of my very infrequent visits to this site I don’t know how to do links, highlights etc. but I know that you know it.

    Oh and, whilst I’m on….

    ‘Pictures Of Home’ – Deep Purple

  2. First thought? A massive DsD asafaerae:

    Handsome Family – After We Shot The Grizzly

    I haven’t checked in with the mothership yet. Are we supposed to post on both there and here?

  3. Ooh, and I’ve just realised that I’m on that group photo in the image at the top. So that’s me on the way to either gshq notoriety or T-shirt chic like Che……mmmm, well, I do have the beard…..

  4. Proud of you for taking the bullshit by the horns as it were AiP.

    A criticism I had of RR under volunteer gurus was they were handed impossibly broad topics, and as a result had hundreds of suggestions to evaluate and had to pretty much out aside all other activities for a weekend. But I leave that to the Spill trust.

  5. Thought it was quiet over here. My phone hasn’t buzzed. I must’ve forgot to tick the Notify Me box.

    I’ve nommed and (where I could) linked to the following over on the mothership:

    Richmond Fontaine – 15 Year-Old Kid In Nogales, Mexico

    Thunder – The Rain

    Thunder – Resurrection Day

    Edie Brickell – What Would You Do

    Cory Brenan – Survivor Blues

    There’s a Gary Louris tune that he’s singing in my head, and stopping me sleeping, but I can’t pin it down to recommend it by title. And I’m NOT getting out of bed and going downstairs two flights to find it now!

    G’night all.

  6. Couple more –

    Grateful Dead – Wharf Rat

    August seems to be a survivor, if not a thriver.

    Rolling Stones – Sister Morphine

    Surviving an OD, apparently.

  7. Amy’s right that Wharf Rat is a survivor but the protagonist of Tennessee Jed survives all sorts of mishaps to get to the end of the song. He has his head stepped on, the law hassling him, he falls down four flights of stairs, has his eye blacked and his dog kicked. He just needs to get the message: You better head back to Tennessee Jed

    Grateful DeadTennessee Jed

  8. I know it’s tfd’s job in normal times to inform us about what’s on BBC4’s (repeat) music night but I urge anyone who hasn’t yet seen it to watch Amy on C4 at 9 tonight instead. One of the best documentaries, nay, films of 2015, it’s a heartbreaking tale of a rare talent overwhelmed by life and love.

  9. It’s my first love’s birthday today 1/8 – my King of Rock n Roll – ELVIS PRESLEY

    This song ‘positive’ and, like the ‘GueRRillas’ – we’re Back!

    Elvis Presley ~ I’ll Be Back !

  10. At the moment I can’t read any of the comments on any of the RR blogs – and if I click ‘Trouble loading’ I get at error message. It may be a temporary glitch and I’ll try again in the morning but am deeply worried that the last blog has been cut short. If this is the case, and it turns out that this will be in effect the end of RR, then, with the exception of Peter, whose email address no longer works, and who may no longer be employed by the Guardian, they can all go to hell.

    • Me too! And I was beginning to think that I was being singled out (you know Indian vs British outfit etc). Releved to be in good company like yours. Btw the problem with the comments section is there in all the blogs, Football to Politics.
      As for Peter, he wrote to me sayong that he is “contractually laid off” for January and that he hoped to be back in February.

    • Neither can I. ‘Trouble loading’ continually …been trying for hours.
      I’ll keep in touch here, We are continuing ? Hope so.

  11. We won’t stop believing. We’re gonna go on, and on

    Journey ~ Don’t Stop Believing

    Oh the movie never ends
    It goes on and on and on and on

    Don’t stop believing
    Hold on the feeling
    Woahhh, woahhhh

  12. From the album: Tribute to Curtis Mayfield

    The Impressions ~ Keep On Pushing

    I can’t stop now
    Someway or Somehow
    Cause I’ve got my strength
    And it don’t make sense
    No to keep on pushin’
    I know I can make it
    With just a little bit of soul

  13. Just putting my name up for possible guru-ing in the future. Is the pattern going to be that the guru sets the topic and also does the write-up? Or that one person sets the topic and someone else does the curating, playlist and write-up which would be a similar situation to the recent one? Feel slightly in favour of the latter format. Have a couple of ideas for possible topics.

  14. I was quite surprised by how affected I was by his death. When I was young my older brother and sister had Hunky Dory, Ziggy, Aladdin Sane, and I formed my favourite tracks then. Five Years is still the one (although there are many others I could sing along to).

    Never got the antipathy to Let’s Dance and China Girl. These are the soundtracks to my time in Argentina.

    Kooks and Space Oddity are gifts to my son. Sound and Vision is superb, as is Where Are We Now?

    And I think this is the thing about Bowie. So many meanings to so many people, across time (perhaps space as well). And the tracks some people think are fantastic others think are rubbish, and vice versa. I can’t think of anyone else who can span that diversity of opinion. And fair play to him, he got to the stage where he could do what he really wanted to do.

    “We let him use his powers
    We let him fill our needs”

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