Upload Limit

Hi there ‘Spillers.

Earworms will be delayed this week unless we can delete some of our previous uploads – thanks to everyone who has done this already. Apparently we’ve exceeded our upload quota, don’t know if the blog fairies could help by deleting some of the older music files that are still in the media library?

I’ve deleted all my Earworm ones except last week’s (I think) – if I can do anything else, please let me know.



26 thoughts on “Upload Limit

  1. In the Public Folder, there’s still:
    (a) 136MB of tunes related to the A Rum Do piece we wrote for SOWC. We can delete those now, surely?
    (b) 182MB of music By The Naxalites, that I think Maki uploaded for me. If no-one else wants that, that can go; and
    (c) another 136MB of photo uploads. Some of that was mine, from the Spill thread I wrote after we took the girls to see the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red poppies in London 15 months ago, but most are botanical ones. Amy? tfd?

    • I think it’s the music that takes up the space rather than the photos (assuming they are small) – if we delete the photos it makes the blog look odd. Any music you can delete would probably be helpful. Thanks.

      • Ali; I don’t think you’re correct, I’ve already deleted everything of mine back to early 2013, there were hundreds of images, most of which were in the 6-10 MB range, plus all the playlists where MP3’s can be in a similar range. I didn’t calculate it but it must have been hundreds of MB’s.

    • I don’t think the botnicals are mine. Maybe GF?

      I don’t think i’ve uploded much music in my posts over the past year or so – i think i’ve used youtube playlists. But anything of mine anyone finds can be deleted.

    • I must have my Stupid hat on today, because I cannot find this (I’ve tried the media library with dates, with my name, scrolled through all my posts and removed a load of spam…)
      I’ll gladly remove it if anyone can direct me to it – or admin can if they happen to be around. Our internet keeps cutting out, so I might not be straight back, but I promise to see to this ASAP.

    • Nah, it’s just “media” used for posts directly on the “Spill WordPress account, mp3’s and images, links to elsewhere don’t count. Mp3’s use the most space.

      On our contact page we state “MP3s are posted for sampling purposes only, and are kept up for a short time. Please mail us if any need to be removed.” So it’s these that need housekeeping to free up some room.

      Problem is, apart from the two administrators, (Blimpy & Steen who aren’t around much these days), only the original author can delete. Perhaps we need one or two more folks with admin access?

      I can remove the festive ‘Spill stuff if needed, but I know some folks were away & may not have had a chance to get to it yet.

      • Shoe: Anyone can delete their own files. Just do a ‘new post’ and you’ll see a list of everything you’ve posted. All it takes is a click on a box and hit delete. It would be nice if we could bulk select and bulk delete but for nor posts have to be deleted individually.

  2. For those who don’t know how to delete their stuff – this is how I do it on a mac – there’s probably easier ways:

    Top Left = my sites… click on that

    and go down to WP Admin

    under the wordpress w in the top left corner there’s little icons

    Media – click on media it’s the camera and notes icon – that will get you to the library

    All media items is written in a box – change with the up and down arrows to Audio. press enter or return to see just audio.

    There’s 1,559 items at the time of typing – pages 1 – 78
    click on the >> (on the right hand side) for the oldest… then < to come back page by page.

    or put your own user name in the search box (make sure it’s still just audio you look for).

    down the left side will be a square (tick that box) next to your own MP3s – if they are not needed…
    the box that says Bulk Actions has a choice with the arrows – choose delete permanently. Then click Apply.

    The oldest MP3’s in there from 2012 are from pairubu, spottedrichard, treefrogdemon,
    amylee, Alimunday, DaddyPig, Abahachi, maki, Sakura, Chris – some are spill games or unattached so might need to stay – but the authors need to decide.

      • I can’t figure out how to find my own uploads and delete. Have to fly out for an appointment now, but will do it later on today if someone can tell me how.

      • there’s arrows next to bulk select – click on that to get to ‘delete permanently’ (the words ‘delete permanently’ will REPLACE ‘bulk select’ in the window) – tick all the boxes down the left side that you want to get ride of – then click on ‘Apply’.

  3. Damn! Earworms has become such a regular feature in my week and something that I look forward to. Cheers Ali, hope the upload issue is sorted out soon.

  4. I take it back. WordPress have got rid of the option to just buy extra storage space that we used to have and replaced it with a very expensive yearly “pro” account type thing.

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