Earworms 13 January 2016


Earworms is restored, if slightly late – thanks to all who deleted files, particularly Blimpy, who has given us more space (the final front-ear?) Unfortunately WordPress will no longer allow me to upload .mp3s for some reason, so here is a link to this week’s thoughtful selection: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mhicn3mujzggw7w/AABhD-Yw9AzhQf4UpGu4yR3Ra?dl=0

Thanks to all contributors and please keep the worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Otis Taylor – 3 Days And 3 Nights – tincanman: My little girl, she`s slipping away. Jesus will hold your hand. Doctor wouldn`t even let us in. I went home to my cardboard box. Laid my little girl down. Heaven will let us in.

Anouar Brahem – Parfum de Gitane – goneforeign: We had a piece by this Tunisian jazz trio a few years ago, time for another taste. It’s from the album Astrakan Cafe recorded by Manfred Eicher for the ECM label. The instrumentation is oud clarinet and percussion.

Andrew Bird – Far From Any Road (Be My Hand) – glasshalfempty: Andrew Bird had a great album out this year. Some of it is a bit macabre, like this song of the desert.

Ram Sampath; Aruna Sairam; Sona Mohapatra – Aigiri – Ravi Raman: Aruna Sairam is a noted Carnatic singer and this song is a famous prayer sung all around S. India in Durga temples. Ram Sampath has added a rock element to it along with a Hindi love song to create his version of Temple rock.

This Other Kingdom – Sunlight – bethnoir: A Dublin band I stumbled across whilst listening to some prog/psychedelic music, it may not be new but I love their take on it.

John Martyn – Rollin’ Home – AliM: Having rolled home a few times recently, this has been buzzing around in my head. I love it.

Image courtesy of 123rf.com

14 thoughts on “Earworms 13 January 2016

  1. Ali: Lovely image this week and it’s perfect for Parfum de Gitane. Can you elaborate on the ‘no mp3’s and the ‘more space’. Just got up, I’ll listen later.

    • Hi gf. Blimpy (the blog owner) has got us more space as an “upgrade” so that we can upload stuff again. He said don’t delete anything else, there is no need.

      The picture above loaded fine (nearest I could get to the Gitanes gypsy dancer without breaching copyright!) but I couldn’t upload .mp3s for some reason best known to WordPress. I guess it doesn’t matter if you can access the dropbox list instead.

    • Hi gf. It won’t accept music files. So if you continue to send me .mp3s or .m4as as usual, I will just put them in a Dropbox folder.

  2. It’s a shame they won’t upload here, I have worked out how to listen now though. I haven’t listened to that John Martyn song before, I was surprised, but I like it. The same with Andrew Bird, have a few of his, but I love the bass and stillness in this song. Parfum du Gitaines is lovely, who knew I liked oud clarinet? Not I! Otis is very authentic and Ravi’s pick is different to what I usually hear. Glad to listen as usual 🙂

    • Beth – fyi the oud is a middle eastern version of a mandolin, and Tunisian born Anouar is a master. The clarinet is separate. I love Anouars music, having been turned on to him by Nilpferd, and I posted a clip on the spill from a concert i went to a while back if you want to see him playing.

  3. Sorry, I’ve been faffing about all day and it took me a while to figure out how to listen to the songs here. Liked the first two, which is all I’ve heard so far. May come back for more if I get fed up with floating in limbo.

  4. I’ve finally found time to listen to the ‘worms this week and what a startling and atmospheric bunch they are.

    I think that overall by favourite was the Anouar Brahem track, it was utterly beautiful and so evocative. Spellbinding.

    However, I liked them all, each had a quality that brought something to the overall playlist. Perhaps the most surprising was Ravi’s selection. It had so much going on. Some Mahavishnu Orchestra-like fusion, heavy metal palm-muting, riffage. Wow. I really loved the John Martyn track. From the style and overall feel, I suspected it was an early piece but I was amazed to see how early. He must have been around 18 when he recorded that.

    Still, gorgeous music all round.

  5. In case anyone wants to know, the John Martyn track is from “London Conversation” (1967), which I used to have. Probably one of my favourite albums.

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