SFTCSFTS – 2015 Best of the Rest and Beyond – A podcast

Just a quick podcast to test out my first try at using Audacity. As you can hear, I think I still need a bit more practice! I couldn’t work out how to make the vocal tracks the same volume as the music ones at first. I sorted it out for the first part of Part 2, but the volume is a bit up and down in Part 1 and most of Part 2 – sorry about that! It was also a total pain the arse to get it all into MP3 format too…hmmm…..will have to keep tinkering!

In the meantime, the music here is a mix of underground and overground (mostly under) and is quite a good reflection of some of the less obvious stuff that I’ve been listening to over the last year, although it turned out a bit noisier than I thought it would.


(Edit: To get around the WP upgrade problem, I thought I’d try uploading to Soundcloud – hope it works!)





11 thoughts on “SFTCSFTS – 2015 Best of the Rest and Beyond – A podcast

  1. Part 1. This selection is great panthersan and synchronises perfectly with the pitch black on the outside and the inside. Thank you.
    The highlight for me is the brilliant Giant Claw song. I don’t know if you agree, but I hear echoes of Aaron Funk in parts. Love the gasping flow of her vocals and how they fill up the cool hollow shell of it.

    • Thank you thank you! Glad you liked Giant Claw, it’s my current favourite thing in the world to listen to.

      Have never heard of Aaron Funk, will investigate now…


      • ah…so Aaron Funk is Venetian Snares! Whom I do know and love…..yes, I hadn’t thought about it, but I think you are right. It also reminds me of some of those Moving Shadow artists in the late 90s too

      • Part 2. Something Clockwork This Way Comes – Excellent! Enjoyed the mystery and underlying peril in that trip. Love the daleks. Strangle With The Cord – Good brut noise reminiscent of a painful leg wax. 😬 Thanks very much for the introductionslr

      • Thanks for listening lr (I knew it was you!).

        Listening to G.L.O.S.S. reminded me that I was going to ask you if you saw Tangerine last year (film about LA transgender prostitutes that was completely shot on 6 iPhones). Just saw it a couple of days ago and was very impressed!

      • I haven’t seen Tangerine but I did have a clementine for breakfast.😊I’ll put it on my list now that you’ve recommended it. Btw, I just this minute forked out for Something Clockwork This Way Comes and Dark Web and am very much looking forward to listening to both those albums later. thx!

      • I’m struggling listening to the podcasts cos I’m on headphones and the sound jolts are hurting my head! sorry – had been whitewashing a wall in frosty low winter sunshine and it’s caused a mild snow blinded headhurt.

        Going to post this here as you two might like:

      • Thanks saneshane, I enjoyed that.
        Troyka’s Ornithophobia was one of my top albums for 2015. You may like the stunning artwork Naiel Ibarrola designed for the album.

        And a reworking of Seahouses

        panthersan, I’m glad you liked the films. Knudsen’s performance in the DOB is mouthwatering, isn’t it. One of the things I like most about the film is how, under the guise of an S&M relationship, it subtly portrays the roles one can reluctantly adopt in order to make the beloved happy. The things we do for love 😍

      • I enjoyed it a lot too Shane – just the ticket!

        lr – yes, yes, that’s a nice way to look at it. I forgot that I watched Timbuktu too, erm….I’m much better at describing music than I am at talking about films, but I really enjoyed it too. Just really well done on an important and not much talked about issue – thanks for the recommendations!

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