Readers Recommend – The Future

Please let’s offer some ways forward people – this just in :

Dear Ralph,

First, my apologies for taking so long to reply to you. We needed to have conversations in the office about the future of RR, and one of the people necessary was away at the start of January. Then David Bowie died, which occupied most of last week. So only now am I getting round to emailing all those who wrote to me about RR.

The decision to end it was not done with a sense of joy. We simply could not continue it in its current form. While it may have appeared to be something almost effortless at our end, it wasn’t – the two blogs between them occupied up to three working days, divided between different people here, which we cannot continue to allocate. That said, we do want to find a way to keep the RR community involved.

At the bottom of this note, you’ll see the post I made to the Guardian Facebook page about it. What I said there has angered some people, which I understand. So I’m writing to you now to ask what new iteration of RR would satisfy you: the one stricture is that it can not involve opening up our production system to readers. As I have said, we can’t do it exactly the same as before. We’ll carry on thinking at our end, and I hope by end of next week, combining our thoughts with yours, I can send a suggestion out to readers to see how they feel about it. Please feel free to circulate this note among other RR readers you know, and when (and if) you reply, please put Readers Recommend in the subject header.

Best wishes,

Michael Hann

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