Adios Amigos

Goneforeign has asked me to post this sad news. I don’t really know what to say, apart from what I’ve already replied to him. He has been an Earworm champion and we will all miss his wonderful music. I hope you will join me in wishing him and Gina well.

“2015 was not a great year for me, actually it was probably the worst ever. It started in January, my mother died. All her life she’d told me that she was going to live to be 100, she died about two weeks shy of her 100th birthday. Then a couple of months later Gina’s mother died.
Then my lovely Boxer Jasmin who we’d had since she was a puppy died of old age, she was 14. She died of typical old age, her eyesight was almost gone, so was her hearing and she wobbled around on shaky legs just like me. One morning I was sitting at my computer and Gina came in in tears, ‘Jasmin just died’ she said and true enough there she was lying dead on the laundry room floor, five minutes earlier she’d been snuffling around my feet.
In October I had a mild problem with my computer, the screen saver I’d installed, a large file of bird photos, had quit and been replaced with Apple’s stock dozen or so National Geographic photos, I tried to change it back but I couldn’t, I called Apple’s tech support and their top guy worked on it for 2 hours and then told me that he couldn’t fix it, I should take it to an Apple store and they’d know how to cure it.
They didn’t, they worked on it for an hour and then gave up; ‘The only way we can fix this is to erase the disc and then re-load it from a date prior to the problem from your external backup, is that OK’? They told me that it was guaranteed and foolproof, it was simple and would definitely work, so I said OK.
Worst decision I ever made, when they erased everything they cleared every tiny detail of everything on the disc, passwords, serial numbers, permissions, everything. When they replaced it they left all those details off. For example, there was a document on my desktop that I’d been working on, I tried to open it and I got a message that I was not authorized to open that file! That happened to every file, folder and application that I tried to use.
This might seem like excessive coverage of a trivial event but I’ve had similar problems EVERY day since then, 10 weeks!
I’ve spent literally dozens of hours on the phone with Apple Tech trying to cure these problems and they all started with a screen saver! About a week ago I started getting refusal messages at the Spillblog, a site I’ve visited every day for the last 10+ years. I’ve given up and decided to quit, time to call it to call it a day, I can’t log in nor can I change my password nor can I re-register, I can’t even comment, so I think this is a good time to call it quits. In the last two days I’ve spent literally hours trying to contact Word Press and trying to log in, both to no avail.

Two days ago Gina’s father died.

I’m tempted to say ‘Well that’s everything, there’s nothing left to go wrong’ but that would be tempting fate, I know they’d find something. Can’t really complain, I’ve been very lucky throughout my life, it was inevitable that sooner or later it’d catch up with me.

I’ll probably stand on the sidelines and watch from time to time.

Here’s an appropriate song to sign off with, Woodie’s ‘So long it’s been good to know you’, sung by his son Arlo. Toodle-oo.

So long, it’s been good to know you – Arlo Guthrie:”

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10 thoughts on “Adios Amigos

  1. Hard to know what to even say. Makes me wish I could express this kind of thing better. Please pass on my sympathies Ali (or others) for the horrible series of events. I don’t have Goneforeign’s mail address, I’m afraid.
    I have very much enjoyed the earworms from various parts of the globe and loads of the other music that he has posted.
    I can only hope that the computer disaster is eventually sorted and that he and Gina’s mutual support helps them to get through the aftermath all the other life-events.
    I do also hope you/he will feel able to post here again at some point in the future.
    All my best wishes.

  2. Oh dear, I’m so very sad to hear about Tony and Gina’s troubles. And then computer failure on top of that! At least we can hope the computer can be restored at some point. All the best from me, goneforeign. Come back if/when you can.

  3. This is such horrible news, so much so that I really don’t know what to say except that I’ll miss you here and that you have my deepest sympathies for your losses.

    I’ve always admired and enjoyed the music that you have posted and I feel saddened that there won’t be any more, but my sadness is just a mere pinprick compared to how you must have felt over the last months.

    Goodbye, and I hope that somehow you’ll find a way back here.

  4. Best wishes to Goneforeign. I also had the worst year of my life in 2015 and we are still struggling through the repercussions of some of the things that happened. The computer issue probably doesn’t feel trivial at all. You can stoically deal with some terrible things and then get pushed over the edge by something trivial. Hope things begin to get a bit better soon.

  5. Condolences to GF – always enjoyed his posts and such a series of losses must be very hard to take. 2016 is not shaping up too well is it? 😦

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