Earworms 25 January 2016

All together now – dum duddle um dum, dum dum, dum dum, duddle um dum dum dum …spies and spectres for you this week, with some blood and shotguns thrown in. Thanks to all contributors; and please keep those unwanted earworms coming in to: earworm@tincanland.com. Listen to the tracks here (or let me know if the link doesn’t work): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fu3k24cqj8rnxq9/AACp3MCubAvOe2NsYQ_ZqDU0a?dl=0

Radiohead – Spectre – CaroleBristol: This is a track that Radiohead wrote as a potential theme for the latest Bond film, “Spectre” which wasn’t, unfortunately chosen by the film’s production team. The band released it as a free download just after Christmas and I really like it. It is a proper Radiohead ballad.

Stan Getz – Blood Count – goneforeign: One of my early idols playing one of Duke’s compositions; how can you lose, Getz & Duke.

Dyke & The Blazers – Shotgun Slim – tincanman: James Brown-lite but good funk and soul all the same. I was going to tell you the song is about me but figured you’d be dubious about me having a shotgun. (Too right. Ed.)

Toots & The Maytals – 54- 46 That’s My Number – tincanman: Between ska and reggae was rocksteady, distinctions only meaningful to pedants. Freddie ‘Toots’ Hibbert will rival the best soul vocalists – Brown, Otis, Wilson – if you can get past the flat mix.

Ernie Smith – Duppy or a Gunman – goneforeign: Another Jamaican treat, big hit in Kingston. A duppy’s a ghost.

Coldplay – Spies – AliM: Okay so I cheated, this isn’t strictly a worm, but it fits. And although I know you all hate Coldplay, I still like their first album, “Parachutes”, from which this is taken.

Image courtesy of http://www.123rf.com

24 thoughts on “Earworms 25 January 2016

  1. I can open the link but I’m offered the two options of downloading each track or saving to my dropbox. Previously I could play in the link itself.
    Listening to the first song on YouTube now. Will post link to YT playlist if others having similar probs.

    • Here it is anyway just in case as I’m going out in a minute.
      Can’t guarantee it’s the same performance of Blood Count and the Ernie Smith seems to be variably titled but I hope it’s all more or less the same.
      Actually I hope other people are just better at accessing things than I am and don’t need this.


    • …but if you select the Download option, you can then (in Firefox, anyway) opt to open the file with a media player rather than actually save it. So, no need to infect your computer with the Coldplay virus… (* I’m joking, shoey, honest*)

  2. So sorry Ali, I forgot to send one in, and I had a doozy, a 19 minute Raag Basant freakout by Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, and I was so hoping to get GoneForeign’s and Carole’s take on it. Now doubly saddened by GF’s post.
    GF: going to miss you, stay safe. All the best and here’s hoping luck turns around right smartly.
    [January 2016 has to be one of the worst ever]

  3. Oh well. I’ve listened to them all on YT and opened me downloads and there wasn’t a track I didn’t like (litotes).
    Stan Getz and Ernie Smith were my favourites this week.

  4. UPDATE:
    I was just at a Sheffield history blog reading an article and I wanted to ask a question. When I submitted my question I got a message saying ‘This blog uses cookies, you have a blocker, you must switch it off’. The penny dropped, part of all that trouble I was having with my Mac included my screen being inundated with commercials, I knew that I had Adblock installed but when I checked it was gone, so I reinstalled it. Simultaneously I readjusted my cooky settings clicking on to ‘never’. Therein lay the problem. I changed it, switched off Adblock, tried again to ask my question and it worked.
    That’s when the penny dropped, I came to the Spill and tried to add a comment and it also worked, something I hadn’t been able to do for quite a while.
    Thank you all for your kind words during my absence.
    All’s well that ends well.

  5. Like I said I stumbled across a lo-o-ong performance by Vishwa Mohan Bhatt on an instrument that is so complicated you have to read about it or see it to believe it. A guitar with 20 strings! I’m not kidding … called a Mohan Veena it is one of Vishwa’s own design and a spin-off on an older Indian instrument. I’m sending the track called Raag Basant to Ali, coz it ain’t exactly Earworms material, but still interesting enough for a share. Let me know if you all like it. [Read about the veena here: http://www.vishwamohanbhatt.com/veena.htm%5D

    • To all my spiller friends, of course I’ll stay, that was the whole idea. So my thank you’s to you all and I’m glad it was so simple. I was becoming depressed. With the Spill problems piling on the Apple problems I initially thought they were related and then realized that they weren’t but that made it worse. It was that visit to the Sheffield blog that made me realize that there was a third option, one that was fairly simple to solve; so beware of those cookies and ad-bloggers, use them wisely. Additional thanks to Ali for her help.

  6. Many thanks to Severin for making this a playable playlist (can any techie help AliM restore the music player to these posts?) Top notch stock in the jukebox today. Lovely ethereal start with Radiohead and Getz, then a mid-winter trip to the West Indies. And I will own up to liking Parachutes, too, Ali. Pick of the juicy bunch was Toots and the Maytalls, closely followed by Spectre. Keep em cummin – including you, GF!

    • It’s not technical, we just have to pay for an upgrade, approx £70 p.a. I’m a bit vague on who would be willing to contribute, there’s you, me and tfd who have said they don’t mind but I’m not sure about anyone else – and we’d need to go through Blimpy ‘cos it’s his blog.

      • It may be worth asking Blimpy and all those who contributed originally, if we shouldn’t divert what’s left of the Spillharmonic Records cash into just plain ol’ paying website admin bills. I for one would have no objection. Of course, thinking about it, I know he’s had to do some of that already, so I’m not sure if there’s any money left anyway!

  7. My simple question is, what changed? We were toodling along and everything was lovely, then, just like me, everything changed! Can’t we go back to the Earworms of two weeks ago with regular playlists et.al. Why do we need to do the DB number? Since we’re on the WP free account, I’d prefer to stay there.

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