Paul Kantner

According to media reports, Jefferson Airplane founding member Paul Kantner has died, aged 74 from multiple organ failure and septic shock.

2016 is turning out to be a right bastard, so far.

I think that this is a suitable tribute;

7 thoughts on “Paul Kantner

  1. Thanks for this. I thought about doing one, but lost the heart since Bowie. I tossed the We Can Be Together video in Rich’s thread, and i suppose the flip side of that peace, love, and grooviness would be Paul’s stones at Altamont when it started to go tits up.

    I read the Wapo’s obit this morning, and found it’s dissing of the Dead more than a bit sour. (look away, Chris.)

    • Sad news, along with all the rest.
      The piece seems to praise the Airplane for being a more successful pop band than the Dead. Which is reasonable but kinda damning with faint praise, unlike the Mickey Hart quote.

  2. Carole: Thanks for the post, it was my first thought on reading the news and the cut you chose was the one I would have used.

  3. Sad to see Paul Kantner leave. I thought this might be appropriate

    And today frank Finlay passed away. Casanova was something else when it came out on BBC2 in 1971.

    One piece of good news – hey, Goneforeign, you’re back with us!

  4. Hi all. As you can imagine this news pretty much laid me low. It’ll be 50 years sometime this summer since I first fell in love with The Airplane. They embodied in many ways all that was special about the San Francisco scene in the 60s. I loved all of it but JA were my first love. I posted this on RR but as I’m still mourning I’ll relate it here. Signe Toly Anderson, who was the original female lead in the airplane, also passed away on the same day Paul Kanter died. She was beautiful in that way that brings grace (slight pun intended) to a room. The first JA album, Takes Off, still gets a regular spin here at Chez Fintan. Their music rolled off the stage like the herald of a revolution and so it was. Here’s the group, along with Skip Spence on drums who later founded Moby Grape and who also has left us. With his replacement Spencer Dryden also passed there’s a pretty decent line-up forming in some alternate dimension.

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