10 thoughts on “This is great!

  1. So it is! Like that a lot. Never heard of them – but then, I don’t suppose many people have if the video is at (currently) 719 views. How did you come across them?

    • It’s David Holmes new band. The rest of the album sounds pretty good but that one is a stonker. It’s released in March with this track as a single.

  2. Howdy, Llama!

    I loved it! Bit of everything in there, some girl group, 60’s psych guitar pop grooviness, wisps of soul, beeps!

    • Hi Amy – how are you?! Glad you like it. Yeah it’s got a wee bit of a Spectorish thing going on. I do like the guitar sound and the drums are to die for!

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I left Youtube running and the vid following this is part of a sermon by an American preacher on ‘Leah the Unloved Woman’. What an informative and entertaining morning!

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