Mohan Veena – by Ravi Raman

I stumbled across a lo-o-ong performance by Vishwa Mohan Bhatt on an instrument that is so complicated you have to read about it or see it to believe it. A guitar with 20 strings! I’m not kidding … called a Mohan Veena it is one of Vishwa’s own design and a spin-off on an older Indian instrument. You can see him playing the instrument above,  but I’m sending the 19 minute track called “Raag Basant” to Ali, coz it ain’t exactly Earworms material, though it’s still interesting enough for a share. Let me know if you all like it, it’s in the RR Dropbox folder. Read about the veena here:

6 thoughts on “Mohan Veena – by Ravi Raman

  1. Thanks for the extra effort and in posting this Ali. There is an instrument called Gottuvadhyam which is the precursor of sitar and veena though very few people play that nowadays. That too has 20 strings but it is big and is kept on the floor to be played. Glad you liked the track.

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