Retroworms 1 February 2016


Here is the second in an occasional series of retroworms, the first being in June 2015.  It seems appropriate to post it here, given the current RR topic of passing time.

My original list included Ghost in the Snow, by Damien Jurado (ghe), and Sekta, by Tarika (Beltway) but I can’t find YT links for these so I’ve dropped them all in the RR box so you can listen to them there. The Katzenjammer track wasn’t an Earworm, but it came from severin and I love it.

The good news is that blimpy has made me a ‘Spill administrator and I’ve upgraded to WordPress Premium, so that we can use the playlist function again. So please continue to top up the Earworm bank by sending your contributions to, and next week should be back to normal. If anyone wants to send me a donation … STOP PRESS … cost now covered by me, tfd, carole, severin, mnemonic, chris7572 and ravi – Thank you! I’m glad to get the playlist function back. Toodlepip!

Here’s the playlist:

Abyssinia Infinite ft Ejigayehu “Gigi” Shibabaw – Aba Alem Lemenea – goneforeign
Afro-Drum Ensemble/Art Blakey – Ife l’Ayo (There Is Happiness in Love) – BeltwayBandit
Blanck Mass – Sundowner – abahachi
Duane Allman – Please Be With Me – amylee
Efterklang – Between the Walls – glasshalfempty
Fleet Foxes – Blue Ridge Mountains – toffeeboy
Four Tet – Angel Echoes – magicman
Johnny Cash – Hurt – CaroleBristol
Joya Landis – Kansas City – wilemena
Ludovico Einaudi – Nightbook – glasshalfempty
Mavis Staples – Step Into the Light – goneforeign
Orchestra Marrabenta Star De Moçambique – Nwahulwana (Electric Version) – goneforeign
Raghu Dixit – No Man Will Ever Love You Like I Do – bishbosh
Sheila Chandra – Lagan Love / Nada Brahma – zalamada
Teitur – The Singer – tincanman
Zaz – Le Long De LA Route – fintan
Katzenjammer – God’s Great Dust Storm – severin

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21 thoughts on “Retroworms 1 February 2016

  1. I have left a ten pound note in a locker at St Pancras Station. I forget which one but it had a bit of chewing gum on the door.
    (Can also send by more conventional means if preferred)

    • Thanks severin, I think it would cost me another £100 to get to St Pancras so if you don’t mind, I’ll email you my address!

  2. I’ll happily contribute, too, Ail. Snail cheque, if preferred, but I can get in your account today if you’ll trust me with your bank details (mwah ha haa!)………..

  3. Me too, if you can take Paypal or somesuch. I’ve had a paperless account here across the pond for years, all of my banking is online.

  4. Thanks Amy, but we’ve covered the cost now, so we should be OK. I gave up on paypal when I reverted to my maiden name because they got very tedious about it, I might try again at some point!

  5. Love all the playlist – although it does bring home to me the fact that I may never hear God’s Great Dust Storm performed live again. They really were the best band I ever saw/heard.

    • Thanks for introducing me to katzenjammer, I haven’t heard anything I don’t like, yet. but sorry they are going their separate ways.

  6. Yay, thanks for organising the playlist Ali, if you need more contribution I am happy to. Enjoying the playlist a bit behind time (been a busy week with GCSE meetings at school and fence issues (we have 7 different fence neighbours and 3 of our fences have suffered from the storms)), Blanck Mass, Fleet Foxes, Sheila Chandra and Johnny Cash are going down well.

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