BBC 6Music comes to Bristol

Some of you may know that the annual BBC 6Music Festival is coming to Bristol next weekend.

Now, this is a really exciting thing for me, because I live in Bristol and the local music scene is something of which we should all be proud. Bristol has thrown up a huge range of different sounds over the decades; rock, jazz, reggae, punk, post-punk and, of course trip-hop.

Also, I have tickets for the Sunday afternoon and evening to see John, Grant, Laura Marling, Blue Aeroplanes, Julia Holter and Guy Garvey, amongst others.

Anyway, to celebrate the huge variety and inventiveness of Bristol’s music here is a playlist (which will hopefully open in a separate tab) of fairly randomly chosen tracks, all of which were released in the decades since I first came to the city which I am happy to call home.

The tracks are;

The Blue Aeroplanes – Jacket Hangs
The Pop Group – We Are All Prostitutes
Rip Rig + Panic – You’re My Kind of Climate
Portishead – Glory Box
Gary Clail – These Things Are Worth Fighting For
Martina Topley-Bird – Need One
Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy
Tricky – Hell Is Round the Corner
Roni Size – Brown Paper Bag
Way Out West – The Gift

13 thoughts on “BBC 6Music comes to Bristol

  1. You lucky soul! I’ve recently been getting into John Grant and, especially, Julia Holter. She first came to notice on an album called Remembering Mountains: Unheard Songs by Karen Dalton. I’ve since got hold of her newest album and find it enchanting. It’s probably reduntant to say “Enjoy the festival”, as I’m sure you will, but I’ll say it anyway.

    • Yes, I know that I’m lucky. The tickets sold out in about two minutes. I was logged on and waiting for the website to open and even then, I started out as 169th in the queue.

    • Yes, it was great. We were in the Colston Hall, Bristol’s main music venue, which was a bit chaotic and very crowded. We saw Guy Garvey, Julia Holter and John Grant, plus a couple of DJ sets. Because of the scheduling we missed the Blue Aeroplanes in favour of Julia Holter. To be honest, we should have gone for the Blue Aeroplanes, because much as I like her Music, Julia Holter didn’t come over very well on stage. She seemed incredibly introverted and not at all happy in front of an audience. She didn’t project at all and I think that her music, fragile as it is, suffered. Guy Garvey, doing stuff from his recent solo album and John Grant were both fantastic, though, especially John Grant.

      We saw some of the Pop Group and Geoff Barrow doing what was billed as a Noise Set. It was definitely noisy, ear-splittingly so and far too loud for the small Lantern theatre in the Colston Hall. We had to withdraw to the bar.

      We didn’t stay for the finale, which was a choice between Laura Marling, who I don’t much like and This Is The Kit, who I wanted to see but there was a wait of over an hour and a half before they were due on stage and we were getting a bit weary.

      All in all, it was a great afternoon and evening of music.

  2. V jealous! Playlist is awesome. I listened to Julia Holter’s set on the radio and it seemed ok, but it is kind of subdued music anyhow. Could imagine it would work in a very intimate setting.

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