Spillyear 1998

We’re running out of years, people. But we still have a few good ones left. 1998, for example.

Listen to the playlist and add your top 3 here

Try the link below instead when YouTube capriciously decides not to include the Add video button.


85 thoughts on “Spillyear 1998

  1. I’m jumping in quick with Placebo’s Pure Morning heard it in Virgin in Bristol and couldn’t leave the shop until it finished, so good

  2. This was my first full year at university, and I seem to have bought quite a few records. Not easy whittling it down to three, but here goes:

    1. Mercury Rev – Holes
    Deserters Songs is an album I return to often – it sounded like a timeless classic at the time, and still does.

    2. Jack – Saturday’s Plan
    I was actually searching for “Lolita Elle”, but this video came up first, and it’s great, so I added it instead. But maybe I should have gone for “Cinematic”, or “Steaming”, or “Nico’s Children”…

    3. Belle & Sebastian – The Boy With The Arab Strap
    Not in my top 3 B&S albums, but I love the title track.

    Apologies to Black Box Recorder, REM, Massive Attack, Pulp, the late Jeff Buckley, Air, Hefner, the Beta Band, Wilco & Billy Bragg…

    I think Neutral Milk Hotel’s In the Aeroplane over the Sea was 1998 as well, though it’s conspicuously absent from NME’s top 50 albums of the year, and from my collection till years later.

    • Ah, barbryn, I was searching for Lolita Elle too, any track from the Jazz Age will be in my top list of course, but as you’ve mentioned those fabulous 4, I’ll plump for Half Cut, Wholly Yours and lastly PJHarvey’s The River or any song from Is This Desire? an album I believe couldn’t exist without a certain Mr Cave and all the better for it.

  3. Eva Cassidy’s version of Over the Rainbow was first released in 1992, on a joint CD with Chuck Brown called “The Other Side” . This was the only release of anything during her lifetime.
    It was finally a single in 1999 but before that it was released on a compilation album in 1998 called “Songbird”.

    So possibly a 1998 pick for:

    Eva Cassidy – Over the Rainbow

  4. Beastie Boys – Intergalactic (or 3 MCs and 1 DJ)
    Liz Phair – Polyester Bride (Ali – you can remove that from the earworm queue then if you want)
    Lauryn Hill – Doo Wop (That Thing)

    hon mention –

    Primus – Tommy the Cat
    Hole – Malibu

  5. I am unable to add tunes to that playlist, but… :
    1. God Give Me Strength – Elvis Costello
    2. Everything Is Everything – Lauryn Hill
    3. Thank You (w Jays MAW Mix) – BeBe Winans

  6. 1998 was the year that I first started cataloguing my music on a spreadsheet, which either makes me a)organised, b)geeky or c)obsessive. Or maybe all three. I see, from looking at what must be the at least the 1000th iteration of the spreadsheet that I bought quite a few CDs in 1998. It was also the year that I was first connected to the internet at home, but buying music was still a matter of going to a shop. Anyway, here are the albums that I bought in 1998 (or were given as presents) which were actually 1998 releases. Whatever the three tracks I pick are, I know that once I’ve made my choice there will be others that I wish I’d picked instead.

    Mercury RevDeserter’s Songs
    GomezBring It On
    Page and PlantWalking Into Clarksdale
    Massive AttackMezzanine
    The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceThe BBC Sessions
    Emmylou HarrisSpyboy
    FaithlessSunday 8pm
    AerosmithA Little South Of Sanity
    Fatboy SlimYou’ve Come a Long Way, Baby
    Fun Lovin’ Criminals100% Colombian
    AirMoon Safari
    PulpThis Is Hardcore
    The Brian Setzer OrchestraThe Dirty Boogie>/i>

    Right, let’s go;

    Faithless – God Is A DJ
    Mercury Rev – Opus 40
    Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now

    Unfortunately, the links aren’t working for me and therefore I can’t add any tunes.

    • 2 out of three are instrumentals (of a sort)

      Bit late for a moan/suggestion:

      Can we drop YouTube as a vehicle for collabo on the ‘Spill?

      Not “available in your country” problem. Us foreigners can feel a little left out.

      Ads (AAARGH)

      Really don’t want to sign up for anything Google related so they can target market me (Duck Duck Go is your friend, people).

      Is there a free streaming service other than Spotty we could use for collabo playlists?

      Or/& can we drop mp3’s in a sub-folder on the RR box (if ok with TCM?)

      Nothing wrong with Youtoob if you actually want to watch a video, but there has to be a better way for just listening.

      Don’t want in any way to diss Barbryn’s work on this series. It’s been great. & a shot in the arm for the ‘Spill when it was in a dwindly period. Hope there will be something similar to join in with when we run out of years for this (maybe just a do-over with 3 best albums instead of tunes – pick one representative track from each. Or something.

      • I’m all for finding a better solution than YouTube (or b00mbox) but don’t want to commit to anything more time-consuming to set up… Suggestions welcome.

      • Not “available in your country” problem.

        I thought it was the Americans ruining that one – most of the slightly obscure ‘interesting’** stuff seams to be blocked here, for me (** for me)!

        guess it’s those Luxemburgers again.


        I might have a new game for when we give up on years… if I get the time to sit a sort it.

      • Had a hunt around for streaming player options. Couldn’t come up with anything better than Spotify. Not sure if you can embed the player on a post here like they do on RR. Shouldn’t be a problem.

        Advantages would be having a player with the post & at least the artists will get something per stream (even if it is a pittance).

  7. 1998…when did we start to realise that New Labour wasn’t what we’d hoped it would be? Don’t remember. Anyway, I was happily working for the NHS, having found a job I could do and that paid pretty well, unaware that dark clouds were massing on the horizon once again. Dick Gaughan brought out an album of songs by modern composers called Redwood Cathedral and from it I choose Ron Kavana’s Reconciliation. And two of my future favourites brought out second albums – The Gourds’ Stadium Blitzer (Lament) and Gillian Welch’s Hell Among The Yearlings (Caleb Meyer).

    • I think that even before 1997 a lot of people were worried about Blair. He was clearly not part of the Labour tradition and his political position was at odds with much of what made Labour different from the Tories. His naked ambition was so obvious. I can remember seeing him in a PPB when he was the Shadow Education Spokesperson and I can remember saying to my partner that he was so obviously trying to be the next Labour leader.

      Having said that, plenty of us put our misgivings aside and waited to see what would happen after the amazing 1997 landslide win. I think that I didn’t really start worrying too much until 1999 or even 2000, although I was studiously ignoring all the signs, like the Bernie Ecclestone tobacco advertising F1 issue and the way that Blair was so obviously milking the whole Cool Britannia nonsense. For me, the first sign of his megalomaniac tendencies was the appalling Millennium Dome fiasco. It looked to me like tawdry shite and I am pretty sure that posterity will bear me out in that assessment. As for the overblown Millennium celebrations, which were A WHOLE YEAR EARLY, don’t get me started.

      Of course, it was the events of September 11th 2001 that changed everything as far as it went with Blair. All the grandstanding, the ambition, the authoritarianism and the need for him to be seem to be Doing Something came to the surface and that was the beginning of the end for the New Labour government. For democracy and ethical government Bush/Blair was the double act forged in Hell. Two god-bothering warmongers with an excuse to let slip the dogs of war and pretend to be statesmen for the cameras. If the Middle Eastern mess we have today had a moment of genesis it surely has to be the entirely unnecessary invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of the Ba’athist regime of Saddam Hussein, with the spurious WMD claims and the assertions (which were entirely false) that somehow Iraq was complicit in the 2001 terrorist outrages.

      I cannot understand why anyone, apart from the claque self-serving Blairite lickspittle MPs and hangers-on would want to see New Labour back. Yes, some good things happened under Blair, in the early years, but so did a huge amount of neoliberal, Tory-lite nonsense, and a semi-clandestine swathe of authoritarian, anti-democratic and profoundly illegal things, like aiding in the abduction, imprisonment and torture of alleged terrorists.

  8. For You – Six by Seven
    When I Argue I See Shapes – Idlewild
    Seymour Stein – Belle and Sebastian

    mentions to Brimful of Asha and Free Satpal Ram

  9. 1998 was the year I moved permanently to Yorkshire, from Bristol; almost exactly 18 years ago. It snowed when we moved in. I had too much going on; new job; new home; learning to drive; being a more available step-mother; doing a degree part time and then my mum died two months after we’d moved in. All very stressful. Anyway, I’ll choose:

    Massive Attack – Dissolved Girl
    Counting Crows – Rain King
    David Gray – Babylon

  10. A fun year, straddling my 2nd and 3rd years at University and really settling into the swing of student living, but also marking the point where I seemed to be becoming less interested in “new” music and more interested in exploring the labyrinthine highways and byways of older stuff.

    There were loads of big songs that I remember dancing to in late night student clubs but not many have stood the test of time that well, a notable exception being:

    Cornershop – Brimful of Asha (Norman Cooke remix)

    There has already been a few mentions of Moon Safari by Air, an album I became pretty obsessed with over that year, it soundtracked my countless hours of wrestling with the fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics. One track that takes me right back to that time would have to be

    Air – Sexy Boy

    Last choice -always loved the Divine Comedy and their Fin de siecle album was wonderful – National Express soundtracked many drinking sessions but the most magnificent track would be

    Divine Comedy – Sunrise

    Neil Hannon’s moving celebration of the dawn of the Northern Ireland peace process and the end of the years of strife that marred his upbringing. The clever musical homage to Sibelius’s Peleas et Melissande is beautiful.

  11. Lucinda Williams released Car Wheels on a Dusty Road. I think I could nominate every track from that album but have decided on Greenville

    From her Spyboy album, Emmylou Harris – Love Hurts,

    Dave Matthews Band – The Dreaming Tree

  12. 1 The Flys – Got You Where I Want YouTexan one-hit wonders with a genuinely disturbing – yet catchy – song about a creepy barroom admirer. That Jafakin’ accent shouldn’t work here, but it does somehow.

    2. Metallica – FuelEvery so often, the world cries out for another gear jammin’, drivin’ too fast, chrome wheelz, stereo blastin’, redneck sorta song. Thank you, MetallicaREM, didn’t know you had it in you. Now lets talk about this brand new “Napster” thing…

    3. REM – DaysleeperEspecially as I was working the graveyard shift at that time. And I’ve always admired rock groups using 3/4 time.

  13. More great stuff than I thought:

    Sparklehorse – Junebug
    Silver Jews – Smith & Jones Forever
    Beck – Nobody’s Fault But My Own

    The shine was still on Tony’s halo. Ah, we we’re so young……

  14. 1998 was the year U Srinivas released his brilliant album ‘Mandolin’ so I’ll put up one from that. I remember buying a compilation album with Dixie Chicks – Wide Open Spaces and for my third I’ll fudge a little, picking Everlast, featuring Santana, Put Your Lights On. Fudge because I heard it much later though the album was released in 1998.There were also a couple of jazz compilation albums that I picked up that year.
    Vividly sharing a lot of music via the Internet that year, especially during the World Cup. Came across Sukumar Prasad then, more on that later.

  15. I finished university in 1998 and moved to Brighton to live with my sister. Despite the fact that I was a student for the first half of the year and on the dole for the second half with a 1000 pound student overdraft (fortunately no loans, thanks to the good old days of no tuition fees and a full grant from the government just for being poor!) it looks like I managed to buy fair few records.

    I was listening to lots of Digital Hardcore and Breakcore stuff as well as all that psychedelic indie stuff that was coming out and Clinic were my new favourite band.

    So so many tracks to choose from. The shortlist:

    Six By Seven – Candlelight
    DJ Scud – Are You Down (With the Underground)
    Clinic – Monkey on Your Back

    The longlist:

    Beta Band – Dry the Rain (well, the 3EPs came out in ’98, which kind of counts)
    Bomb 20 – Made of Shit
    Campag Velocet – Sauntry Sly Chic
    Ultrasound – Stay Young
    Lo-Fidelity Allstars – Battleflag
    Cobra Killer – Six Secs
    Mercury Rev – Goddess on a Highway

    p.s. I won about 1600 quid on the lottery in around August, which paid off my overdraft and kept me in records for the next 6 months or so!

  16. 1998 – just settling in to life in Al Ain and picking up on a few bands I’d never heard of before. Having said that, here’s a set of bands I’ve realised I listened to a lot back then, but don’t listen to that often any more. Great to dig them out and play them in the car.

    Dave Matthews Band (apparently much-reviled today, but I’m not sure why) – Crush
    Manu Chao – Clandestino. I’m posting a live trio of songs ‘cos everyone seems to be having so much fun at the concert.
    Gomez – Rie’s Wagon.

  17. stevie – royal trux
    dirty dream no.2 – B&S
    somethin’ hot – afghan whigs

    2 headed boy – neutral milk hotel (king of carrot flowers is one of my wife’s faves. v strange given her general music taste)
    goddess on the highway – mercury rev
    buzzin – ADF
    every you every me – placebo
    once upon a time/perfect – smashing pumpkins
    mile me deaf – unwound

  18. My word there are some corkers on the playlist already and several I would have chosen myself.

    I can see the “add video” option on YouTube, but can’t seem to do it…is it because I’ve not got an account – sorry can cope with most things but I seem to be a YouTube luddite!

    Anyway – here’s my 3 to add to the mix for 1998; 3 years after I’d finished Uni and just about getting myself off the bread line!

    Queens of the Stone Age – In My Head
    Idlewild – I See Shapes When I argue
    Pulp – This is Hardcore

  19. Little’Un was born in January, changing my life completely, and I honestly don’t think I got to listen to any music at all that year.

  20. Although I did make a tape of TheBoyWonder and me at home for her to listen to in hospital, complete with horribly off-key singing (me, not him), not realising it would be played to the entire ward 😉

  21. I remember 1998 was a time when I was going to loads of gigs, usually one a weekend. maybe more. In fact I started putting my own gigs on as well with moderate success but for some reason Leicester wasn’t the place (still isn’t). I also started a small record distro – very small, a cardboard box I used to lug around to gigs. Alan Sugar would have ben impressed until he realised I was wilfully determined to sell uncommercial stuff to people who mostly weren’t interested for a miniscule profit margin (I didn’t want to be seen as a rip-off merchant).
    I also left a job I hated in a hostel and got a job as a community support worker that I really liked and stuck with for ten years until I’d had enough of the low pay.

    Runnin’ Riot – Judge, Jury Executioner
    Quite a new band at the time, this was a bit of an anthem. I trekked to Rotherham to see them play a rare UK gig around this time , but their ferry from Belfast got cancelled so we had to make do with the support band who in a moment of brilliant stupidity had called themselves …Support. I never heard of them again. Either that or I’ve seen them on the bill on 100s of gig flyers, I can’t be sure

    The Templars – These Four Walls
    I’d just got into them and then they brought out a new album with a slightly different sound. I wasn’t keen at first but now it’s my favourite album by them. My favourite track off it is These Four Walls. I found a link hat played but then found they’d posted the wrong track. Here’s my second favourite instead,

    Stratford Mercenaries – Happy Hour
    Steve ignorant in a more reflective , personal mood than his Crass days. He’s certainly shouting a lot less. This struck a chord for some reason, although clearly Steve had more success with “the ladies”

  22. 1998 – boy was I happy for someone losing any credibility to sanity.

    me and the ex sang “would you?” to each other as we searched for more beers and recreational pleasures.
    we kept in constant touch using a pager
    music was mostly hard core dance music until we needed to crash
    I had a mental breakdown to Music Has the Right to Children and will NEVER listen to it again (just in case)

    I can add – but I might not – as:

    brutal Drum and bass of:
    Bad Company UK – The Nine
    might not flow too well!

    9 and a half minutes of blips:
    Binary Finary- 1998 (Binarys Finality Mix)
    might cause headaches!

    and even my indie choice of:
    Neutral Milk Hotel – Ghost
    is pushing the boundaries of acceptable listening.

    Drum and bass and pop dance techno mix for those that like that sort of thing:

    1998 playlist

    Bad Company (UK) – The Nine

    Mousse T. vs. Hot ‘N’ Juicy – Horny ’98 (1998)

    Jeff Mills – The Bells (original mix)

    Binary Finary- 1998 (Binarys Finality Mix)

    Delerium – Silence (Original Fade Sanctuary Remix)

    Soulsearcher – Can’t Get Enough – Vocal Club Mix

    Moloko – Sing It Back (Official Video)

    $ Charlotte – Skin (KLM Club Mix)

    razor – Do It Again (Right Mix)

    Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (12” Club Mix)

    Fatboy Slim, Koen Groeneveld Rockafeller Skank Original Mix

    Push – Universal Nation (Ferry Corsten Remix)

    Armand Van Helden – You Don’t Know Me (Original Mix) (1998)

    David Morales Presents the Face Needin`U ||

    Paul Van Dyk – For an angel (1998 PVD e-werk club mix)

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