Earworms 15 February 2016


Monday again, and another weird and wonderful world of worms to explore. I hope they get your week off to a good start, and please don’t forget to send top-ups to the wormbank at earworm@tincanland.com. Thanks!

Eva Cassidy – People Get Ready – goneforeign: Another of my favourite singers with a great song. Written by Curtis Mayfield and recorded initially by the Impressions in the ’60’s.

Anayampatti S Dhandapani – Vathapi – Ravi Raman: This is a Carnatic standard tune, but the musician came up in the news recently and I thought interesting share for The ‘Spill. He is the foremost exponent of the Jalatharangam, mention of which is found as early as in Vātsyāyana’s Kamasutra. It is basically a set of bowls, metal or ceramic, filled with different levels of water. Complicated but he pulls it off.

ComixXx – Broken Connection (feat. Pete Josef) (Mooryc Remix) (Sonar Kollektiv) – glsshalfempty: I know next to nothing of the world inhabited by Sonar Kollektiv’s Pete Joseph – a world of lo-fi house, D&B, remixes, and … bagpipes. But I love this, and await enlightenment from the hipper ‘Spillers amongst us.

Marianne Sveen – Hvil Meg – severin: Her only solo single, so far as I know and it’s rather lovely. Available on Itunes. All proceeds go to the Norwegian Refugee Council.

Massive Attack (feat. Tricky) -Take It There – abahachi: I must admit I more or less parted company from Massive Attack in about 2003, although they were a key group for me back in the 1990s – they seemed to become rather one-dimensional, shedding most of the dubby elements I loved. The new EP isn’t quite a return to the glory days, but with an interesting selection of guest vocalists (Roots Manuva, Young Fathers) it’s definitely more worth a listen as far as I’m concerned than their last album …

Monkey3 – Icarus – AliM: Another gem recommended by Spotify – Monkey3 is a space-rock band from Switzerland. What’s not to love? And … I’ve got a ticket to see Hawkwind later this year!

Image courtesy of 123rf.com

11 thoughts on “Earworms 15 February 2016

    • I love everything Eva Cassidy did and this is no exception. She had posthumous acclaim and then (in the UK) a posthumous backlash which was bizarre. Wonderful, wonderful voice.
      Vathapi was an amazing piece of music. I’m slowly getting the hang of this style I think although I also know nothing about Carnatic music except what has been posted here.
      Liked the ComiXxX too. Again, no hipness (or groovyness) to be found in this house, I’m afraid.
      I haven’t listened to anything new by Massive Attack for a very long time. Quite liked this without being bowled over.
      Monkey3 was far out and spacey and I will be listening again. Hit the spot although I don’t do a lot of progginess these days.
      Yes mixed bag – but of goodies.

      • Sev: there are three parts in Carnatic music: the first notes delineate the raga, then comes the composition and finally the musician showcases his skill by playing around with the raga. The songs themselves are pretty short, 8-12 lines of poetry, but musicians will stretch it depending on their skill and inclination. The same song can be played by one in 5 minutes and another for one hour. Or the same musician may do a short version in one place and a longer one in another.
        In this instance, the raga is called Hamsadwani and the composition is a very popular one called Vathapi Ganapathim, there used to be a famous Ganesha idol in a town called Vathapi long ago and the song is about that.
        Just to compare Dhandpani’s mastery of an incredibly difficult instrument here is one of my favourite artists (Mandolin U Srinivas) playing the same compostion.

  1. Eva CassidyPeople Get Ready – I don’t really know Eva Cassidy’s music at all. She did the Ally McBeal soundtrack, didn’t she, and had a couple of posthumous hits after a sad early death? This was OK, and I like her vpice but I always think that Curtis Mayfield is one of those people who you cover at your peril. His work is peerless.

    Marianne SveenHvil Meg – Yes, Severin, this really is rather lovely. Nice.

    Anayampatti S DhandapaniVathapi – Ah, more interesting and intricate music that I would never otherwise stumble across and of which I know nothing at all. As usual, I found it a fascinating thing. Thank you, Ravi.

    ComixXxBroken Connection (feat. Pete Josef) – Well, I am not the hip ‘Spiller you are looking for. I have never heard of ComixXx, nor the Kafkaseque-named Herr Josef. I liked it though.

    Massive Attack (feat. Tricky)Take It There – I effectively parted company with Massive Attack after Mezzanine. Not sure why. I think I heard the album “Heligoland” once, was that the next one along? Anyway, I’ve been listening to bits and pieces of Tricky and Martina Topley-Bird again recently, and this fitted in rather well. Nice, but nowhere near as fabulous as their early stuff.

    Monkey3Icarus“‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello, Sir. Do you ‘ave a licence to hoperate that mellotron in a built-up harea, Sir? Otherwise you are hinfringin’ against the 1969 Offences Hagainst The Fripp Act.” Actually, this was absolutely progtastic. I loved it and it is most certainly my Pick Of The Week.

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