Spillyear 2007

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Thanks to shane for keeping track of what years we’ve done: seems the last decade or so is a bit unrepresented. So, 2007 it is.

Here’s a YouTube playlist which you should but probably won’t be able to add to

Here’s the URL which is exactly the same but for reasons unknown tends to work better:



59 thoughts on “Spillyear 2007

  1. 2007 was the year my first daughter was born. Life changed.

    Musically, it seems like it was a crossover year for me, between new music coming via the radio, dead-tree media and record shops and via last.fm/Napster, RR and downloads.

    Here are three which reflect that:

    – Arctic Monkeys – Flourescent Adolescent
    This just has everything – catchy tune, smart lyrics, brilliant delivery, humour, sadness, infectious energy.

    – Bon Iver – re:stacks
    Having added this to the playlist, I realise it didn’t get a mainstream release until 2008, and I wouldn’t have heard it till then. Actually, ignore that: let’s pretend I was really hipster and was into this before anyone else.

    – The National – Start a War
    The first thing I heard from them. One of those times when you know immediately that you’ve found a band you’re going to love.

  2. I actually for the first time think i’m going to sit this year out. Fave bands around at the time either hadn’t really gotten going yet, or were past prime. Few tunes i like ok, but no real love either, save one or 2. Flourescent Adolescent was going to be one of them, so have a dond there. The other would have been Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Isis.

      • nope, it’s yours. I can’t even really come up with a third one without shoehorning something i’m meh about. I mean, i could put up something like Make It Wit Chu, but i don’t even like it all that much.

  3. A big year for me in many ways – after being the perpetual boomerang child/eternal student, I left home for what I now know to be for the last time, got my first proper senior NHS post, moved to Manchester where I have resided ever since and set myself up in my first proper grown up flat. So a lot going on, though strangely not many records of that year really stick out, but three that really do:

    The Editors – Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors
    I first heard this on a live TV performance whilst in a cheap hotel in Rome and I thought it was one of the most exciting songs I’d heard for ages, a powerful, epic and soulful performance and catchy as hell.

    Gogol Bordello – Tribal Connection
    A band whos excitement / novelty value wore off very quickly to be honest but in 2007 I did love their quirky, multifaceted style, distinctly remember driving around my new city with this providing a fitting backdrop.

    Richard Hawley – Tonight the Streets are Ours
    After 10 years spent living in Sheffield, Hawleys beautiful music can always whisk me back to the rainswept city of hills and steel – it’s like an iron fist in a velvet glove punching you – glorious music.

    • I remember I was listening to BBC6Music a lot then and Phil Jupitus was obsessed with Gogol Bordello, his enthusiasm was catchy and I enjoyed them too. Dogs were barking…

  4. my choice ‘might’ involve 3 from:

    Elvis Perkins (2007 in England)
    I Am Kloot
    Jens Lekman
    Jeffrey Lewis (Crass songs – yeah!)
    Laura Veirs
    Modest Mouse
    The Real Tuesday Weld
    Shout Out Louds
    Sister Vanilla
    St. Vincent
    Over The Rhine
    The Mary Onettes
    Makossa & Megablast
    Eugene McGuinness
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    Chris T-T
    Buck 65
    Brockdorff Klang Labor
    Art Brut
    The Aliens

    I mean I could just go:
    No Expectations – Soulsavers
    Spiritual – Soulsavers
    Revival – Soulsavers
    and be done.

    back later in the week!

    • Doh! Of course, Friday night at the drive in Bingo, a great song from that year, and an RR discovery for me.

      Another great RR discovery from that year for me:
      Dear Tick – These Old Shoes

      • “there’s a cow and an ostrich just waiting for you!
        a glass of apple cider just waiting for you!
        the smell of 1952 just waiting for you!
        and all I’m doing here is just waiting for you…

        a daydream, I’m caught up in limbo
        Friday night at the drive-in bingo”

        one of my top 3 Lekman songs
        (I Saw Her in the Anti-War Demonstration and Black Cab being the other two)

        “why do the people in the country wanna look like the people in the city?
        when the people in the city aren’t the slightest pretty
        I want the people in the country to wear flannel shirts and saggy jeans all covered in dirt
        I want the people in the country to be open and kind
        but most times I’ve met those with a narrow mind
        with a big black dog to bite your behind”

    • Ah, i missed the Soulsavers album in there. I could have easily gone for Spiritual and Revival, Huge donds for those two. But you know how i feel about Lanegan’s Stones cover.

    • took me a long time to ‘get’ Grinderman, it’s kind of on the far end of what I love about Nick Cave and I was still smraom Blixa going, but it’s stood the test of time, did you love it immediately?

      • I did love it straight away – but in a throwaway kind of way.
        My feelings at the time were ‘play it loud and loads initially then see where it ends up in the record pile’
        but like Gogol Bordello it still pops up (now on the iPod) and makes me smile.
        I do have a more flippant view of Nick Cave than some of my more obsessed friends – who debated it’s merits until the depths of the night!

        • I am guilty of being evangelical about Nick Cave, I firmly believed that I could find a song that would unlock Nick Cave for every person I met for a while, but I’m reformed now and accept that not everything he does is to my taste. Grinderman has some great lyrics, I’ll leave it at that.

      • I like a lot of Nick Cave. Saw him first at Cambridge Folk Fest, quite some time ago. Can’t remember the year, although could check. Was immediately struck by Straight To You.

  5. 2007 saw the release of Peej’s best album, White Chalk. I’ll pick When Under Ether.
    And a Robert Wyatt album! From comicopera, Just As You Are.

  6. 2007 – The year that I finally, after reading the website for a year, finally registered at the Guardian. Here’s a retro-styled hat trick.

    1) Fabienne Delsol – Come Along Incredibly simple and catchy pop gem that clocks in at under two minutes

    2) Collective Soul – HollywoodStacy’s Mom may have been the big hit in 21st Century Cars-style new wave tributes, but this was every bit as good.

    3) Josh Ritter – Right Moves That great big baroque Sgt. Pepper arrangement is groovy stuff, man!

    Honourable mention: Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend, Rufus Wainwright – Sanssouci, Mick Jagger – Charmed Life

  7. Not a classic year, but there were a couple of standouts for me.

    Grinderman – When my Love Comes Down. Grand, loud, louche, grubby stuff.
    Wooden Shjipps – Losin’ Time. C’mon, y’all gotta love a bit of drone psychedelic guitar stuff once in a while.
    Arcade Fire – Keep the Car Running. I’ll post the Glastonbury version ‘cos I’d love to see them full on live. “It’s coming . . . “

  8. I started 2007 with a horrible bout of sciatica, I remember this vividly, because we had also acquired our two Westies, who we had bought as a joint Christmas present to ourselves the previous December. Small puppies make a lot of mess, so what with the sciatica, looking after them was a bit of a nightmare.

    Still, the pain passed during January and the dogs became less messy, so it all turned out well in the end. Here is a picture of them when they were very small – https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/151/347871197_c1706802c4_z.jpg

    I 2007, I was still in the throes of replacing my vinyl albums with CDs, having sold the entire lot about 18 months previously (I didn’t have the room for them and my record deck had given up the ghost anyway, so I wasn’t really buying many new albums. In fact, my s[readsheet tells me that I only bought two new releases in 2007 and they were Siouxsie Sioux‘s Mantaray and Raising Sand by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. To be honest, I am not sure that there was much new stuff coming out that I actually liked. I had Richard Hawley on my radar and I got Lady’s Bridge as a Christmas present at the end of the year, but I see that the one track I knew well in 2007, Tonight the Streets Are Ours has already been mentioned by Igconnolly.

    Anyway, if I have to pick three tracks, they will have to be from those albums, so here goes;

    Siouxsie Sioux – Here Comes That Day
    Robert Plant and Alison Krauss – Please Read The Letter
    Richard Hawley – Lady Solitude

  9. I was surprised to find quite a few things I love came out in 2007. First has to be a track from IAMX’s The Alternative, I love the band, but not sure that they’ve bettered this album yet. I’m choosing President
    Goldfrapp’s album was July in musical form for me, I choose Happiness
    and lastly, I am predictable, but Anthony Reynolds released a lushly orchestrated solo album which I find warm and comforting. One of the less cheerful songs is the mournful The Disappointed

  10. plenty to choose from like
    interpol – pace is the trick
    silversun pickups – lazy eye/well thought out twinkles
    wooden shjips – we ask you to ride
    PJH – the devil
    electric feel – mgmt
    the national – mr november/baby we’ll be fine

    my 3:
    UMP – the a minor pentatonic scale
    twilight sad – that summer at home i had become the invisible boy
    liars – clear island

  11. “awhigmaleerie” on YouTube – is that Mr Fuel?

    Donds for Plus-Ones anyway – something from “The Stage Names” would have made my top 3 if I’d been concentrating.

  12. I usually browse lists of albums to make my choices, which means cracking singles sometimes get forgotten.

    To rectify this, I’m adding Robyn’s “With Every Heartbeat”.

  13. I was wrong-ish.

    So, album-wise:

    Good Shoes – Think Before You Speak
    Rachel Unthanks and the Winterset – The Bairns
    I’m Not There – Soundtrack album
    Puppinin Sisters – The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo
    Bjork – Volta

    Which, I think, means..

    Good Shoes – Morden
    Rachel Unthank and the Winterset – Felton Lonnin

    and another one.

  14. Prince Fatty ft. Hollie Cook – Milk And Honey
    Flying Lotus ft. Andreya Triana – Tea Leaf Dancers
    Venetian Snares – Integraation
    Robert Glasper – One For ‘Grew’
    Tinawiren – Matadjem Yimmixan

  15. Slim pickings this year but still some outstanding music

    Long Walk Home – Bruce Springsteen (Magic was his best album since Darkness on the Edge of Town nearly 30 years before !)
    This Stone is a Bullet – Dogs
    European Lover – Little Man Tate

    + Iliketrains

  16. Need to check through CDs etc but all I can think of is Kaiser Chiefs and “Ruby” – my friend’s dog is called Ruby, so we (still) sing this to the dog. I am having a new kitchen fitted (Kitchens of Distinction??!) (after 18 years of living with the old one) – the house is a mess, I’m hiding upstairs with the cat and surrounded by washing, pet food, paint, crockery, toiletries, cat litter, books … the CDs are downstairs … somewhere …

  17. A difficult year for me – I was living with my father, who turned 90 that year and was growing increaingly frail. Thank goodness for Mary Gauthier, the Gourds and RT!

    Same Road – Mary Gauthier
    Steeple Full Of Swallows – the Gourds
    Dad’s Gonna Kill Me – Richard Thompson

  18. Not quite how I expected it to work, but that’s ok.

    Paranoid Visions released their first post-reunion album, 40 Shades Of Gangrene and the Restarts released their Outsider album which seemed to take them up a gear in terms of popularity – at least I started to see Restarts t-shirts and patches everywhere. So a good year.

    Bonecrusher are a US band who released shitloads of records that I’d tried to keep up with. They’re still going, but I’ve admitted defeat. This is ridiculously macho , but I like it!

  19. I think in 2007 I must have been in a haze of 2 kids under the age of 4 and 3 months of building work. I don’t really remember much music from this year and having just looked, I didn’t seem to buy much either. It really was an Arctic Monkeys year – Fluorescent Adolescent would have been one of my choices, but already taken! So having scoured the lean pickings of my own collection for this year, I’ve come up with:

    Mia – Paper Planes

    She seemed so exciting at the time and has done some really great stuff, bit quiet of late though

    MGMT – Kids

    Memorable also for its slightly disturbing video

    Bloc Party – The Prayer

    I’d been aware of Bloc Party before this album, but I think this is the first time I paid attention to them properly – I like Sunday off this album also

    • Sorry Sorry Sorry! I didn’t realise it would embed the videos – I can’t add to the YouTube playlist, so thought it would be easy to provide links. I’m a luddite idiot…

      • Sarah if you open the RR site and prepare your comment in there – you can cut and paste it over here without the whole huge video taking over.
        (that’s what I do anyway – there’s probably a technical pro way that works too).

        great choices – Paper planes was/is a stunning track.

    • Donds for all three. I’ve added them to the playlist. Not sure how I missesd Paper Planes – one of my top 10 tracks of the noughties.

  20. Lots for me to choose from here. Not Not Fun Records were at the peak of their powers and I bought pretty much everything they put out on vinyl (I missed all of the cassette and CDR releases though!), the Horrors released their debut and nu-rave was a lot of fun.

    I’ll go for:

    Pocahaunted – Silk Fog Traveler
    The Horrors – Count in Fives ( a single in 2006, but on the 2007 album)
    The Teenagers – Homecoming (outrageously French!)

    …honourable mentions to Klaxons, Gallows, Raccoo-oo-oon, White Stripes and lots already mentioned.

    • I was given the Teenagers album by a German friend and accidentally signed in to The Guardian under my proper work name and got ‘Fuck Nicole’ A listed on RR – whoops.

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