A Winter List

That time of year again. Work is slow, lots of tedious photoshopping to do, needed a new mellowish playlist i could work to.  Mostly folkish, some old, some new, some blue.  More females than usual, twee alert for some strings, bit of jangle, bit of gentle groovy psychy and soulish surf pop, and a familiar stonker to wrap it up.  Because at some point it’s going to be spring and i’m going to have to get out of the house.

Elliott Smith – Angeles

The Lumineers – Slow It Down

Sierra Hull – Black River

Valley Maker – Pretty Little Life Form

Taylor Swift / The Civil Wars – Safe & Sound

Vetiver – Amerilie

Bjork – Stonemilker

Eleanor Friedberger – He Didn’t Mention His Mother

Weekender – Floaty Feeling, Blue

Michel Nau – Winter Beat

VU – The Gift



19 thoughts on “A Winter List

    • Thanks! Some of it may veer a bit too much towards the bluegrass / countryish for your taste. I actually kind of love this time of year, when everything is quiet and i can focus. As long as the weather isn’t too harsh, which it hasn’t been so far this year. My work schedule for March is filling up already, so i’ll enjoy it while i have the chance.

      • Thanks! No one was more surprised than i was to find Taylor Swift on my list. I think it’s a nice pairing though – i like her voice but can’t stand most of her poppy hit tunes. From the little bit i’ve heard of the Civil Wars (i think they’re defunct now), they make The National sound like a party band. Maybe they bring out a bit of the best in each other.

  1. I have not got to the end of some of the female vocalist tracks, but the fine combination of Vetiver followed by Björk is magical.

    • I think that Bjork song is just gorgeous. Aurally – but for the lyrics, all i can think of is that Matthew Barney made a lucky escape. I’m not much for the VU lyrics/story either – John Cale is just the background for me there, and it’s otherwise just candy for my right ear.

      • I don’t always listen to her lyrics to be honest, more of a mood thing. Weekender are really fun, remind me of a happy time. I love a Welsh accent, so John Cale makes me smile.

      • For me too, lyrics are secondary to the music. I love John Cale’s voice and accent too, but i don’t need to know what he’s saying on that one to love the song.

  2. it’s one of the nights i cook for the lads .. nothing fancy ..so it was nice to have some sounds in the background .. all un-known to me .. but relaxing
    As for spring coming, the weather is rubbish and my golf course has been water-logged since December , so i can’t wait for a bit of sun. But in a month or so I am expected to make a speech at my daughters wedding .. and the days seem to be racing past way too fast .

  3. Enjoyed that a lot, thanks Amy. Weekender and The Lumineers were the standouts. VU always go down well and were in fact tonight’s Dinner Disc chez Panther!

    • Glad you’re enjoying. As it happens here, although i hate to speak too soon, it’s starting to look like we might get an early spring. We had a brief but brutal cold snap last weekend with temps around zero, but now it’s been warming up and it’s actually starting to feel like it might be time for some surf music.

      • Surf music. I used to go rout with a girl from Boston back in ye punk days. She was friends with the members of the Barracudas. Jeremy and David used to come in to Kensington Library where I worked and borrow books each week. Rock and Roll! I still love their minor hit (in the UK at least) I Want My Woody Back.

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