Solid Gold Classics from Radio Abahachi: Gladiators!

It’s been ages and ages since I did a podcast; mainly due to sheer lack of time (which is why I continue to be somewhat missing in action more generally), which means that my more professional blogging – in the sense that it relates to the day job, rather than anyone showing any sign of paying me for it – has had to take preference if I’m able to do anything at all. But the great advantage of a classically-themed music podcast is that it kills two birds with one stone; just a shame that I picked on a theme this time around that turned out to have relatively few relevant songs – or at least that I could think of; very happy to hear of suggestions in the comments…

Download this episode (right click and save)

I’ve been having problems with technology, and in particular Dropbox; unable to get into my old account, unable to persuade a new account to play music via WordPress, so I’ve had to resort to Podbean. Hope this isn’t going to inconvenience anyone. I also have a request, or rather a desperate plea: does anyone happen to have copies of old Radio Abahachi podcasts that you could send me, and in particular the two previous Solid Gold Classics podcasts? I used to have everything on a USB stick as well as on my hard drive; didn’t get round to transferring files to new computer – and now can’t find the USB stick. The previous episode (on Sirens) is definitely still on Dropbox, as I’m able to play it – I just can’t get at it. If someone can send me files, or offer any helpful advice, I’d be pathetically grateful…

7 thoughts on “Solid Gold Classics from Radio Abahachi: Gladiators!

  1. If the files were in the RR Dropbox at one time you may be able to restore by logging in at the Dropbox website. Folders are sorted by date, I think.

    Since Ali & others paid for an upgrade for us, the ‘Spill WP player is working again.

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