Earworms 29 February 2016


Have we ever had Earworms on February 29 before? I doubt it. Anyway, none of the music today has anything to do with frogs, leaping or even February, but it’s a good selection all the same. I hope you enjoy listening, and please keep those worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

The Coral – Miss Fortune – CaroleBristol: I don’t really know anything about The Coral. I know they were active a few years ago but nothing I heard impressed me or stuck in my head. However, they are getting a lot of airplay on 6Music with this new song, which I think is a taster for a new album. I like its air of 1960s psychedelia and the backwards guitar break. The catchy chorus “Ooh, ooh, ooh, she’s a mover” helps too.

Esbjörn Svensson Trio: Seven Days of Falling (live) – abahachi: Given how experimental they were getting on the final album, Svensson’s accidental death remains a terrible loss for music. This is an earlier piece, when they really hit the balance between classic piano jazz and the driving, rock-like rhythms and distorted, bowed bass to create something very distinctive.

Susanne Sundfør – The Silicone Veil – severin: Title track of the album she released in 2012 before last year’s Ten Love Songs from which both barbryn and I picked Festive Spill tracks. I gather that she progressed slowly from a more acoustic singer-songwriter style to her current epic electro pop. By the time she recorded this one her music was more the latter and is IMHO quite beautiful. Mind you, I haven’t, yet, heard anything by her that I don’t love. We did mention that she’s Norwegian didn’t we?

Rayland Baxter – Yellow Eyes – glasshalfempty: Rayland Baxter is an alt-country muso from – where else – Nashville. “Alt-country?”, you wince, “I don’t do country”. Ah, but do you do ‘alt’? And pedal steel geetar? Go on, give it a go …

Carlene Davis – Everything I Own – goneforeign: Carlene Davis: One of Bob’s discoveries, she had quite a few hits in Jamaica, but sadly she found the Lord and quit singing this devil’s music, she turned to gospel.

Rura – Dark Reel – AliM: Another gem from Spotify, “Rura” are a talented Scottish folk band. This earwormy track is from their second album “Despite the Dark”. Those of you who don’t like bagpipes, look away now.

Image courtesy of http://www.123rf.com

12 thoughts on “Earworms 29 February 2016

  1. Esbjörn Svensson Trio: Seven Days of Falling – This was great. I loved the piano and the way it propelled the whole piece along.

    Susanne Sundfør – The Silicone Veil – I don’t know why, but I expected something more ethereal than this. Yes, it is a delicate sort of song at the beginning, but her voice is more earthy and rooted than I thought it would be, and that is a Good Thing, I think. I like the careful use of electronic keyboard along the way and it does become quite epic when the strings come in. If pressed to classify this, I think I’d call it folk-prog.

    Rayland Baxter – Yellow Eyes – Yeah, I like this one. Nice geetar. I tell you what, though. I reckon that this song sounds like something David Gilmour could cover and it would fit his voice and style brilliantly.

    Carlene Davis – Everything I Own – I know this song from the Ken Boothe version, which takes me right back to my teens, and I remember the Boy George version too. Weirdly though, I’ve never heard the David Gates original. This sticks pretty close to the Ken Boothe one but with a bit less polish. Nice.

    Rura – Dark Reel – I can cope with bagpipes, because I rather like Alan Stivell’s music and there is quite a bit of Breton bagpipe playing on that. I like Kathryn Tickell plaing the Northumbrian pipes too, and of course, The Chieftains are brilliant. This reminded me a bit of The Chieftains in places, but it has a magic of its own. I think that this was my favourite track this week.

  2. Glad you liked Rura. They remind me slightly of The Gloaming, and Lau, and I think they have connections with both. The Coral is very catchy; I like Rayland Baxter too (although I keep thinking of “Tomorrow’s World” and Raymond Baxter). Anyway, they all have their own charm, and all the songs are boxed now.

  3. That Coral song does sound really like a piece of late sixties psychedelic pop/rock. Which is fine with me. Great sound, very catchy indeed.
    Esbjorn Svensson – I liked that sound too. I don’t know a great deal about jazz and its myriad forms but this was (cliche alert) atmospheric and compelling.
    Rayland Baxter – well, I do a bit of country now and then. Nothing I can’t control. Liked this a lot. Have I gone mad or does his voice sound a bit like Ray Davies?
    Carlene Davis certainly has a great voice. I think it’s a bit more uptempo than the Ken Boothe but I like both. Oddly, I hated David Gates’ original but then I’ve never forgiven him for writing “If”.
    Rura – loved this one. Very fond of the bagpipes, me. Plus I like a bit of a reel on a Monday.

    All winners I reckon – especially that Norwegian lady.

  4. I think I knew The Coral were from Liverpool and that’s about all, but I too like this song. Since I changed car and my car stereo with DAB radio doesn’t fit in this one I don’t listen to much BBC 6Music anymore, I must try to as there is much to discover there.
    Esbjorn reminded me of later Radiohead, in a good way, I quite enjoy their experimental stuff, not starting any fires, but interesting.

    Does Susanne Sundfør get compared to Joanna Newsom? Or is it just the harp on this track? I like her voice and the strings, but overall doesn’t quite make me love it.

    Rayland Baxter I did try, his voice is quite nice, but sorry no.

    Carlene Davis a pleasant version, I prefer Boy George’s, just because I heard it first I think. I just sought out the David Gates original after Carole mentioned it, interesting how a song can be successful in different genres. Carlene’s version is more my type than the original apparently!

    Bagpipes you say *hand hovers over the mute button* I like the beginning, reminds me of All About Eve, ah here they are, at a reasonable volume compared to the rest at least, it’s not quite my usual fare, but I enjoyed it. Thanks all 🙂

  5. I like bagpipes, especially when they’re jazz bagpipes played by Rufus Harley, check youtube for his version of A Love Supreme. But I hate the the bloody cops over here, they have co-opted the noble bagpipes for their funerals. Everytime a cop gets killed there’s a mass funeral with hundreds of cops on bikes, in cars, all in uniform; there’s always one bugger in a kilt and sporran et al and he always plays bloody Amazing Grace, disgusting.
    Loved that Rura,
    I first saw Carlene Davis at the 1981 Sunsplash in Montego Bay, I remember she sang one song that stuck with me over the years. Here ’tis.



  6. @carolebristol , did you see The Coral on Jools Holland last night, I really liked the song they performed, but I’m convinced I’m very familiar with the vocalist, it’s really strange! Thanks for bringing them to my attention anyway 🙂

  7. @bethnoir – Yes I did. I thought they were really good and I have their album on my “must buy” list. I’d really like to see them live. Hopefully they will play in Bristol, but not at the O2 Academy, which is a horrible hole which I won’t go to.

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