Poison Girls playlist

Since the recent news of Vi Subversa’s death, aged 80, I’ve seen a lot of very eloquent pieces on the internet, often by people who knew her. I’m not going to attempt to do the same, but instead wanted to put up a playlist of some of my favourite Poison Girls songs. In my view they were one of the most original, intelligent and varied bands ever to operate under the banner of punk , and musically and lyrically they went way beyond the confines of the genre (for those of you who usually avoid stuff I post like the plague, it might be worth listening from halfway through the playlist ). I’ve added at the end a clip of what I think was her final performance in Brighton, which was only a few weeks ago.





6 thoughts on “Poison Girls playlist

  1. I’d be lying if I said the music is to my taste but a truly interesting band, I A-listed “Lovers, are they worth it?”, as you know. I can’t believe Vi Subversa was 80, where did that time go?

  2. I never really got into The Poison Girls. I have known people who loved them. One bloke used to go to Crass gigs just because they were the support. I must have had Persons’ Unknown played to me dozens of times back in the early eighties.

    They were certainly unlike any of the other bands around at the time, including Crass. Ploughed their own furrow and all that.
    Vi Subversa must have been in her forties even when the band started. Which broke all the rules that everybody liked to pretend didn’t exist.

  3. Thanks all, she was certainly unique.

    I never saw them, but I’ve remembered a story. In my early 20s I worked at a homeless project as a “volunteer” although it was basically a full time job, with an allowance and accommodation thrown in. The manager, I a bit of a 60s refugee, told me that once a couple of young women who were volunteers told him that they were having some friends over at the weekend to listen to music.
    On the Saturday night the manager was called out to the volunteers’ house due to a noise complaint. When he arrived there was a transit van outside with “Fuck the pigs” written on it. In the living room a band were playing fronted by a naked middle-aged woman. I think you can guess who it was.

  4. A great playlist, and I’m especially glad I remembered to catch up with it for the anecdote. ‘Persons Unknown’ and ‘Cry No More’ are brilliant, and that farewell appearance suggests a life well lived.

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