63 thoughts on “Spillyear 2001

  1. Some good things this year. Edging out the White Stripes, REM’s Reveal (which I listened to a lot), “The Dark Is Rising” by Mercury Rev, “A Man Needs To Be Told” or something else from The Charlatans’ excellent Wonderland, “Shining Light” by Ash, “Since I Left You” by The Avalanches… not to mention “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” and “Get UR Freak On”…

    1. Rufus Wainwright – Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
    Utterly hooked the first time I heard this.

    2. Kings Of Convenience – Winning The Battle, Losing The War
    Briefly, quiet was the new loud. This album reminds me of my house in the final year of university, where I lived with the future Mrs barbryn.

    3. Pulp – The Birds In Your Garden
    We Love Life is probably my most-played Pulp album. I saw them in Thetford Forest when they did a tour of forests the following year. More bands should tour forests.

    • Donds for Pulp, nearly made my selection too (would have been either Bob Lind or Wickerman from that album -probably Wickerman – I moved back to Sheffield in 2001 and that was a great soundtrack)

    • I was about to call out that very same Pulp song from the album. Indeed I nominated it for “All Songs Bright and Beautiful” last week and Pairubu put it on the B-list. I shall have to go away and think now….

    • …I saw them at the Leeds Festival the year before, and they did “Sunrise” and at least one other from that album, and it was then another 16 months before it actually came out.

  2. Happy to have this little oasis here tonight (and photoshop). We have some big elections tonight in the most depressing political year of my life.

    Nu metal, nu country, nu hiphop, but dig around and there’s still plenty of decent stuff, much of which i didn’t know until later. I was living in Harlem at the time, so it was mostly hip hop that i was hearing. And then that happened.

    White Stripes – Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
    Mark Lanegan – Resurrection Song
    Weezer – Hash Pipe


    Stephen Malkmus – Jenny and the Ess Dog
    Nas – One Mic
    Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On
    Jay Z – Girls Girls Girls
    Hives – AKA Idiot
    Strokes – Last Night

      • something has to blow here soon. Moral of the story – don’t ignore the working classes, they bite back. I’m Bernie or bust, but as i’m a numbers person, it’s like – dude, time to cough some numbers and a plan up here. Why give ammo when you don’t have to. Thoroughly depressing election, i figure we’re fubar’d no matter who wins.

      • Mirror image here with Corbyn – except am not sure that it will blow in quite the same way that it’s likely to go in the USA, there is this strangely masochistic streak in the British that they can’t help but elect right wing bastards who make the life of 95% of us thoroughly miserable. Plus I can easily see us coming out of the EU which is one of the few moderating forces we have in terms of basic rights – think we’ll be on board as the 51st state pretty soon.

      • Honestly have no idea how it will turn out here, it’s more complicated that it looks on the surface. Every state does things differently. The 2 parties do things differently. Most imp’t thing to know here is that registered Democrats are 30% of the electorate, Republicans are 30%, and Independents (of which i am one) are 40%, and they’re wildcards. Shoey’s state has its primary tonight with a lot of electoral votes, but it’s a closed one, which means no Indies allowed. So it should go very heavily for Clinton and Trump. If Clinton wins the primary, she’s going to hit a mother of a firewall of Indies in November, Indies go very heavily for Sanders. And Sanders polls better against the Repubs than Clinton. Clinton wins the big southern states, but they go Repub in November. It’s not a given that Sanders will line up behind Clinton at all. (I certainly won’t, i’ll write in Sanders.) No idea how the Republicans plan to sort themselves out. We need a Lib Dem party here.

  3. A strange old year, I had some time off from education and did a brain dead but fun admin job in my local council then went back to start my doctorate whilst pining for the future Mrs Bandit who was off on her travels. In retrospect its also the year that the carefree late 90’s came crashing down – things felt pretty good from 1997 with the Tories vanquished and a cautious labour party in the ascendancy, albeit cautiously. They won a second election in a thoroughly convincing way – then 9/11 happened and suddenly, everything seemed uncertain and dangerous – and we’ve been there ever since…

    It’s a year where my interest in music turned almost exclusively to the old, mining crates of vinyl, going to Northern Soul and 60s nights, ploughing through the classical repertoire, to the extent that I nearly completely disengaged from “new music” – a couple of notable exceptions though…

    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow

    From the “No More Shall We Part” album, an oddly neglected one his back catalogue, this is dramatic and tense as anything he ever produced

    Leonard Cohen – Alexander Leaving

    As a Cohen obsessive, this was exciting, an amazing and not entirely expected return to form, a whole album of 10 incredible songs, this one being the most perfect, a heartbreaking mix of the romantic and the divine.

    Ben Folds – The Luckiest

    A little tearjerker of a song from this wonderful artist – 10 years later we played it at our Wedding and it felt very, very appropriate.

    • I quite like that Nick Cave album which is very faint praise considering how I feel about most of his back catalogue; his vocabularly seemed to have changed with his homelife and Blixa took a back seat, retrospectively there’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s not blood black and drama, is it? Poor Nick, I hope he’s okay and have a dond for Mr Cohen too.

  4. Ballboy – I’ve Got Pictures Of You In Your Underwear
    Tindersticks – Chilitetime
    Unwound – Demons Sing Love Songs

    Could have been something from: Elbow, Zephyrs, White Stripes, Bunnymen, Low, Lucero, Mercury Rev, New Order….

  5. Forget what did. Apart from getting pregnant in the November. Loved Kylie but that’s gone, so:

    Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag
    Atomic kitten – Eternal Flame
    Travis – Sing

  6. Lots of stuff mentioned that I’ve never really heard. Kylie, Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen get a dond. Her are three from albums I bought.

    Dylan – Mississippi from Love and Theft. As always, difficult to get a vid of Bobby.
    Gillian Welch – Time (The Revelator)
    New Order – Crystal from Get Ready

  7. My spreadsheet informs me that in 2001, the real first year of the new millennium, I bought the following albums that were released that year;

    Carole KingLove Makes The World
    Ben Folds – Rockin’ The Suburbs
    The Strokes – Is This It
    Daft PunkDiscovery
    Stephen Malkmus Stephen Malkmus
    Sophie Ellis BextorRead My Lips
    Missy ElliottMiss E ..… So Addictive
    Mary J. BligeNo More Drama
    SpiritualizedLet It Come Down
    Diana KrallThe Look Of Love
    Kylie MinogueFever

    Now, I reckon that is a pretty eclectic mix by anyone’s standards. It is difficult to pick three tracks that are in any way representative of what was moving me then, as opposed to what I’d choose to listen to now, but here are three that might be an accurate reflection;

    Daft Punk – One More Time
    REM – All The Way To Reno
    Sophie Ellis Bextor – Murder On The Dancefloor

    I’d have picked Missy Elliott and “Get Ur Freak On” but Amylee has already bagged that one.

  8. I’ve just realised that Super Furry Animals – Rings Around The World was that year. It’s been very rare in the last thirty years that I’ve heard something on the radio and had that immediate, hooked reaction. Steve Lamacq played it on his Radio 1 evening show. I think the ‘Silver Machine’-esque opening to the title track helped. I saw them at Leeds University later in the year as well. I put this on the Telephones A-list as well:

    Super Furry Animals (Drawing) Rings Around The World

    I was single, renting and sharing at the age of 39, and enjoying a welcome revival in my social life; rebuilding some of the confidence that probably helped a lot when I met the future MummyP a few years later…. I’d got my first job as a manager, looking after a social work team, and making a mixed bag of it really. Understanding why the unco-operative and stroppy staff were the way they were and doing something positive, rather than just hating them, was too much of a challenge !

  9. The new millennium saw me drift away from rock and pop and settle much more into folk – yet no favourite artists seem to have recorded much this year. Going by what I do have – not mentioned so far….

    Eva Cassidy – Fields of Gold
    Stereophonics – Handbags and Gladrags

    Hard choice for the 3rd one, both Len and REM already mentioned but which of these…

    Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life
    REM I’ll Take The Rain


    • It’s Len! (Quelle surprise). Donds for all Len and REM. And Kylie.

      Hard to remember much of what happened in 2001, apart from the one thing we all remember. Life going on.

  10. another nice year. i bought quiet and loud but on balance loud won again.

    gold day – sparklehorse (or piano fire)
    epic problem – fugazi
    december – unwound (or almost any other tbh)

    close, these are the days – lift to experience, tragic monsters – les savy fav, underdog – turin brakes, girl on the wing – the shins, the modern age – the strokes, hyper music – muse….

    worst thing is looking through the list of albums released and this music feels like yesterday to me. i saw the boredoms album in a couple of lists. i’m putting that on later for a re-listen πŸ™‚

  11. Just noticed that The Bhundu Boys’ Shed sessions finally got an official UK release in 2001. It’s a much earlier recording of course so I won’t pick anything from it. Even though I also just noticed that I forgot all about their Shabini album when we did 1986. Damn!

  12. I don’t seem to have found many new bands in 2001, it was mainly stuff I already liked, but I did have a baby to look after so I was a bit busy.
    Tool – Parabola, hard to choose one track from this band as they work on a longer cycle, but I love their Lateralus album
    Anathema – Pressure they were death metal, but by this stage this Liverpudlian band had got to a kind of mid Pink Floyd place, a surprising transition
    Continuing the Kylie love, In Your Eyes πŸ™‚

  13. The only album I bought in 2001 was the Malkmus one. Good but not great.

    Four days before 9/11 I went on a first date with the woman I’d spend the next eight years with and, on 12/9 (as us Brits call it), we had our second date. A strange connection of anniversaries.

  14. not at home to check the collection (currently speeding through the Swedish countryside on the way to Stockholm, using the perfect SJ free wi-fi!), but donds for Missy, Stripes, Fugazi, Furries, Strokes, Hives. I loved, loved, loved what the Strokes were doing (I won’t bore you again with the story of how I saw them above a pub in Brighton just as the debut single came out – oops!) and was buying all the White Stripes early 7″s too.

    Top of the list has to be Lift to Experience, which I still listen to in awe on a regular basis. Will go for:

    Lift to Experience – Just As Was Told
    Squarepusher – My Red Hot Car (oo-er mussus etc)
    So Solid Crew – 21 Seconds (a clever idea, perfectly executed and a revolution in UK music)

  15. Church on White – Stephen Malkmus
    The Shape We’re In – Chris TT
    Powder Blue – Elbow

    I must say that the first Strokes album was one of the most disappointing I’ve bought especially given the hype that attended its release

  16. I’ve had a look at my CD’s and iTunes and some of my previous posts in this series and it’s plain to see. At the end of the nineties/beginning of the noughties I kind of switched off. Hardly listened to any new music for the first five years. Now only an irredeemably cute and affected sort of person would claim that R/R pulled me out of this musical apathy/nostalgia so it must be a simple coincidence that the column started in late 2005 and that I discovered it a few months later.
    Well so far, so navel-gazing. In 2001 I was 43 and I enjoyed Kylie’s new and wonderful single, heard the latest Dylan album and thought the opening track was really good and (until much later) had never heard of some British Asian bloke and his ability to turn his hand to any form of music and make it his own.


    Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out of My Head
    Nitin Sawhney – Prophesy
    Bob Dylan – Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

  17. After some research…
    Nelly Furtado – I’m Like A Bird was that year and rather idiosyncratic and lovely, before she went a bit formulaic.

    Toploader – Dancing In The Moonlight was infernally catchy.

  18. 9/11
    The GWB Administration
    And I got married in 2001.

    That’s what 2001 meant to me.
    (Just kidding, hon.)

    1) Remy Zero – BelongThe most unlucky band since Coven, and always this close to breaking nationally. Just sounds like my last few bachelorhood days and mentions several Southside Birmingham landmarks (The Storyteller Fountain and Brother Bryan Park) and just takes me back to that place and time.

    2) Daft Punk – Digital LoveEDM never had to be so cold and anodyne. Lyrics you could actually understand and an actual melody.

    3) Cake – Short Skirt / Long Jacket Pop music needs more brass. My inner feminist is funky

  19. I always seem to be a couple of days late for the Spill years. Need to keep up!
    Anyway, not sure these have been mentioned but these are some of my tunes of that year. Changed my job so was full of optimism. It was also the last year of my twenties so I felt on the brink of growing up!
    Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood
    Fat Boy Slim – Weapon of Choice
    The Strokes – Last Night

  20. just looked at the chrissy cd ‘given away’ with Q.. me lad would like Muse, Radiohead, Outkast. and Daft Punk .. for me 2001 was the last Yes album with the whole band .. quite political about a world that has lost its way and refugees which came out 10th Sept .. Give Love Each Day, Dreamtime and Deeper could fit on the later 70’s albums .. good stuff

  21. Seemed 2001 was an ordinary, okay year until September came.
    Don’t recall much what music was popular in 2001, and for a long time after.

    Two I recall from that year.

    Enrique Iglesias ~ Hero
    Fuel ~ ”’ Hemorrhage In My Hands ”’

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