72 thoughts on “Spillyear 2011

  1. I don’t have a huge amount to choose from… my first 2 are the same as my Festive Spill picks at the time:

    Lana del Rey – Video Games
    I listened to this again for the first time in a while the other day – still as sultry and impossibly catchy as ever.

    PJ Harvey – On Battleship Hill
    I’m only a mid-level Peej fan, but Let England Shake was an instant classic. New album soon…?

    I chose “Helplessness Blues” by Fleet Foxes (new album soon…?) as my other Festive Spill track, but this time I’m going to go for:

    Gillian Welch – Tennessee
    I remember listening to this just before Chirstmas, while driving a tiny Matilda home from the Evelina Children’s Hospital in London, where she’d spent a week with a scary case of bronchiolitis.

  2. I woke up with this song in my head so it had better go in, Lana Del Ray Video Games. I don’t care whether she’s authentic or not, this song has the same woozy feel that Wicked Game and some k d lang does for me.

    Secondly one no one will have heard of Ulterior with Big City, Black Rain they should have been huge, no idea why they’re not, sassy Londoners.

    Lastly PJHarvey’s The Words That Maketh Murder because it was startling and still is.

  3. I replace Video Games with The Irresistible Force another Jane’s Addiction comeback with a famous bass player, can you guess?

      • It’s Peter Hook from New Order on bass by the way, yes, not their best comeback, I liked the single, but I think they’re never going to get to the level of the first few albums, are they?

  4. Katzenjammer – God’s Great Dust Storm
    Katzenjammer – I Will Dance (When I Walk Away)

    Could have listed the rest of the album but…

    The Unthanks – Last

    • I only bought (I think) three albums that year. The two above and “Revenge of the Folksingers” by Concerto Caldonia.

      It featured various guest singers including Olivia Chaney, whose song “Daddy Oh I’m Hoovering first appeared on that album but was recently re-recorded and renamed “Too Social”.

      • I appear to have picked the same Katzenjammer album tracks for 2011 (Norwegian release) and 2012 (UK release) which is probably a bit over the top.

    • Oh, forgot those, even though I was listening to “Last” just a couple of nights ago and thinking what an amazing song it is. Katzenjammer donds too, obviously.

  5. I retired in 2011 and moved back to MK so as to be nearer to my two elder grandsons. Yippee! I had an elaborate plan for how to do it, and it all worked out perfectly.

    We didn’t know it then, but 2011’s Old Mad Joy was to be the Gourds’ last album, Sniff. I’ll have Two Sparroes. From Diana Jones’ High Atmosphere I pick Poor Heart. I discovered the Decemberists because of RR – thanks, RR – and from their album The King Is Dead will have Down By The Water, the one with PJ Harvey on it.

  6. My Festive Three in 2011 were;

    1) PJ Harvey – The Words That Maketh Murder
    2) Van Der Graaf Generator – Mr Sands
    3) Radiohead – Lotus Flower

    The albums I bought in 2011 were;

    Fleet FoxesHelplessness Blues
    PJ HarveyLet England Shake
    Jakszyk, Fripp and CollinsA Scarcity Of Miracles
    Anna CalviAnna Calvi
    MogwaiHardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
    YesFly From Here
    Steven WilsonGrace For Drowning
    <Van Der Graaf Generator – A Grounding in Numbers
    RadioheadThe King Of Limbs

    It really is very hard to decide what I might pick now that is different from what I nommed for the Festive ‘Spill.

    The difficulty with picking something from Heritage and Grace For Drowning is that the music flows together from one track to the next and they get diminished if you take them out of context.

    So, I’ll stick with what I chose already.

    Anyway, I can’t add any tracks to the playlist.

  7. There was a fine Billy Jenkins album, Jazz Gives Me The Blues (just on Spotify), from which I’ll mention Ain’t Got Nothing But The Blues

    2011 was a horrible year for us. My father-in-law died after a short illness, a rare variety of cancer, that took him from us at the age of 64 – the youngest and fittest of the children’s grandparents, the one who did the most and played with them. Then I was made redundant. There were some compensations – we took the children to Scarborough for the first time, I got a new job for a bit less money but closer to home and more satisfying. But overall I was glad to see the back of it !

  8. PJ Harvey wins hands down for this year for me, so agree with her tracks already mentioned. It feels like a sparse music year, but I have found a couple.
    Suck it and See wasn’t a big favourite amongst Arctic’s fans, but I quite like bits of it, Black Treacle especially but that didn’t come out as a single until the following year. This was also the year my son started to take notice of music a bit so there’s one of his favourites from this year also. The husband of a friend did all the live sound engineering for Kasabian when they toured the album they released in 2011, Velociraptor! hence the final one.

    Arctic Monkeys – Don’t sit down cos I’ve moved your chair
    Rizzle Kicks – Down with the trumpets
    Kasabian – Re-wired

  9. This isn’t too easy, but I’ll start off with a very talented lady and a romantic country-style song –

    Walk It With You – Bella Hardy

    More thoughts tomorrow, perhaps

  10. Easy enough. A good year, things definitely picking up music wise

    Paranoid Visions featuring TV Smith – Outsider Artist

    Bottlejob – Who’s Your Mate?

    Defcon Zero – Over The Wire

    My favourite track that year was a different Bottlejob track, Poison, but this has disappeared off youtube so Who’s Your Mate? gets the nod and to be fair is probably a catchier song.

  11. Otherwise there’s two main things I remember from 2011. One is being “reorganised” at work, which felt a bit like emerging from a bunker into a warzone. A complete disaster, you’d find it hard to believe some of the stupid decisions that were made, but I can’t talk here. But the dust settled , life got back to a kind of normality – but of course they’ve just had another major reorganisation. Still finding my feet.
    The other thing I remember from 2011 was being in a continual state of anxiety and denial about imminent fatherhood, which seems silly now.

  12. Not much for me this year.

    Decemberists – June Hymn
    Black Lips – Dumpster Dive

    I’ll have to think of another one, was going to go for a second from The King Is Dead, but tfd got there first.

  13. civilian – wye oak
    jesus came to my birthday party – middle east
    inside a frame – fucked up

    other stuff:
    vomit – girls
    baby’s arms – kurt vile
    gnomes – sea of bees
    brothers – war on drugs
    is and is and is – white denim
    hide and seek – mirrors
    wasteland – trail of dead
    last living rose – pjh
    parallax – atlas sound
    the look – metronomy
    endless blue – horrors

  14. Tough year for me. Took early retirement when the Government Offices were cut. Split up with my (then) husband. Got another job which I hated. On the up side, I met tfd and stayed with her in Kirkcudbright! I also did some volunteering at the local community farm, in between jobs – muck shovelling is very therapeutic! And made friends with the locals! Anyway, my music choices are fairly mainstream but here we go:

    Ed Sheeran – The A Team
    David Guetta – Titanium
    Adele – Someone Like You

  15. Yes, there were some great tracks on Let England Shake, but 2011 was the year that Casey arrived. So it’s probably:
    The Other One from Amsterdam
    Dark Star from Munich and
    Sing Me Back Home from Paris.

    The Grateful Dead, btw.

  16. 2011 was the year I really embraced You Tube music. And YT introduced me to the Croatian duo 2Cellos. So I’ll just add one of theirs and it is a toss between their covers of Smooth Criminal or Welcome to the Jungle. Just that one then.

  17. A quiet year for me.

    The Black Keys – Lonely Boy from El Camino. The BK formula is on the wane, but they can still rock.

    Levon Helm – Anna Lee. From ‘Live at the Ryman’. Levon looks in quite good nick considering he succumbed to cancer a year later.

    TV on the Radio – Will Do from 9 Types of Light. A bit of a change of style for TVOTR, but they’re still a class act.

    Donds for PJH, Dead, Decembrists, Fleet Foxes. Katzenjammer are new to me, but are very impressive.

  18. Astonishingly good year. So much good music everywhere, I have no idea what the charts sounded like but the experimentation, crossover sounds and pop tunes, so much to enjoy.

    Pepe Deluxé – A Night and a Day
    Fucked Up – Queen of Hearts
    Kode 9 & the Spaceape – Am I
    Weekend,- Hazel
    Andy Stott – Dark Details
    Wild Flag, Weeknd, James Blake, Tune-Yards, Washed Out…

    • I put these on the list:

      Yuck – Get Away
      Pepe Deluxé – A Night and a Day
      Jill Scott ft. Anthony Hamilton- So In Love
      Bon Iver – Holocene
      Tycho – A Walk
      M83 – Midnight City

  19. I don’t remember much about 2011 any more, and I haven’t got the energy to go looking up my Festive Spill choices. A ‘German hits of 2011’ website is telling me Aloe Blacc and CeeLo Green, but I’m pretty sure they were carried over from the year before so, off the top of my head from three albums I was definitely playing a lot in the shop (goodness, the joys of regular employment 😉

    Zaz – Je Veux
    The Nightwatchman (feat. Ben Harper) – Save The Hammer For The Man
    Laura Marling – All My Rage

    I haven’t been around much the past few weeks – nothing spectacular going on, just not much time to sit down and play – and I believe I’ve managed to miss several birthdays. I hang my head in shame, promise to be in touch soon and wish you all the joy in the world, birthday or no.

  20. Struggling big time with this year but

    This Is Why We Fight – The Decemberists
    New Years Eve – Tom Waits
    Too Tough – Pains of Being Pure At Heart

  21. Here’s my 3 :

    ‘The Wilhelm Scream’ – James Blake
    ‘The World Is Going Up In Flames’ – Charles Bradley
    ‘Daylight’ – Thundercat

  22. Mirror Mirror & Stuart Argabright – Nau Sau Ser Bil Uma Rah Rab
    Emmy The Great – Dinasaur Sex
    Wire – Red Barked Trees

    All completely different from that year’s festives because I am fickle.

  23. this would be my 3:

    Venus Transit – Animal Bodies
    Glass House Riot – Sunday Driver
    Peace feat. Hubert Tubbs – Makossa & Megablast
    Disko Bliss – Maria Minerva
    Pills – Fujiya & Miyagi
    Hagasuxzzavol – Maria Minerva
    Euro Trash Girl – F.S.K.
    Slippery Slope – The Dø
    Isabel – Baxter Dury
    The Noise – Austra
    Lick The Palm Of The Burning Handshake – Zola Jesus
    The Villain – Austra
    Black part love – Selah Sue
    Cosmic Cars – The Dirtbombs

    • Oh yes! I had at least five of those in my top three before I whittled it down to ten. Er…

      BTW I really regret not putting the The Dø in either Nordic list and would’ve considered Estonia’s Maria Minerva.

      • Teehee – those top three choices get a little expansive by this far down in the comment section.

        No worries about The Dø – open themes like that are all very well for people who are a little unfamiliar with the music from the area – but I like a little more challenge in my shooting fish in a barrel subjects – I couldn’t even narrow it down to 13 bands from EACH country, I struggled to narrow it down to one record label from the area. Can’t imagine how you managed to make a playlist – ace as it was though.
        The Dø will get picked one day on RR for their songs, not 50% of the bands birthplace!

        Song Bar has signed me out again – and as a creative I can’t really abide the pilfering of other peoples ideas and passing it off as your own, so I will only dip in and out occasionally…. it was a perfectly feasible idea if RR was over – but to blatantly scupper the original owners re-launch was not about the music or RR or the community.
        It’s also ruined the ‘spills viewing figures by watering down the amount of visits to people can make time for in a day for – it’s the children I feel sorry for.

        Anyway – too many words – I promised myself I’d keep my trap shut.

        laters discofuel.

      • I hate the schism! Losing my religion, I am! Certainly don’t have time to read through two blogs, so it’s a case of suggest, check 50 or so suggestions and go…

        The playlist was easy to do – put 15 different people on the A-list, try and get 15 different genres and then write a story to link the tunes. 😉

        discofuel: i like it: maybe i could even be burningdiscofuel 😀

      • Shane – I hate the schism too. But – also speaking as a “creative” and a freelancer – I think the way the Guardian have treated Peter, and us, was shoddy. I’m trying to play both games, but it leaves a bitter taste either way.

        Discofuel – I finally got round to giving the Nordic playlist a proper listen. Wonderful stuff of course, and good to explore some of the stranger sounds beyond my indie-pop/ice-queen songstress comfort zone.

      • Cheers, Barbryn. One of the cool things about the Nordics is that you’ll find the people who actually play in bands usually play in several different types of bands and take from different genres – I really wanted to show that, hence the extended playlists, which got nowhere close to what I actually wanted to do. Though not doing what I’d hoped to do was more fun in the end.

        Shoey. I have a few ideas for posts: Genres, labels, songs that tell the story of a life, songs for film scenes, the song/album you’ve heard or played most this week…

        But life gets in the way… FFS, I can’t even keep up with posting a song a day on FB, which reminds me…

  24. The Schism doesn’t seem to be much of an issue anymore.

    The shambolic Guardian relaunch seemed doomed for a while, but things seem to have normalized. Great to see newblood stepping up to volunteer. & while some are missed, a smaller room is not necessarily a bad thing.

    Shane is right that the ‘Spill is in the most trouble & desperately needs some new blood & new posts to freshen it up.

    • Yes, you’re right about the ‘Spill. I’ve tried to get some interest on the dreaded FB (amongst friends) but can’t seem to get further than “likes” (i.e. no new input).

      • No diss intended to you or Barbryn (both been heavy lifting here for a considerable time & have kept the Spill ship floaty – thanks).

        Keep meaning to make an effort, but life gets in the way.

      • You’ve done a sterling job keeping it live… I always look in even though I have failed to pick one song to send in throughout the past 1000 years of the feature – 1 song: ME; 1 song: heehee.

  25. Kate Bush brought out 50 words for snow with something about a yeti and naughties with a snowman .. but fry intoning the title track is me fave
    let england shake .. lovely bought it but had to drive me mum to Liverpool, she seemed to have nodded off on the return trip so i put the cd on .. getting out the car she grumbled and said ‘that girl needs some serious cheering up’

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