Bob_Dylan_-_The_Times_They_are_a-Changin-300x300When I was doing my radio show at KRCB Santa Rosa Ca. the station’s program director decided that we’d do a tribute to Dylan’s 50th. All the DJ’s would do a 2 hour program devoted to Bob, 12 straight hours on the Saturday, 8am ’til 8 pm plus me from midnight ’til 2am. My friend Roland Jacopetti and I decided to do a preview a couple of days before, we jointly put together a 3 hour program of Dylan covers. I engineered it, Roland hosted it.

I came across this tape of the final hour a couple of nights ago, I thought you might enjoy it.


10 thoughts on “DYLAN COVERS

  1. thanks for posting..my turn to cook tea..so it was grand to have this on in the background
    with my cooking ‘you don’t know what it is, do you mr jones’ is apt
    ( actually Jones in Dad’s Army would know very well ..sausages )

  2. ONE measly comment?!? WTF!?!

    Hi GF.
    This is a great thread for me, as I spent many years balancing my admiration for Dylan songs, against my antipathy for [to?] his voice.
    Sadly, life is denying me any blogging time at all at the moment.
    I promise to come back to this when I can, as I suspect I like plenty of Dylan covers you’ll hate, but I hope to find a couple of new-to-yous that you won’t!

  3. I’m looking forward to a listen to this. Only had time to play the Neil Young so far. I’ve always loved Elvis P’s take on Tomorrow is a Long Time.

  4. Love Pete Seeger’s version of “Hard Rain” – I’m like DsD, I admire Dylan’s songs but I’m not keen on his voice.

    • Ali: Thanks for that, loved it, I’d never heard it before. Anyone else got a favorite surprise?
      And thanks for all the comments, glad you liked it.

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