24 thoughts on “The Quarterly

  1. Kano – Made In The Manor, the sound of London
    Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto – Live in ’76
    Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil – Two Friends, One Century
    Bombino – Azel
    David Bowie – Blackstar
    Rihanna – ANTI

  2. I’ve only bought two 2016 releases so far. One is David Bowie‘s Blackstar and the other is King Crimson‘s Live in Toronto 2015. Both are absolutely brilliant.

    I’ve been thinking about the new album from The Coral. I might get it, but I’ve run out of space for CDs and need to get some shelves up for extra storage.

    • Found Blackstar interesting accomplished & depressing (& that was before The Man passed away). Prefer my Bowie more bouncy, but will definitely return to it at some point.

      The new Coral is pretty dark too.

  3. Listening now…

    Bowie – Blackstar
    Kendrick Lamar – Untitled and Unmastered
    Ital Tek – Hollowed
    Drose – Boy Man Machine

    ….some more I can’t think of for now…

    …and loads of stuff I missed or didn’t get round to last year (Desaparacidos, Vince Staples)

  4. Gogo Penguin’s Man made object has been my favourite album of 2016 so far, an acoustic piano trio album based on themes generated electronically by the drummer. One of the best cross-over techno/electronic/jazz releases of late, a good variety of tracks and the standard is kept very high throughout.

    Otherwise still getting through Peter Erskine’s excellent selection of Weather Report “legendary live tapes”, his pick of various bootleg and desk recordings featuring the Jaco/Erskine versions of the band between ’78 and ’81.

  5. Been struggling to keep up – but this is the playlist of stuff I’m trying to get more in depth with:

    Quarterly playlist

    Bendik – “Kriger”
    Sunflower Bean – “Wall Watcher”
    Christine and The Queens – Ugly-Pretty
    Eleanor Friedberger – “Because I Asked You”
    POLIÇA – “Wedding”
    Chairlift – Moth to the Flame
    Charlotte – The Best Thing (BELGICA soundtrack)
    AURORA – Runaway
    Marian Hill – Down
    Esperanza Spalding – Earth to Heaven
    Kiiara – Gold
    CHORUSGIRL – No Moon
    ANOHNI – Drone Bomb Me

    • Yay – more stuff to check out.

      Seems we agree on Auroura & owe you thanks for Chorusgirl from the festives. Haven’t had much time on the new Chairlift. Have always struggled with Eleanor, going back to Fiery Furnaces – can be great or grate.

      • I kind of found it was the cacophony of music that would grate or great with the Fiery Furnaces – so I’m going to give Eleanor a fighting chance – I’ve liked what I’ve heard so far.

        CHORUSGIRL I love – I seam to have ended up with a bit of a deal with Fortuna POP! so buy records quite frequently even if I just like the name: ‘Mammoth Penguins’ being one band.

        Chairlift are a bit of a comfort band for me.
        Christine and The Queens were mention by abahachi as well in earworms.

        Sunflower Bean could be your type of thing.

        A lot of 80’s influence in music at the moment (sometimes good – sometimes the type of influence that really should have stayed there).

        Ace post by the way – I’m getting through the playlist a track at a time when I get the chance.

        loved Mr. Dan’s inside out on first listen – looking forward to the rest.

  6. Quarterly playlist:

    Well the first quarter has been really quite quiet for me:

    Brian Fallon (singer with The Gaslight Anthem – solo effort) Painkillers
    White Denim – Stiff

    Been catching up on albums I missed out in 2015: Jason Isbell and Chris Stapleton.

    This quarter’s offerings are much better with Frightened Rabbit and Black Stone Cherry released yesterday; the new Lumineers album, Biffy Clyro has a new album as do Band of Skulls and Rival Sons so I’ll have much more to add in July.

  7. I’ve bought far too much stuff this year already. some of it is catching up on stuff that seems to have been released in last couple of years – eg the workin man noise unit one recommend by the Panther which is great – and then there’s this year’s releases.

    the 2015 waves/cloud nothings album is really good. I just bought an album by Wray after hearing a fantastic track of theirs called Blood Moon off a 2015 album. I must have listened to that track about 50 times this last week.

    I bought albums by Aussies Helta skelta and Gold Class, the first more punky and the second post punk guitars. Try Pretty girls/55mm off the former and Bite Down off the latter, so good! UK band called Sievehead have a great album out in that latter genre as well.

    I hoped the Diiv album would be bit darker having seen them live not so long ago. Savages album – any thoughts anyone who has it? Some good bits but overall?

    I like plenty other things I’ve got too – Death Index, Ulrika Spacek – and the Uranium Club band will hopefully put a smile on your face. I’ve just bought some noisier stuff from Big Ups, Running and Feels – a few listens and some good moments but need a bit more focus to appreciate them all!

    gigs – just saw the KVB, two piece, really good in a dark way. Eagulls coming up with Chastity Belt in support I think and Chameleons Vox doing a tour as well.

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