Earworms 11 April 2016

19010941_s Another day dawns in the wonderful world of earworms. I hope you enjoy this week’s selection. If anyone would like to top up the wormbank, please don’t be shy – send your unwanted .mp3 worms to earworm@tincanland.com, where they will be given a good home. Many thanks.

Phosphorescent, Jenny Lewis & Friends – Sugaree – CaroleBristol: Here’s a brand new ‘worm, a genuinely brand new one. Day of the Dead, a celebration of The Grateful Dead’s music, is going to be released by 4AD on May 20th, 2016. It has been created and curated by brothers Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National. The compilation is described as a wide-ranging tribute to the songwriting and experimentalism of the Dead which took four years to record, features over 60 artists from varied musical backgrounds, 59 tracks and is almost 6 hours long. All profits will help fight for AIDS/ HIV and related health issues around the world through the Red Hot Organization. So far, five tracks have been released on YouTube and I’ve picked this cover of Sugaree. I’ll be interested to see what other Deadheads think. Personally, I rather like it.

Little Big Town – Firebird Fly – Ravi Raman: An earworm that is stuck in my head courtesy of the RR community. Brilliant harmonies and though I picked up another of this band’s album after listening to this, this is my favourite LBT track.

Cyminology – Nemibinam – abahachi: I’m disappointed that I had to leave Berlin a week before this group was due to play my favourite jazz club there, as I think the intimate atmosphere (and excellent beer) would be great for really getting into their music. Very Multikulti, one might say: Iranian-German singer, singing in Farsi; German bass player, Franco-German pianist, Indian percussionist; part jazz, part goodness knows what. I think this is rather lovely and strange.

Emeline Michel – Bel Kongo – goneforeign: From Haiti; I like the interplay between the voice and the various instrumental themes plus the backup singers. Love that opening groove.

Hawkwind – The Demented Man – AliMunday: All being well I’m off to see Hawkwind next weekend, and this song has been stuck in my head for the last week or two. It’s an acoustic number from Warrior on the Edge of Time (1975) – I particularly like the seagulls.

Image Copyright: deepgreen / 123RF Stock Photo

11 thoughts on “Earworms 11 April 2016

  1. Good sequencing Ali. Brought a lot of bounce into my day. Liked them all. I heard Carole’s earworm before reading and was wondering why it sounded so much like Dead. I was on another page and I came back to verify it wasn’t GD. GF’s and Aba’s worms are not music that I pick up so thanks to both. My pick is Hawkwind though.
    And on a non musical note:
    Aba and others fluent in Geman (or Le Carre fans) – I remember reading in Smiley’s People about a German phrase that means “a flight forward, but not quite – it also meant a burning of bridges and indicates a measure of desperation (or something like that)”. Can’t place the quote or the phrase – can any of you help pin it down?

  2. Little Big Town – Firebird Fly – This is a jolly choogle-along sort of tune, isn’t it? I like it, but it doesn’t set the world alight. One for open roads on sunny days.

    Cyminology – Nemibinam – Yes, this is rather a strange brew, but not unappealing in its own way. It is a “maybe” I think.

    Emeline Michel – Bel Kongo – I didn’t know what we were going to get here from the way it started, but it does have a lovely, laid back groove. The voices are excellent too. I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly heard any Haitian music before. It is very African, isn’t it?

    Hawkwind – The Demented Man – Ah Hawkwind! There is something eternal and unchanging about Hawkwind. Warrior on the Edge of Time is, in my opinion, a great album.

    Lots of nice things here, but my heart has to go out to Hawkwind.

    • Sugaree was Ok Carole, but I’m really liking the National’s Morning Dew. And I could listen to Courtney Barnett all day, so I’m liking that one too. Only other one I’ve heard so far is War On Drugs, which I wasn’t fussed on. But I didn’t much like Touch of Grey anyway.

      • Yes, the Morning Dew cover is pretty good too. I could have sent that in as an earworm, but I wanted an actual GD song. I’m a Courtney Barnett fan too.

  3. I’m not qualified as a Deadhead, but I like the sweetness and relaxed vibe of Sugaree, chased the fog away here. Firefly Bird didn’t move me much, but it was okay.
    Cyminology, Nemibinam I like the emptiness, almost felt it could become an Einstürzende Neubauten song, but the vocals took it in a different direction. Interesting though.
    Bel Kongo is very sunny. Already love the Hawkwind track, hope you enjoy seeing the band Ali, I’ve seen them more than any other band, always a great night out 🙂

  4. Sorry, but that Sugaree doesn’t do it for me. The rhythm section is dull, the vocal delivery is emotionless (that ‘…kno-o-o-ow me..’ is awful) and it’s too darned fast. Not that it needs to, of course, but it doesn’t sound like any Dead line-up I can remember.
    I liked Bel Kongo best and wanted to like Nemibinam and Hawkwind more than I did (the former was a little too unformed for me and the latter too Moody Blues). I agree with Carole about Firebird Fly.

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