Hi everyone. I’ve got a bit of a techy question. I bought a Brennan B2 and recorded about 1200 Cds, assuming they would be recorded in MP3 format. Unfortunately, they were recorded in FLAC and so I’ve run out of space. I’ve been able to back up the files onto hard drives. So, I need a programme for my pc to convert the FLAC files to MP3, which I can then reload onto my Brennan and have space left to record the rest of my collection. Anyone have experience of this, or similar, and can recommend a good free conversion programme for my pc. Thanks

7 thoughts on “FLAC to MP3

  1. I use FREAC, which is free and easy to use. That’s for 1 or 2 albums at a timem though.

    For 1,200 Media Monkey might be a better avenue. It proclaims itself THE music managers for big collections. It’s ‘freemium’ and I don’t know if you’d need to upgrade to Gold, but its in the range of $50.

    However you go, don’t be in a hurry! I’ve learned the hard way to do a few test cases to get the settings the way I want, then do maybe 10% and live with it until you’re 100% sure you want to commit your whole collection. And have a backup (or two) on an external (or two) of course.

    Hope this helps

  2. hmm, just had a look at the Brennan site. Looks like you didn’t buy a big enough one. Money doesn’t grow on trees of course, but difference between 500g and 2TB is £100.

    They might let you upgrade and then you wouldn’t lose quality – which is fairly substantial if you are playing to a good stereo but negligible if you are playing in your car or the subway.

  3. http://winff.org/

    WinFF is a GUI for the free ffmpeg command line program. I use it all the time to convert audio files for my MP3 players that do not support modern codecs like AAC and FLAC.

  4. A bit late, but a big thanks for everyone’s comments. In the end, I upgraded to 2TB and will record everything in FLAC, but I’ll keep all of your stuff for possible future reference.

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