Earworms 18 April (apparently) 2016


Definitely a bit of a jazz theme for you this week, preceded by an excellent cover and a pertinent song from Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. Hope you enjoy listening; don’t forget to keep those worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com. Many thanks.

Katzenjammer – London Calling – severin: From the Pledge-funded “Gearbox Sessions” album. Their last with Marianne. Almost certainly their last album, period. A run through songs they have already recorded (except this one) but this time played live in the studio and recorded direct to analogue tape in two sessions, one for each side. Then cut to vinyl immediately afterwards. Coughs sharp intakes of breath and cries of relief included at no extra charge. I pledged my sixpence for a signed vinyl copy plus a download which is how I come to be sending this off as a worm. I hope you enjoy.

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush- Don’t Give Up – goneforeign: From the “Shakin’ the Tree” LP. According to Wiki he wrote this in response to Maggie Thatcher’s destruction. He sings the “male” part, Kate is telling’ him “Don’t give up”.

Erik Schaefer + The Shredz: Barber – abahachi: Some of you may recall hating the wacky version of Wagner’s Lohengrin by drummer Schaefer’s group that I posted a couple of years ago. I confidently expect even more of you to hate this, from his new album, which vaguely recalls some of Miles Davis’ darker ’70s moments but with more modern rhythms. I think it’s great. Some of the jam tracks on the album are even better, but I suspect that no one at all except me would like them…

The Modern Jazz Quartet – Bluesology – Ravi Raman: I have been listening a lot to this group, The Modern Jazz Quartet. This is from their album called “Fontessa”. (Ravi has sent me this video to put in the comments – I can’t insert it in the comments so I’m putting it here – Ed.)

Charlie Parker – Parker’s Mood – goneforeign: I suspect that many are aware of the name Charlie Parker but may not be familiar with his music. I’ve loved this cut since I bought the “Savoy” LP in the early ’60’s, There’s John Lewis on Piano and Max Roach on drums, Miles is also there but he isn’t featured. It was recorded as a single in 1948 in New York. I’ve probably played this literally hundreds of times, Enjoy.

Image Copyright : _fla (Follow) 123rf.com

15 thoughts on “Earworms 18 April (apparently) 2016

  1. Just a small nit-pick.It is April, not August.

    Katzenjammer – London Calling This is rather nice. I wasn’t sure at first, but as the song developed and the sound deepened I became convinced.

    Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush- Don’t Give Up “Don’t give up” is a brilliant, beautiful and emotionally-charged song. One of Gabriel’s classics. I adore it. I wasn’t aware of the “Shaking The Tree” album, but I see that it was a compilation one. I knew the song from the album “So”, which is where it came from originally.

    Erik Schaefer + The Shredz – Barber – abahachi: Yes, I can hear some Miles Davis in places, but I can hear a lot more of The Fast Show’s Jazz Club with John Thompson. Funnily enough, I quite liked it, but I doubt I’d want to hear it too often.

    The Modern Jazz Quartet – Bluesology Ah, this is very nice. Cool chamber jazz. Dig those vibes, man! Now, where’s my black poloneck gone?

    Charlie Parker – Parker’s Mood I first got into Charlie Parker through someone I was hugely close to when I was a student back in the 70s. He was first described to me as “the Jimi Hendrix of the saxophone”, but I’m not sure that it is, as a description, fair to either person. Lovely track, though.

    OK. Tough choices ahead. Who will it be? I think that it has to be Charlie Parker. Take it away, Bird!

    • Ah! So it is, April! Well spotted … what can I say … it was a long weekend!! And it snowed!! No wonder I’m confused.

  2. Hi all. I just received this clip from a private sitting where the sitar masestro Niladri Kumar played. This guy has come up with an instrument that incorporates both the guitar and sitar, which he calls zitar. Frankly I am astounded at the stuff he is playing here and the sounds he is creating. Thought it would be an intereresting share.

  3. Charlie and his pals stand head and shoulders above the rest here for me: such lyricism, feeling and wit. The MJQ track is so bland by comparison.
    I’d like to hear Barber before they removed all the middle and bass and dropped what was left in the corner of the bathroom.
    Katzenjammer was an interesting take and I’ve always loved Brian Pern – Pepita is in good voice on this one….

  4. Know and like the Peter Gabriel track of course. I don’t like all his music but a bit of added Kate makes all the difference for me.
    I just looked back at the earworms with aba’s previous Erik Schaefer ditty. I called it “very invigorating for a Monday” so I feel ok about saying that this one was difficult to listen to in places but worth persevering with. That doesn’t sound like much of an endorsement does it? I actually quite enjoyed it but (like Carole) I wouldn’t play it too often.
    Modern Jazz Quartet was less demanding but more straightforwardly enjoyable. Loved it.
    I think I’m going with the majority in saying that Charlie Parker was my favourite of the week (well, my second favourite I suppose). He makes it sound easy doesn’t he? Fantastic piece of music.

    I also can see no link to click on for Ravi’s video.

  5. What a pleasant surprise, all this jazz. I became aware of the MJQ in the mid 50’s, about the same time as ‘Time Out’ became popular, both were instrumental in adding to my trad New Orleans roots. John Lewis was the leader of the MJQ and is also featured there on the Bird cut. During my radio days I did entire 2 hour programs devoted to Parker’s Mood, there are so many variations of it available. The first cuts that I recall by MJQ are Django and Bag’s Groove, Bags was John Lewis’s nickname, both became popular in UK. I shot an MJQ performance aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach sometime in the ’80’s.
    I haven’t listened to the list yet, I’ll come back to it.

  6. It’s taken a while to get to these. I’ve been helping eldest son get ready for his GCSE music creative task which happens next week so music has been listened to in a’ break it down and analyse it’ way. I don’t want to hear Rhapsody In Blue again for a while, or much brass or excitable woodwind.

    I prefer Katzenjammer’s version of the Clash song to the original, nice.
    Already know and like the Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel song, they did some great collaborations, I remember seeing the Christmas special where they covered Roy Harper’s Another Day together, lovely.
    Aba’s pick wasn’t for me, sorry, the Modern Jazz Quartet is much easier for me, I enjoyed it, feel I ought to be smoking and drinking something alcoholic though, same with Charlie Parker.

    Kate and Peter are my faves this week.

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