PETER TOSH


I see there’s a piece about Peter Tosh on page one today.

When I drove my VW camper to Jamaica in 1982 I took loads of cassettes, mostly reggae. I found a beautiful beach in Ocho Rios  where the fishermen lived and worked and that place became my home for 3 months. I had outside speakers on my van and everyday the fishermen would congregate and we’d talk and play tapes. There was one tape that was requested literally EVERY day, it was the 1978 Peace Concert. I had a bootleg copy from the soundboard. After Bob had played and brought the 2 prime ministers together, Manley and Seaga shaking hands onstage, [remember, this was at the height of the bloodiest election ever]. Peter took the microphone and spoke directly to the 2 Prime Ministers and their government officials, the chief of Police was sitting next to Manley. He berated them in the most extreme manner for the way they treated black people and Rasta particularly in Jamaica, they could do nothing but sit and take it. Peter was later arrested and had his arm broken.

Whenever the fishermen congregated they always requested that tape and when it was finished they’d say ‘Play it again mon”, So I did. They couldn’t believe that anyone could speak to a politician like that and of course that tape was never available in Jamaica.

Courtesy of YouTube here’s a portion of that speech.

4 thoughts on “PETER TOSH

    • Luke; That’s a helluva an article, I’ve only scanned it but I know that I’ll read it this weekend. Some good comments also. All the albums/singles are familiar, I have most of ’em, I look forward to this and I’ll get back to you, thanks for sending it…..T.

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