Does there seem to be a sudden epidemic of personalities dying young? It does seem so, I’ve grown used to seeing my generation take their leave but this is harder to take. I only ever saw Prince in performance once and it was I believe in the ’70’s, here he is:
Adios Amigo, Rest Peacefully.


18 thoughts on “PRINCE.

  1. I read a week or two back that his personal plane had to make an emergency stop in Wisconsin or somewhere like that because he was taken ill with flu and needed IV. Three hours in the hospital and he was back on his way.

  2. Personal fave top 10 (no particular order)

    1. I Wanna Be Your Lover
    2. I Would Die 4U
    3. Let’s Go Crazy
    4. Raspberry Beret
    5. Sign O the Times
    6. Housequake
    7. My Name is Prince
    8. Gett Off
    9. Pop Life
    10. 7

    • That is a classy top ten! My favourites are very much skewed to up to 1986 because I was obsessed with him from the first time I heard him (When Doves Cry 1984) until Parade came when I suddenly moved on in the way young teens do. No one I knew liked him at the time and I took stick for it, but I loved his music deeply and it still moves me. My top ten is
      1.I Would Die 4U
      2.Condition of the Heart
      3.When Doves Cry
      4.Let’s Go Crazy
      5. Raspberry Beret
      7.Purple Rain
      8. Kiss
      10.The Beautful Ones

  3. Thinking about Prince brings back a memory of the release of Purple Rain in 1984, I got a call from a friend in Jamaica just prior to my leaving asking me to bring the album, it wasn’t available there. And that triggered a similar thought, in 1972 I got a call from a friend in Suffolk asking me to bring Ziggy Stardust, which hadn’t yet been released there, so I did.
    What a coincidence that those two memories emerge in 2016.

  4. One of the very few artists who matched Bowie in the capacity to change dramatically from album to album – or in his case, often from song to song on the same album – and yet remain utterly recognisable and absolutely himself. I’m finding this year pretty hard to deal with as it is, without this number of unexpected deaths; I have a list of heroes who are now in their 70s (mostly on the jazz side), whom I’d usually be worried about, but this suggests that no one can be counted on to survive…

    I have had an incredibly up and down relationship with Prince’s music. First song I heard was ‘Little Red Corvette’, on the US chart rundown that Radio 1 used to do, and I was hooked – still my favourite. Loved the rest of the 1999 album, then hated most of Purple Rain – well, to be exact I hated the title track so much (lighters in the air!) that it infected the rest of the record. I think I then skipped Around the World In A Day altogether (apart from the singles), got back into him with Parade and fell completely for Sign’O’The Times – but then for many years considered Lovesexy to be even better (still not entirely sure that’s not right). Also think that Diamonds and Pearls is rather fantastic – but that’s then the last record I’ve ever bothered to listen to more than once.

    I think of Prince, especially in the later years, as a musical Terry Pratchett; always a load of interesting ideas, but one frequently wished he’d produce half as much and spend twice as much time on the editing and polishing… There’s also an interesting comparison with Bowie that’s likely to affect their posthumous reputations; because Bowie was always more or less stylistically consistent within a single record, he retained the possibility of changing direction and finding a new lease of life as a result, rather than getting trapped in retreading old glories. Prince, however, had always been going in seventeen different directions at once, so paradoxically could only ever remain within the ‘rut’ of eclecticism, being compared to his glory years in the 1980s. Maybe the final concerts with just him and a piano were a recognition of this – stripping everything down to the minimum as the only way out. I had occasional fantasies of him leading a jazz trio, just bass and drums and his amazing guitar playing…

    1. Little Red Corvette
    2. Sexy MF
    3. Sign ‘O’ The Times
    4. Alphabet St
    5. 1999
    6. I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
    7. When Doves Cry
    8. Gett Off
    9. Pop Life
    10. Lovesexy

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