Spillyear 2013

2013 was the International Year of Quinoa. I have to confess it passed me by at the time.

Spillers, we’re nearing the end of our j0urney. But let’s step back into the recent past and revisit 2013.

Listen to the playlist here

Add your top 3:





36 thoughts on “Spillyear 2013

  1. 1. Mark Kozelek and Jimmy Lavalle – Gustavo
    2. The National – Pink Rabbits
    3. Lotte Kestner – Halo

    2 and 3 were two of my Festive ‘Spill picks (the other was Jeffrey Lewis’s WWPRD?)

    1 was one of DarceysDad’s choices, from an album that I didn’t discover until the end of the year. If somebody had nominated this for Songs Inspiring Pathos…

    Hoping somebody will pick a Vampire Weekend tune.

  2. Unable to add to the playlist on You Tube, but mine would be :
    1. Where Are We Now ? – David Bowie
    2. Step – Vampire Weekend
    3. Black Skinhead – Kanye West

    Three of my all-time favourite songs. 2013 was dope.

  3. I didn’t keep a record of my Festive Spill choices but I’m certain I picked something from Kim Churchill’s “Detail of Distance” album and from Olivia Chaney’s “Mark Radcliffe Folk Sessions” EP which I think was only available as a download. Blowed if I can think what the other one was but I reckon I’d stick with those two recordings so I’ll pick:

    Kim Churchill – Detail of Distance
    Olivia Chaney – Holiday

    for now and add s third choice tomorrow.

  4. The start of a very bad patch personally. A good year musically though.

    English Dogs – Ripper On The Streets
    Typically twisted stuff from Wakey – you have been warned

    The Restarts – Turned It All To Shit
    From an album full of weighty themes, but this song giving someone the elbow was my favourite tune

    Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions – Join The Dots
    I wanted to go for No Contrition but it wasn’t on youtube, this is a close second choice

  5. It was a good year, and have another big fat dond for Vampire Weekend.

    Bill Callahan – Small Plane
    Daft Punk – Get Lucky
    Black Angels – Don’t Play With Guns

  6. I bought the mbv download but I think I enjoyed some (not all) of the Grateful Dead’s May 77 boxset more. Particularly Cassidy, Looks Like Rain and Lazy Lightning/Supplication.

  7. You know barbryn if and when you get the time you should list all the Spill years and the music all of you have put together. No links needed, just a record of sorts. It will be a compelling list and fascinating to explore.

  8. Missed last week as was on holiday, probably too late to add to that now? Anyway, from 2013, 3 songs from 3 acts I saw and 3 albums I bought. Starting with Richard Thompson’s Electric album, then one from Bella Hardy’s Battleplan, and finally one from the wonderful (and sadly, apparently one-off) collaboration The Full English.

    Richard Thompson – Good Things Happen To Bad People
    Bella Hardy – Three Pieces Of My Heart
    The Full English – Arthur O’Bradley

  9. I can’t remember my festive spills either, but today I feel like Nick Cave’s Push the Sky Away was important to me, IAMX I Come With Knives and Queens of the Stone Age with The Vampyre of Time and Memory which as a delightfully disturbing video as well. Lots of stuff I like came out n 2013.

  10. Another vote for Bowie’s Where Are We Now? and for Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. This was indeed rather a good year for music, especially on the pop side…

    Lorde, Buzzcut Season (and could actually list half the tracks on the album as favourites…)

    Conquering Animal Sound: Ultimate Heat Death of the Universe

    Haim: Falling

  11. Just tracked down my Festive Spill songs and I also chose Dylan’s “Working on a Guru” which was about 35 years old by then. It had just been released on the “Another Self Portrait” album. I don’t think that will do somehow.
    I hadn’t heard the Bowie album back in 2013 and still haven’t bought/acquired/downloaded it. I think my favourite song on it would also be “Where Are We Now”.
    Didn’t catch up with FKA Twigs until her album came out the following year and still haven’t heard any of the music on her EPs.
    I’m thinking, I’m thinking…

  12. On the off chance no one else mentions it, i forgot about Phosphorescent’s Song for Zula, which i think i first heard from Bish. Might knock one off my list, just not sure which one.

  13. my festive 3 were:
    toy – fall out of love
    darkside – heart
    girls names – pittura infamante

    still love all 3 of them but I’ll have a look what else I’d consider. Strife – Savages would be one of them.

  14. Probably the best year of the new century thus far, a right corker !

    The Rise and Fall and Decline of Everything – Six by Seven (from their best album for a decade)
    Tunguska – Chris TT (from his best album ever)
    FOH – Superchunk (their best song for 20 years!!)

    plus Parquet Courts, The Strypes, Primal Scream, Flaming Lips etc

  15. Mark & Jimmy – Somehow The Wonder Of Life Prevails
    Nathaniel Rateliff – Falling Faster Than You Can Run
    Agnes Obel – Fuel To Fire
    Ruts DC & Tenor Fly – Mighty Soldier

    Strike one of those – can’t decide.

  16. Aloe Blacc. Avicii. But definitely Aloe Blacc. Love his voice. So:
    Wake Me Up – Avicii
    “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons, because youngMunday played it all the time.
    Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball – because I like Miley Cyrus?!

  17. I’ve come to this late, having been away in rural Burgundy all last week with no internet.

    2013 was a landmark year for me, or should I say us, because Nicky and I finally moved out of where we had been renting for the previous decade into our own home. That was the most important event, obviously, and music was a bit of an afterthought in some ways. However, looking at my 2013 Festive ‘Spill choices it wasn’t a bad year at all.

    I picked;

    Mazzy Star – Flying Low
    Johnny Marr – European Me
    Steve Mason – Fire!

    Which still seems like a fairly good representative set of songs for the year, but I’m not sure that I’d have them as my three now, necessarily. I know that I was thinking of picking something by Steven Wilson at the time, and I’d probably do that now.

    Looking at my spreadsheet, I see that the complete list of albums I bought were;

    Mazzy StarSeasons Of Your Day
    Johnny MarrThe Messenger
    Steve MasonMonkey Minds In The Devil’s Time
    Steven WilsonThe Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories)
    Daft PunkRandom Access Memories
    Boards Of CanadaTomorrow’s Harvest
    Fuck ButtonsSlow Focus
    Atoms For PeaceAmok

    But I resisted buying m b v from My Bloody Valentine because it didn’t much impress me when I heard it and I’ve found it easy to live without it, so I probably made the right call there. I didn’t buy David Bowie‘s The Next Day at the time either, but I own it now and wish I’d had it at the time.

    • I also bought Immunity by Jon Hopkins which, for some reason wasn’t on my spreadsheet! It is now though.

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