This footage from the 2004 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies has become the must-watch Prince vid since his death last week. Opinions vary -widely – on his guitar flip into the crowd, his strutting off, the reactions of the other musicians as he played.

Consensus is he was rude. More likely he somehow got snookered into playing with journeymen and gave them and the Hall a royal fuck off.


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  1. oooh clickbait. My onion, fwiw is that the combined talents played a quite magnificent version of the song, note perfect and very much on point in every respect, then Prince lifted it to a glorious finale which I’m sure George would have applauded.

  2. Yeah, I’m with tfd here. A few “minor” (!!) rock legends and Prince – never followed Prince, shocked to find he was the same age as me – don’t know much about him; impressed to see he could absolutely play the guitar (and How!) – wouldn’t have said he strutted off, more that he knew he’d done good and just walked off in his usual inimitable swaggering style. Kind of “let’s see you top that then, huh!” – in the world of big egos I think that the swagger off was quite justified and not disrespectful at all. IMHO.

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