Leicester Fiesta!

You may not be familiar with the work of Martin Harvey, but he has several achievements to his name – pub singer, wearer of the classic mullet and tache combo, former landlord of my local,and cheerleader for Thatcher (he released the official Tory election campaign single in 1983, Maggie Will Always Be Around). Add to that uncannily predicting the current atmosphere in Leicester on this lost gem from 1979.


6 thoughts on “Leicester Fiesta!

      • No! No more. That was worse than footballers trying their hand at singing. I was going to turn it off at 15 seconds but my daughter started dancing, “I like funny songs. And that was funny” she said. I have now told her that the link is broken. She’ll thank me one day.

        Quite pleased that Leicester have won. I used to practise my Keith Weller volleys and slaloming runs with an OCD intensity.

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