Earworms May 9 2016


Having single-handedly put everyone off their lunch with a picture of sausages in a puddle I can only say that I am helping to stem the obesity epidemic. It’s a game of two halves this week; blues and rap, pork and beans, have it whichever way you like. I should have posted this an hour ago but fell asleep in the bath and was woken by the first cuckoo of Spring (the cuckoo wasn’t IN the bath, silly). Thanks to all contributors, as always – please keep your earworms coming to earworm@tincanland.com. Your Earworms Needs You!

Jake Xerxes Fussell – Pork and Beans – tincanman: You don’t expect a guy with a pretentious name who has a degree in Southern Folklore and is the son of a folklorist and historian to rhyme pork and beans with submarines. But he does.

Vargas Blues Band – All Around Blues – Ravi Raman: As mentioned before, I was introduced to this band by Sony BMG and this album “All Around Blues” is this band’s first early release. Founded by Javier Vargas, a Spanish guitarist settled in Buenos Aires, VBB incorporates blues, flamenco, funk, rock & jazz.

J.D.Short – Snake Doctor Blues – AliM: J.D.Short was an American Delta blues guitarist, harmonicist, singer and multi-instrumentalist. He also recorded under the name of Jelly Jaw Short. This is very wormy and is from a compilation CD called “Voodoo Blues – The Devil Within”.

King Sun & D Moet – Hey Love – severin: I have a very limited collection of rap recordings. This one, from 1987, I loved as soon as I heard it. Tells a story that sounds kind of romantic on a (very) casual listen but becomes kind of creepier as it goes on.

Dr. Dre – Bad Guys Always Die – tincanman: Dre and Eminem (before he got so damn serious) are black-hatted cowboys in this playful caper that kinda reminds me of “Friends of Mr. Cairo”. Hip Hop CAN be fun. It just rarely is.

Kendrick Lamar – The Blacker The Berry – tincanman: Calling Kendrick Lamar a rapper is like saying Miles Davis is a trumpet player. This ain’t the world of Kanye and Drake vs the tabloids. This is Gil-Scott with better lyrics. https://vimeo.com/123030583.

Image courtesy of 123rf.com

10 thoughts on “Earworms May 9 2016

  1. That beans dish looks ace. I do love a plate of beans, both with and without pork.

    Jake Xerxes Fussell – Pork and Beans This has a nice, laid back groove. If it was sunny today, I reckon that it would sound better, but, to be fair it sounds pretty good even when it is overcast.

    Vargas Blues Band – All Around Blues You have to love a record with guitar playing like this. It is a bit BB King, a bit Stevie Ray Vaughan and a bit Duane Allman. I love the organ and the understated classic bass and drums pushing it along. Da Blooz! Yeah, baby!

    J.D.Short – Snake Doctor Blues The thing that I really like about Delta blues is the way that it often has that call-and-response thing going on between the voice and the guitar. It shows up the roots of the blues in field labouring worksongs. This was great. Was he hanging around the same crossroads as Robert Johnson, because he kind of reminds me of Johnson in places?

    King Sun & D Moet – Hey Love I have to admit to never knowingly hearing this before. It is therefore completely new to me. The character in the song is a bit of an arsehole, isn’t he? The song is OK, though.

    Dr. Dre – Bad Guys Always Die The only Dre and Eminem song I know is the one with the Batman and Robin-style video, Without Me, which is funny. I didn’t mind this, in fact it was pretty good.

    Kendrick Lamar – The Blacker The Berry I rarely buy hip hop albums, but I did get To Pimp a Butterfly for Christmas last year. It is a stunning piece of work. This is a great track.

    I’d pick Kendrick Lamar as my fave, but I own the album, so I am going with The Vargas Blues Band.

  2. J D Short was born about 9 years before Robert Johnson, and moved to St Louis in the 1920s. It’s entirely possible that he knew Johnson, or heard him play at some point. However JD survived a lot longer, he died in 1962 according to Wiki. Wiki also says: “The musician Henry Townsend, in his autobiography, “A Blue Life”, told of an incident in St. Louis in which, seemingly out of jealousy of Townsend’s musical standing, Short attacked and stabbed him twice. Later, by way of revenge, Townsend shot Short in his genitals, and Short’s testicles were lost.” Hard times!

  3. Lovely intro (though I can’t stand pork, sausages etc.) and nice bluesy week. Right up my alley. I too picked up Kendrick Lamar over the new year, after reading tincanman’s post. But I have a hard time following the lyrics in hip hop and rap. So tend not to pick them up.
    By the way I meant to send this clip that I shared on the Song Bar. Featuring one of the very, very few women tabla players. Her name is Rimpa Siva and in this clip she is accompanying one of the greatest Hindustani musicians, Hari Prasad Chaurasia. He has played with all the greats and just check his reaction to the percussionist’s virtuoso display. Her hand speed is extraordinary. Cheers Ali and all of you.

      • And concerts can last upto two hours. Chaurasia hears something, stops playing and turns around. Then begins to encourage her as the second flautist slowly becomes aware. Loved that whole interplay.

  4. Not so keen on the pork and beans I’m afraid. Didn’t dislike just couldn’t get worked up about it. Preferred the All Around Blues musically although the song is nothing much. Oh! Here’s some real old Delta Blues. Liked that Snake Doctor very much indeed.
    I still love the sound of Hey Love but, as I said, the narrator gets creepier as it goes on. Is the other guy his literal brother or is it just a turn of phrase?
    Never heard the last two before. Can’t say “Bad Guys..” struck me as a lot of fun when it started but it did kind of grow on me. Blacker the Berry was powerful but it took a couple of listens to start to appreciate it. Don’t know if I’d cope with the whole album at one sitting.

  5. First three were fine, last three were awful! Particularly the video for ‘the berry’.
    There seems to be a dislike of pork that matches my feelings for rap, I don’t understand it, pork is the most succulent delicious meat there is, perhaps it’s cultural or the idea of sausages. Americans don’t understand how to make sausages, I love ’em but can’t get any worth eating and you silly buggers are ignoring ’em.
    The tabla vid was amazing, it reminded me of Ravi Shankar at Monterey Pop, if you haven’t seen it look on youtube. I grew up thinking that hand drums were specifically African until I saw the Japanese Taiko drum group, Kodo. Absolutely amazing! Find them also on youtube if they’re there.

    • I zedded Kodo at the Song Bar. Equally fascinating is a group called Drum Tao. Also from Japan. On this tabla artist, there is a longish piece called Rupak Taal. Also on YouTube. If you like that kind of music.

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